Warning To Joe Biden – Nimitz Encounters Explained

Firstly since the arrogance from USA is continuing it seems the chaotic forces that gripped Trump on entering office have also gripped Biden now thus as I reiterated below we where watching to see who the “beast” refers to. Thus this is a last warning, not just to Biden as it seems he has assumed the position of the Beast “personally”, given this reckless & barbaric attack on Syrian targets disguised as a “response” to the “situation” in Syria alleged, (Biden has made it public that he ordered this), funny enough to the silence of the Russians even China. Before I proceed to crack this supremacist inspired hogwash (DOGMA is the future use term), clearly this is bruised Western & world power delusionally “perceived” EGO! Thus I want you to watch the video below carefully before I explain to avoid Armageddon or the if necessary (hope not) eradication of a persistent menace. This is also a chance for the average American to come clean of the Beast as Biden alone because 1945 Hiroshima & Nagasaki did not get the courtesy of a warning after Pearl harbour, a distinct moral difference between the visitors & USA. They have taken the moral high ground demonstrating that true power is restraint not force

I want you to take cognisance of the interview as probably many where sceptical about doing a search for this video online thus I have provided it above. As explained before, notice the so called “white” kids. They all think these are aliens or Darth Vader. They all do not get the telepathic message despite them looking at the visitors in the eyes (take cognisance). Then notice the Zimbabwe ethnic girl she states

…We ran to the logs & we saw a silver thing & a man standing next to it

Again Mack asks her another question & she answers

I have never seen a person like that

At no point in the whole interview did she (the young pure Zimbabwean girl) address the visitors as aliens. She would always address them as a man or a person. She goes on further after receiving a telepathic message “infused” into her mind (this is how they speak in the future by the way), you will hear this at 07:30 on the video timer. Then she is told “telepathically” (the so called “white” kids could not get this thus I also need to trump it into Biden’s arrogant head) and quote:

They where telling us that the world is going to end

Then Mack asks as to why she thinks they want us to be scared

Because we don’t look after the planet properly & we will not be able to breathe

Mack as an experienced psychiatric academic, probes further asking her whether this idea came to her before this experience or as a result or after this experience to which she answered, yes as a result of the experience and when asked how she got the message, she responds

I just felt horrible inside and I felt that all the world, all the trees will just go down & they will be no air & people will just be dying

Mack clearly is experienced, he asks her where did these thoughts come from, deliberately asking if they came from the actual spaceship or the occupant & again consistently she responds

The thoughts came from the man

Exactly, the message was a telepathic message from a human being of the same ethnicity as hers and that is why only she as a Zimbabwean girl including the Zimbabwean boy could decode the telepathic message with the so called “white” kids thinking it is Aliens or Darth Vader, should we keep a sense of humour to the whole reality

NB*: Let this be clear such that there is no misconception, children are children. This is not a matter of creating some kind of racial supremacy in perception, on the contrary in essence, for if we advocate any kind of segregation then we are simply advancing the agenda of the enemy for there is a thin line between true “vindication” & “self-righteous” vendetta or hypocrisy & we adhere strictly to the former void of the latter lest there be confusion as to intent. Let this be clear, the true enemy here is ignorance (DOGMA) whose primary method is primarily to divide & rule. We do not support or back any kind of racial extremism of any sort lest anyone misconstrue the purpose of what we do. This is why we use the term “so called” to make it clear that being conscious of the difference in skin colour/pigmentation makes you nothing short of being racially ignorant (racist) regardless of whether you are so called “black” or “white”. Scientifically, race is down to genetic “mapping” just like on a standard computer printer i.e if you select “blue ink” the printer will print “blue” & if you select “green ink” the printer will simply print in “green” etc. Thus for any idiot out there to think that a simple colour preference (at genetic level metaphorically the computer printer) makes you any better than any other human being is nothing short of shallow misinformed IGNORANCE or DOGMA as they say in the future & we do not associate with any kind of ignorance (emphasis added in accord)


Most people fail to understand things that Einstein tried to simplify for the ignorant regards what he thought was Quantum Physics at the time but clarified now as more like “Dynamics” than actual physics (the study & computation of assumed constants). Quantum Dynamics simplified works like a jigsaw puzzle with 2 images on each side of the puzzle completing a picture once “assembled”. The “assembly process” would resemble what you commonly call time or “the passage of time” rather, even more simplified with the side of the piece “you” choose representing the choices we as human beings make as we assemble that jigsaw picture. The picture on one side of each jigsaw piece forms a beautiful picture once the whole jigsaw is assembled and the other opposite side of the picture forms a disaster and a very ugly horrible picture, yes a bit like heads or tails ironically (down to choice). Each jigsaw piece would represent “quanta” the smallest building block of anything that exists, having 2 sides i.e a good & a bad. The good accumulates with the rest of the pieces to form a completed “good” beautiful picture & the opposite side of the jigsaw pieces forming a “bad” horrible & ugly picture on aggregate. See a simplified pictorial below

In case you are wondering what the heading above is illustrating by stating “how the world is/was going to end”, well read on for the crash course in Quantum Dynamics to understand. The image example demonstrates how good & bad choices at the most minute (quantum) level can accumulate to form one completely bad picture as the whole outcome (Hiroshima 1945 image below the prior). As well as what the same pieces once cleaned up after good decisions can create in the after Hiroshima image of 2007 above even after total destruction. In essence the 1945 image would represent the path that USA is on given this stupid Syria incursion now if they don’t shift course & the 2007 image of Hiroshima represents where we & everyone else that is following us is going after USA reaches the end of their bad choices (like the 1945 in other words now they just like Hiroshima will sink alone – Quantum Reality aka Destiny). We have redeemed ourselves (with our technology), the world (since U-235 is no longer an “apocalyptic” threat or dare I hilariously say it a WMD, see below for further information). What USA is doing now by sabre rattling in Syria, is nothing short of arrogance, ego, misplaced bravado & I quote a message from the Nimitz encounter recon leader

If anything escalates to a global threat of any kind that risks a nuclear showdown of any kind then USA will be blown to hell since USA does not own the planet & DO NOT have ANY right to contaminate the planet with their dirty U-235 weapons. If USA want to continue in their arrogance in the continental USA alone then they are free to do so WE ARE NOT ARROGANT but ONLY in USA or with whichever country is stupid enough to continue war since pure fusion weapons are now the true weapons of mass destruction & anything with U-235 (which is now no different from any other cheap dirty weapon like sarin gas or VX etc) will not only be deactivated now but completely destroyed since that is nothing more than a global contaminate & as you well know as confirmed by your own army generals, capacity is not in short supply. In other words we are not tampering with “destiny” thus USA is free to “self-destruct” alone without taking everyone down with them. USA DOES NOT own the planet & if you try to contaminate the planet then we will get rid of USA → Recon Leader (in charge of the recon team intercepted by the Nimitz)


Firstly we want the world to understand in a bid rather to avoid panic that this is not an escalation to war before any propaganda crops up claiming that USA or the world is under threat from dare I hilariously say it “extraterrestrial” forces or so called “Aliens” & that Joe Biden needs to use nuclear weapons to deter this threat (the original Obama agenda) this being used as a counter pressure mechanism to avoid USA signing the ban on nuclear weapons treaty (emphasis added). This is/was a smokescreen for the chaotic forces that influence USA to unleash chaos see Humanity’s last Warning – The Quantum Menace to understand. Now watch the video below carefully to understand before I continue


Given the above. It is clear as the USA servicemen in the video above including countless USA army generals have admitted (on record, use any search engine to confirm this). USA is not what they want the world to think they are & are powerless to forces that are far superior to USA in terms of technology & most importantly morality

Destiny cannot be changed by force → Advanced Quantum Law

And in parallel the morality aspect enforced

Change or disappear – Roswell UFO crash deciphered message to the Western world

The greatest ignorance (DOGMA) in the history of the world is racism or so called “white supremacy” responsible for colonialism, slave trade & unthinkable evils of history. Now tell me if you where USA either Trump or Joe Biden would you accept that the above technology is of African origin? And for an even more bizarre twist (according to them insult to injury) the technology is actually of Zimbabwe in origin? Would that not be a travesty & a real reason not to want to sign the treaty against the further proliferation of nuclear weapons making USA further seem inferior or rather equal to the rest of the world & give up their superiority status as world “supremo” perceived. You must be thinking, this guy is crazy why would USA be bothered with such a thing because you “think” USA is the most powerful & most technologically advanced nation in the world according to Hollywood propaganda, Rambo (who is also not American), Iron Man, Superman etc & the rest of that super hero garbage Hollywood spits out, why would they do such a thing especially if these “visitors” are telling USA that nuclear weapons destroy the world in the future & they should shift course? Well watch this & continue


As you can see “White Supremacy” is a serious problem to the extent that the USA is prepared to do anything to stay “on top”. Given this factor the USA is holding the world at ransom i.e “accept we are #1 or else”. Then you may be thinking, hey these Zimbabwe guys from the future have all this technology then why don’t they just blow USA up & save the world? Well it comes down to Advanced Quantum Law the rules behind Advanced Quantum Physics (yes the so called “flying saucer” stuff) i.e

Destiny cannot be changed by force → Advanced Quantum Law

This is because as Albert Einstein also confirmed to this generation i.e “Time is relative”. The USA knows that whoever tries to stop it will only cause it to happen & they use this as their bargaining chip to stay on top using propaganda i.e if you can’t use the nuke then use the threat of MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) to get what you want like “hey I am an American as you know we are crazy, I will press the nuclear button & blow all of us up if you don’t play nice with us” or in classic Hollywood style, “I will shoot the hostage if I don’t get a plane & the cash”. Remember, you can alter events but the destiny of any particle/quanta cannot be changed by any kind of force. Just by watching the hilarious so called “End Game” movie of the Marvel so called series it is clear USA has a “idea” of what is going on after all Albert Einstein’s work is public knowledge (Take special cognisance of the character Thanos as Hollywood wants you to think of him using propaganda/psychological blackmail). This is Quantum Fact, just like someone who keeps going North will certainly get to the North Pole regardless of the “obstacles” subject only to pace/time/velocity of their advance, even if “you” want him to go to the South Pole. This is because only “he” can change his direction by changing “his mind” this would represent a particle(s)/quanta shifting their configuration & therefore their “final outcome/destiny/destination” at the end of their “path/trajectory” this is as layman as the shallow English language can explain all that needs to be explained. This is why as humans we ditch language for telepathy & symbolism in the future, just as you have noticed that a story can be told with a simple icon instead of a whole sentence (we are already in doomsday evolution). In case you are wondering how the so called “tic-tac” in the Nimitz video above or the so called “flying saucers” are controlled, yes “telepathic quanta manipulation”. If you think this is hot air then use your favourite search engine now & do a search for “Ariel School UFO Zimbabwe” then watch the interview especially the Zimbabwean girl (notice only the ethnic Zimbabwe kids got that “telepathic” message). The so called “white” kids thought it was Darth Vader from “Star Wars” (no hereditary connection with the future to initiate the telepathic link). Remember this is 1994 rural Zimbabwe where even a colour TV was as exotic as a Ferrari in the middle of the Sahara Desert before you think 61 Kids are hallucinating about last nights show. In order to save the world like in the Hollywood movies “touché” then we have to disarm the “bandit” in other words what is being used to ransom the victims needs to be eliminated. History from the future which USA knows reads as follows:

Access to weaponry of mass destruction by states ruled by DOGMA will destroy your species

This in layman means that for the future to be catalysed to its destiny/fulfilment then the “influences” along that path of the particles/quanta pertinent must be fulfilled in this case the weapons of mass destruction must be fulfilled. This cannot be avoided as the rules of all things quantum are clear & USA is taking advantage of this loophole because they know that if those weapons go off then the whole planet will be contaminated by radiation & will not be habitable & they know that if the UFO’s destroy USA’s weapons outright then the CHAOS will only shift to another mad nation who will still carry out the deed of the negative particles in pursuit of CHAOS & unleash nuclear war thus they use this to ransom the visitors from destroying their dirty U-235 weapons. The UFO’s simply stop this by disarming them when they try to use the weapons. Search for “UFO’s continue to disarm USA or UK nuclear weapons to understand”. This is used as a delaying tactic till the solution is/was found & which it has


Against a bow & arrow a grenade is a weapon of mass destruction thus the same logic applies to our solution. Introducing the “Pure Fusion” 50GT (Gigaton) that in stupid vernacular is 50,000 MT yes FIFTY THOUSAND MEGA-TONS as in 1,000 yes ONE THOUSAND times more powerful than anything USA or anyone else for that matter can muster, a real bomb not a match stick style fireball that uses filthy concentrated U-235 & codenamed the “Megiddo Double Whammy” in case you are wondering what the so called “tic-tac” in the Nimitz Encounter video (first video) is. Meet the world’s first cold fusion bomb & real weapon of Mass Destruction reducing USA’s nuclear stockpiles to simple “Bow & Arrows” touché

When the solution is simple; God is answering → Albert Einstein

There has been a misconception (disinformation) rather around fusion because they need an excuse to build rubbish like ITER the fusion joke etc using impossible budgets for the “alleged” so called plasma “heating” apparatus which makes everyone believe that fusion is out of reach for the average nation or Joe (again disinformation). Fusion may “burn” at insane temperatures true yes but it is a plain lie that fusion only occurs at that temperature or rather only begins at that temperature is the “old wives tale”. The physicist Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons stumbled on something similar by fluke of trial/error like Archimedes & “Eureka” but could not replicate how they had got those readings. For safety reasons since knowledge is power we have only released the working schematic of the weapon to the world such that you can easily make one that will 100% work but the formula remains secret to stop abuse of the catalytic cumulative fusion principle for nefarious reasons. In essence we have disarmed & dethroned the nuclear so called bomb as the king of mass destruction (contamination rather) because this weapon is 100% none Uranium, making this THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL & MOST CLEAN WEAPON & THE REAL WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION. This will cause colossal damage making a nuclear weapon look like a match stick in yield comparison. In other words we have disarmed the bandit USA


Many where wondering about how fusion will occur without a U-235 fission primary, I cannot fully explain the process for security reasons but I will walk you through how to make it 100% work. This is the point after all, right? I will explain in a simple manner. First you need to make sure the part with both the compressed gas & oxygen is sealed in a tight containment. Secondly the “Extra Thick Titanium Compressor” housing should be able to withstand the full explosive detonation of the mini high explosives. In other words when you “bench test” the titanium compressor it should not rapture the containment structure otherwise this will compromise the weapon before “full fusion” has occurred on primary implosion. What you need to take cognizance of is also that the second part in red is a separate containment of Deuterium & Tritium. The total power output is determined by the total amount of Deuterium & Tritium in both the primary & secondary. Depending on the attitude from Washington & anyone else that wants to maintain arrogance & ego then keep watching this space when we will then release the bulk “Tritium Extractor” in essence how to radiate Lithium 6 or 7 by isolated rapid neutron “stand alone” methods without the need for a stupid so called nuclear pathetic reactor. I trust this will signal common sense before we take other more direct rash methods to kill this white supremacist ignorant garbage. As reiterated prior this is not about races but getting rid of ignorance that manifests itself as Gender Violence, Racism, Xenophobia, Capitalism/Socialism arguments, male EGO & all the other ignorant “isms” out there i.e any kind of division caused by IGNORANCE or DOGMA as they call it in the future. This is what is wrecking THE PLANET which USA DOES NOT OWN NOR ANYBODY ELSE for that matter, who is speaking for the trees & the peace loving countries out here? – You have been warned AGAIN!


Since Washington has decided to test our patience we will at this juncture send a clear message in classic Hollywood style i.e “The Visitors sh*t you not” (censored to stay within partial diplomacy parameters). To crush the “lofty”, remember the Uranium “Spark Plug” is a simple remote detonated solidified U-238 material available from any regular place anywhere in the world & so are all the materials necessary to construct this simple home made 100% legal device. Thus if USA want to maintain their ego & arrogance with the world then the world can now respond & reply in kind as the whole world is now a full fledged super nuclear power. If the arrogance persists then we will release a proper line by line schematic & explanation for even a street vendor to understand. I trust cool heads will prevail to avoid unnecessary escalations for the safety of the unfortunate women & children in the line of fire of this American arrogance. Remember

It is the ego that gets one killed including his innocent family not the weapon


Since the arrogant insist on trivia we have put up a simple pictorial to explain why the device will not go “critical” or dare I partake in the ignorance “fusion explode”. Firstly there is no Deuterium in the mix thus fusion cannot happen that is naturally not a problem. The second issue is the plutonium created by the rogue fast neutrons released in the primary as well as the ricochet ones. Well on primary impact the U-238 chunks are scattered & so small that it is more like “pop-corn” than critical mass because in order for the “mass” to go critical then the plutonium must be one single chunk in this case that is not possible & the spark plug does not need to be huge that is why it is called a “spark” plug not a detonator. Yet again wisdom is vindicated by her own effects. I really hope we are all learning our lessons here & will get back to humanity not trying to sell Hollywood fiction that force = right because in that case then that would make us very right. Hold up! But then again that is an authoritarian ideology something the so called west denounces. One word? Hypocrisy – In other words that is DOGMA. Something that we detest thus let this be a lesson


Change or Disappear

In other words what is clearly being said by the “Visitors” now is that we can now without quantum consequence destroy your U-235 warheads by force if anyone tries to use them because that is no longer a weapon of mass destruction but rather an environmental threat & pollutant since USA DOES NOT OWN THE PLANET. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO DESTROY ANYTHING THAT WILL CROSS INTO OUR BOARDERS & CONTAMINATE OUR ENVIRONMENT & AIRSPACE in other words no more diplomatic deactivations we will now destroy them. This is the message coming from both the Nimitz Encounter recon leader as well as the Roswell rescuing team as well as the interceptors that intercepted Operation High Jump at the pole. If the arrogance persists a full detailed schematic including the bulk tritium extraction methods will be posted online which is 100% legal allowing anyone to create large amounts of Tritium from Lithium 6 & 7 allowing anyone to obtain Tritium legally without the need for a nuclear reactor & you know what that means i.e don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house

And the work is done; it always will be → Thanos

At least from a moral perspective the visitors have had the decency to actually give USA the prerogative of mercy to acknowledge their error a courtesy that USA could not even extend to Hiroshima & Nagasaki. As if 1 bomb was not enough they dropped 2 on innocent civilians for that matter, all being non military installations. For the sake of their own women & children I trust common sense will prevail & destiny will be fulfilled diplomatically not with unnecessary bloodshed