Stealth Missile – The Mandarin

Introducing – The Mandarin Stealth Missile™. Due to alarming rising global tensions & impunity which from a purely quantum perspective is brewing up the attributes for all out cataclysmic nuclear war obviously being orchestrated by an imbalance in world power i.e certain elements in this bio-sphere have deluded themselves into the false notion that absolute force & impunity = right. Given the factors fore, it is ethically & humanely imperative that we address that imbalance as usual impartially as well as justly showing above all compassion in all that we endeavor void of personal gain, greed nor ambition but solely for the collective betterment of humanity. Just like with our fusion weapons, the same principle applies i.e once we eliminate the advantage we thus inadvertently eliminate the impunity or ego (one in the same). We have noticed that certain nations (there are many, we are targeting no one in particular just evening the playing field as we promised should hostilities persist & they are – evidently). That said we have heavily “de-tuned” the missile propulsion architecture from the original “tic-tac” version from the Nimitz encounters video but retained all of the characteristic attributes of the original for the purposes of not releasing that dangerous propulsion system which will obviously be weaponized should we be tempted down that route. We have just made it public knowledge that substituting oxygen for NOS will increase your missiles velocity considerably but velocity is not the advantage but stealth & defense system evasion. That said we have retained the main attributes since so called “hypersonic” is now common cause i.e stealth, evasive capability on intercept

Radar Evasion – How Radar Works

Given the above what is happening here is a simple case of a radar beam being shot at an object & that object simply reflecting a “weak” reflection to a receiving beacon on the ground or wherever applicable signaling to the ground that there is an Airbourne object in the vicinity (primary detection) which then activates the IR which tracks the “heat signature” from the propellant motor (in a missile case) or the engines (in case it’s an aircraft) this would be your secondary detection. Thus logically adducing, if the beam is not reflected back then the primary will not activate assuming “it’s all clear” & if there is no heat signature then there is nothing for the intercepting missile(s) to lock onto thus you can say you have stealth in such a case

Achieving Stealth

At this point all you need to do now is avoid the signal being bounced back thereby giving away your position or presence. The simple way to do this is to “absorb” rather than reflect the radio signal. And for that a simple “electromagnet” will do the trick thereby “absorbing” the radar signal not bouncing it back. Many people thought that so called stealth aircraft had angular lines to reflect the radar beam because of all the disinformation garbage coming in from the United States & their propaganda machine with movies like “Broken Arrow” & the rest of the garbage Hollywood spits out to confuse the world. Thus by magnetically charging all the angular panels on your missile it will not be picked up by radar giving you a radar stealth missile

You will never see me coming → The Mandarin

Ironic comedy, but on a serious note, at this point you are through your enemies primary defenses especially if you are flying a “hypersonic” vehicle you do not need to shut down the engines to switch to “predictable trajectory” so called “glide mode” because the enemy has no cause to activate the IR tracking system because he can’t see you on radar in the first place, even “anti-stealth” systems are designed to track stealth “aircraft” not smaller objects like missiles. Let us theoretically suppose out of paranoia the enemy decides to track the missile with the IR, the engines are still hot maintaining velocity thus this is a breeze. To address this challenge your missile is actually a “2-Stage Weapon” & depending on the expertise of your engineers the second stage can either be “catalytic” or “timed” with the former being the more advanced. We will start with the former, the missile will have “it’s own” counter radar meaning to say, when it has been detected & the enemy launches either a “solo” or “salvo” intercepting barrage then your missile will detect this & break the warhead releasing the “Kinetic Kill” vehicles which are “hypersonic bullets” i.e smaller missiles as shown in the “Mandarin” missile image at the top (this is not a quirk, the missiles are facing “downwards” plus a hypersonic boost give them a kinetic velocity advantage lost on the interceptors due to aerodynamic ascending disadvantage). These warheads are also very small utilizing a mini fusion munition (we will provide details on this should the arrogance persist), fusion warheads are more humane than even conventional explosives being used in either Ukraine or Gaza because there is no radiation burns (zero uranium primary) just a fast neutron that kills the target faster than it takes for the pain to reach their head (yes an “anesthetic death” if we may maintain a sense of humor about it) this warhead causes more destruction than a conventional bomb or grenade with no suffering at all for the victims avoiding unnecessary pain & suffering for women & children in these barbaric wars, yes a bit like so called “Thanos” & his glove. As for the second example i.e “timed”, an internal clock just kicks in & the warhead breaks up then “spawns” the smaller kinetic kill vehicles in a “salvo” once “over” enemy lines. The idea is to “salvo” in enemy territory not before avoiding salvo intercepts because the enemy is expecting one missile at a time whereas with this setup you get one missile turning into many. How many Kinetic Kill vehicles you can fit in one warhead is limited only by your imagination. I have written this article in “summary” as a warning to all the warmongers out there demonstrating our commitment to world peace and should the arrogance continue then we will get in depth on defense penetration systems with the greatest of ease such that we can never take comfort in acts of Barbarism when we can achieve so much more with diplomacy. I trust common sense will prevail to bring all pertinent parties to the negotiating table not battlefield otherwise if you insist on joust then for the sake of the women & children we have a God demanded obligation to keep things fair otherwise by inaction we become complicit to mass murder, infanticide & genocide – The parable of the talents!

The Humanitarian Warhead – A way to end this barbaric carnage quickly & humanely

Since our patience has been further stretched we have no choice but to continue to balance this imbalance in the interest of world peace. The above is just a simple rough sketch to jolt the imagination of any average skilled engineer out there. The above demonstrates how the Kinetic Kill bullets will be mounted within the primary missile housing such that their “exit trajectory” is completely random & cannot be intercepted by any missile defense system in the world demonstrating that no one is untouchable as arrogance & impunity is usually a product of self deluded loftiness. A haughty spirit & pride comes before a fall

20 “When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, you will know that its desolation is near. 21 Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, let those in the city get out, and let those in the country not enter the city. 22 For this is the time of punishment in fulfillment of all that has been written. 23 How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people. 24 They will fall by the sword and will be taken as prisoners to all the nations. Jerusalem will be trampled on by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled → Luke 21:20-24

The Micro Fusion Munition

If you can make a watch or you know someone who can then this design is child’s play for you. Given the devastating zero uranium yield of a pure fusion detonation, a munition the size of a golf ball can do more non radioactive damage than 1,000 tons of bombs & the best part is that the enemy does not feel a thing for they are dead before they feel any pain. A high “energy” extreme velocity fast neutron precedes the blast wave knocking the enemy out before they feel either the shockwave or ceremonial temporary heat blast wave making this even more humane than a conventional gun bullet or worse a barbaric grenade. We do not advocate war but if you insist on barbarism void of compassion then at least we can mitigate the suffering unless one is openly admitting that their objective is to punish women & children then that would then warrant a much different solution as that is completely unacceptable. The other components to build the above fusion munition have been fully explained & can be read here in Warning To Joe Biden – Nimitz Encounters Explained

In pursuit of world peace – Ubuntu