Bitcoin International Financial Guarantee

There have been several threats to Bitcoin of late thus we wish to address those concerns now to avoid any further unnecessary escalations in global tensions. China has threatened to shut-down & outlaw Bitcoin mining in China (a sovereign decision to be respected in sovereignty – emphasis added). While they use legislative justification for this, the true reality is that they still want to maintain arrogance regards international commerce because logically the reasons do not suffice but interpreted clearly rather as a typical show of force within reigns. While China is a sovereign nation, private property on the other hand or sovereign property of a “perceived” weaker sovereign nation (by propaganda only) is not the sovereign property of another nation let this be crystal clear to China now. Bitcoin is not here to challenge the sovereignty of any nation or undermine it on the contrary preserve it honestly. But rather Bitcoin is here to make sure that honesty is maintained regards the sovereign property of sovereign nations & avoids one nation oppressing another nation by inflating & creating artificial value e.g the debt ceiling garbage charade of Washington which has just created another $1,9 Trillion out of “thin air” for the gullible idiots out there that accept this USA horse manure. Unless of course China is trying to promote dishonesty then that is another declaration altogether because they will then be asserting that force = right. Since we introduced the world’s most clean not to mention the world’s most powerful weapon & demonstrated it’s advanced tactical capacity, that is a rather novice approach, see Doomsday Warning Decoded – The Nimitz Encounters Explained to understand. If that is what China is trying to say then I think given Coronavirus & the Nimitz encounters I think that argument is settled. The message is clear RESTRAINT is power not force.


Since China has decided to shut-down Bitcoin mining thus to avoid panic we want the world to know that we 100% believe in honesty, fairness & integrity in all matters thus as a token to maintaining those essential attributes of any decent human being (translated as the real “Ubuntu” or the original “Hunhu” for those that are on the level & are in the know). We guarantee that we Blaze Advanced Technology™ incorporating Quantonium™ the worlds largest Quantum Computer hack proof hedge fund & those that back what we do will handle all the mining required by Bitcoin on a global scale as the Nimitz encounters have demonstrated including the show of technological prowess at Ariel School in Zimbabwe i.e power is not in short supply thus mining is taken care of even in the Terra-watt bracket. This is no problem at all, just a tip of the iceberg regards the sheer power behind the technology in question


In the light of more sabotage attempts on bitcoin (which is just a disguise to continue in the old evil way of profiteering off destruction of the planet & oppression of the masses, in conspiracy theory circles also known as the NWO i.e New World Order, if conspiracy theories is your sort of thing, we however prefer sticking to reality alas). That averred, we want to further extend our guarantee regards Bitcoin & the future thus let this serve as an international declaration from both the Nimitz Encounters recon leader & the interceptors that intercepted the coalition flotilla in “Operation high jump” at the pole, see The Nimitz Encounters Explained – Doomsday Warning for the sceptics before you begin rolling your eyes. We Blaze Advanced Technology & those that back what we do make it clear to the whole world or planet that neither USA nor anyone else for that matter own;

The world is not the personal property of anyone, not even USA

Thus anyone that continues to invest in the negative USD backed world is at risk of financial ruin when reality catches up. We want to make it clear that we will not reverse or back down on our efforts to save & clean up this planet regardless of negative comments coming from USA even Russia now regards not backing cryptocurrencies which may be construed as also a jab at Bitcoin but diplomacy prevailing always to prevent a rerun of history, I will not delve further on that as we only support & back Bitcoin (in its legacy form). We want to make it clear that neither ignorance nor crafty USA divide & rule sabotage tactics will deter our agenda nor determination. I quote the recon leader. We stand by our warning

Change or disappear – Roswell UFO crash 1947

In the light of these warnings, we want to make it clear that should diplomacy fail, we will take all necessary measures to ensure that our territory & the world is safe from these problems being perpetuated by USA & their cronies in an attempt to continue in the old way of plundering & polluting the planet with nuclear filth, thus a head on will only result in the inevitable as the Nimitz Encounters have made perfectly clear & as admitted by USA top military personnel who have already conceded defeat in any kind of tactical confrontation, thus let no one be fooled by banking on the perceived “USA supremacy” because such illusion does not exist in reality see The Nimitz Encounters Explained – Doomsday Warning if you are still sceptical. Thus if you continue to throw away your future by backing or believing in USA’s hot air horse manure equivalent then you have only yourself to blame when the inevitable occurs. We have formulated several solutions to avoid financial ruin, find same below, the choice is yours, for as gravity agrees on this planet

What goes up, must come down – Layman’s law of gravity (Planet Earth)

This is a matter of conscience clarity, not intended as a threat in any way for threats are made to induce fear this however on the contrary is a prelude to action in the event of a failure of diplomacy, a humane courtesy that was not given to Hiroshima or Nagasaki by USA prior to the dropping of those evil weapons on innocent women & children. We are not inhuman monsters but the planet, our territory & responsible human beings must be protected at all cost, a matter not up for argument as the technology demonstrated clearly proves that the visitors know exactly what they are talking about as eyewitnesses to these nuclear catastrophes caused by such irresponsible barbaric inhuman behaviour of USA & anyone supporting them thus this is that warning humanely necessary before we are forced to act thus we are giving you & the rest of the affected that responsible warning to abandon this sadistic USA agenda, for what you accept or support makes you a party to it & equally complicit to the fact in quo

Interim Solution

If anyone feels threatened by this & wants somewhere to park their funds or value in the meantime then you can simply deposit your funds in our Quantum computer proof platform i.e Quantonium (Click here to get Quantonium now). Visit the site to learn more. This is the world’s first & only Quantum proof financial platform meaning it cannot be compromised in any way by Quantum computers which are obviously now a real threat given the arrogance being displayed by not only Joe Biden but it seems China now given this unjustified attack on Bitcoin

Long Term Solution

We are in the process of rolling out our global power grid once all the intellectual property theft concerns are addressed thus we will be the new backbone of Bitcoin mining since China has decided to pull out thus no one needs to worry or start panicking because Bitcoin is well covered. We have the Bitcoin mining future covered as well. As for the current Chinese mining hardware companies affected by this ban then they should not worry because we will buy all the current Chinese mining hardware thus as Bitcoin guaranteed & still does i.e no one will lose money or value backing Bitcoin & we are fully capable of integrating any honest Chinese personnel to manufacture their equipment in our jurisdiction which is open to authentic foreign investors at any time as is international public knowledge


The best is to run a Bitcoin Core full node on a Windows 7 “Home Basic” machine (in this case less is more) that HAS NEVER been updated then disable “automatic updates” in control panel (all windows updates contain Trojans as also confirmed by Edward Snowden) thus NEVER install a Bitcoin node or wallet on a machine that has ANY Windows updates (that’s how they got Mt. Gox & Bitfinex i.e abuse of consumer/merchant trust) & try to stay away from hosted or mobile wallets with the “mother load” of your savings, you can use those mobile wallets for day-to-day small transactions if you are a smartphone junkie. In essence you can have 2 laptops or PC’s one with Windows 7 (format & install a fresh version of Windows 7 Home Basic is best & NEVER UPDATE it or install ANY OTHER SOFTWARE NOT EVEN ANTI-VIRUS which also are Trojans) & another laptop/PC can be a latest model PC that you use for anything else that a so called “modern” lifestyle requires e.g your internet, email, video streaming etc (whatever ticks your boxes). It will take long to update on the first run but it is worth it once it catches up. ONLY connect this PC to keep your node up to date or to send funds ONLY. Use it for NOTHING ELSE, consider it your “personal safe” that is “nuclear proof” even 2008 recession style bank collapses will not affect you (always backup your wallet OFFLINE on a SD card/flash or burn a CD is even better for the data CANNOT be corrupted as it will be READ ONLY)

We HIGHLY recommend Bitcoin Core V0.12.0 you can download the software by CLICKING HERE & just ignore the warning which was a premise to get you to upgrade to the latest core which is full of sabotage bugs to disable Bitcoin once everyone has upgraded & STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING SEGWIT (all you need to do is IGNORE any message that is sent to you, other than that it is a 100% SAFE VERSION)

Regards liquidity of said Bitcoin, well you can trade for conventional currencies when you need to buy physical world items (for now while merchants see the light & come on or back on board. Don’t worry about Bitcoin crashing IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN because it is backed by the FUTURE & TECHNOLOGY OF THE FUTURE, THE ONLY SUSTAINABLE FUTURE) – Super emphasis added to highlight severity of fact. We are also re-launching our “zero red-tape” P2P platform which will allow you to change Bitcoin to anything that you can imagine thus liquidity will never be an issue. Visit Blaze International Group our cyber holding umbrella entity to stay updated

Safeguard your future by yourself not via hype and speculators trying to protect their own interests. If you have found this information helpful then feel free to donate to our R & D foundation as a token of appreciation to keep us motivated to help others as well. We accept donations via Bitcoin & our Bitcoin wallet is as follows:


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