About Us

Blaze Advanced Technology™ is a subsidiary of the Blaze International Group (BIG™), as well as the R & D arm of our global power utility Blaze Power Corp.™, responsible for the development of the Mark I and Mark II Fueless Energy Acquisition Reactors (FEAR Tech™). We pioneered this marvel of our time in the face of the most aggravated circumstances known to man. We are here to offer a truly viable alternative to nuclear and fusion power which are both cumbersome, highly expensive and dangerous not to mention highly radioactive technologies

Nuclear so called energy is the eyesore of the entire human race and shall be its undoing should we fail to act in time. Creating energy at the cost of our environment and burdening generations for over 250,000 years to come is unacceptable by anyone’s standards especially if a solution exists today

…in addition

Fusion Power as it is most eloquently dubbed is not the solution as it still involves radioactive materials. Fusion Power is like saying hand guns are better than automatic weapons let us give our kids hand guns instead. The point is we do not need to deal with massive amounts of heat and radioactivity in order to achieve our energy needs if indeed energy is truly our agenda

Blaze Advanced Technology™ has invented a commercially viable power source that is not only efficient but also practical and safe. Our solution can roll out faster than any existing power supply technology in the world. We can have a 1GW power plant up and running within 2 months having all equipment on site as opposed to nuclear on the same scale at 5 – 6 years excluding uranium fuel loading. Not to mention that nuclear power plants cannot be insured as well making them a liability and not an asset by any bar. Blaze Advanced Technology™ also specializes in the most cutting edge clean, efficient & greatly advanced technologies to power the future. We are also offering people the opportunity to be a part of history by rewriting all the rules from the ground up, for we acknowledge that evil triumphs when good men do nothing. Hence we have stepped to the occasion and taken the initiative. You can be a part of this movement either by partnering with us or even buying our wonder Quantum Computer hack proof token which we believe has the right mindset regards its architecture to deal with our many detractors. To partner with us simply contact us by clicking on the appropriate tab on the menu above. We offer PGP encryption for your added privacy and peace of mind too. Blaze Advanced Technology™ has endeavored in fields that boarder on science fiction successfully. To benefit from the irreversible lighting growth of our company visit Quantonium™ there you can buy our wonder token driving possibly the biggest most powerful company in the world guaranteed. Think Microsoft early startup days only bigger instead of being in every PC we are in everything (emphasis added) from cars to power grids, laptops, mobile phones everything where a battery or power supply is required we are there. How much do you think that is worth?