Wormwood Supernova – ‘Self Enriching’ Nuclear Weapon

Blaze Advanced Technology is an advanced technology R & D outfit responsible for various technologies that aim to maintain balance & world peace. We have reached a plateau in the world whereby those that where entrusted with preserving the peace & protecting the innocent have themselves turned into the evil that persecutes, steals from & kills the innocents, women & children in pursuit of total world dominance and a New World Order disguised as democracy & so called war against terror which has killed more innocent Muslim women & children than actual “alleged” terrorists (emphasis added). All this making us wonder whether this is really a war against terror or rather an elimination of Islam. As the evidence is clear the Muslims are the only ones being terrorised with millions deceased as compared to a handful of USA citizens (the majority in 9/11 attacks making shy of a couple of thousands as compared to millions of Muslims deceased). Apart from the propaganda, the goal we believe is to eliminate all traces of the 12 tribes (because they make reference to 1 almighty creator that promotes moral order contrary to their atheist sadistic immoral views) to then instil a New World Order that will listen to only 1 iron command from the USA as the central world government eliminating all God fearing religions, first Islam then Christianity just as the colonial evil invaded countries with the delusion, hypocrisy rather of spreading Christianity (same evil, different disguise). Thereby eliminating any moral resistance to their brutish methods. This dominance is through arrogance enforced by military force & the threat of nuclear weapons. As a result the “balance of power” is tipped in favour of these nations, who then terrorize the world in the name of the criminal ideology of regime change, fighting terrorism & the illusion of democracy

We have thus found it incumbent & necessary to balance this great imbalance for if everyone is sufficiently armed then “bullies” like USA cannot take advantage of the perceived weak. Thus we have invented a “self enriching” thermo nuclear weapon that does not need a reactor to enrich U-238 to U-235 (HEU) nor centrifuges or anything banned, that can be tracked by the Atomic Agency, the UN or sanctioned by their joint hypocrisy. In other words a 100% legal nuclear weapon that stays 100% legal until it detonates. Meaning you can assemble & build the weapon in less than 1 hour before required time of detonation, with yields that can surpass 1,000 MT/1GT (1Giga Ton, yes, a term yet to be standardized as such sheer magnitudes of power where yet to be envisioned) of explosive force, yields that could not be achieved by USA or Russia due to their limited imagination believing that a concentrated U-235 reaction is the only way to fission a nuclear class weapon effectively. Their arrogance which they confuse with confidence is based on the fact (what they think is a fact rather) that you implicitly (emphasis added) need a nuclear reactor, centrifuges & “years” to enrich nuclear material to weapons grade thus they believe that for as long as they watch & keep tabs on these things then their continued evil dominance & supremacy is maintained. All this assuming that all they have to do is bully, threaten & sanction any nation that tries to build a nuclear reactor e.g North Korea or Iran then they believe they are safe. I am thus glad to tell you now that they are wrong. Introducing the “LOOP” reaction fusion → fission → fusion → SUPERNOVA instead of “chain” reaction approach, recreating the “death” star effect. Most importantly all the raw materials needed can be acquired easily & commercially available making this a practical not to mention 100% legal weapon in any jurisdiction just like a knife, sold anywhere but what you do with it is your responsibility, we just supply the knowledge of how to make the knife. Our philosophy is that if everyone owns a nuclear weapon & possible at a very low cost with a simple safe design that anyone can make then USA cannot threaten or intimidate anyone as everyone will be on the same level. This we are certain will balance world power. Note, as you probably know that existing nuclear weapons do not explode they just “fission” rapidly as a cascade of closely packed U-235 atoms split releasing neutrons that split more U-235 atoms (a simple domino effect) just an oversized bonfire. This weapon on the contrary however actually explodes with devastating force & in essence it replicates a dying star in every way

Knowledge is true power which garners respect. True power however is not ultimate force but control, restraint & discipline which are the core factors that USA has forsaken in pursuit of ultimate force which temporarily instils fear but later rebellion crushes it thus it is necessary to counter and balance that force with true power which annihilates fear hence we give you the Supernova. We trust that you, unlike USA will exercise true power not chaos or force for if everyone is a nuclear power then USA becomes insignificant, nothing and nothing to worry about ensuring world peace

The Weapon

Cross section “cut out” of the weapon showing the spherical core “enclave”

3D transparent Illustration of the Dual Neodymium Magnet blocks that envelope the central core section

3D Illustration of how the 2 Neodymium Magnet blocks come together to form the core “enclave” illustrated in red

Principle of operation

1. This is a simple weapon that requires a Tritium & Deuterium ignition at A to release fast neutrons (the initiator). This causes the neutrons to “scatter” but as you can see at point B in the diagram the neutrons “ricochet” against the Beryllium lined enclave (X in the diagram) of the “self enriching” core section. In addition the “compression effect” also created by the neodymium magnet void (as illustrated by the similar 8 arrows resembling D) also helps compress the neutrons into the “yellow cake” or just partially processed raw uranium U-238 at C which also contains a small proportion of U-235 which will add even more fast neutrons to the mix (enrichment is not necessary thus eliminating the need for a bulky oversized reactor which can be tracked & monitored creating contra-band & unnecessary evidence for western propaganda, a liability). The idea here is to remain 100% legal yet lethal & eliminates all the hypocritical sanctions & threats from the west only bent on weakening nations such that they are easier to invade, oppress, control, intimidate & exploit

2. The idea at this stage is not to start a chain reaction since U-238 is not “fissile” as they would say in a “chain reaction” conventional vintage USA design nuclear weapons methodology & way of thinking. The idea at this stage is to trans-mutate U-238 to fissile U-239 Plutonium, this is the rapid “loop” self enrichment process as we like to acronym it. Each time a neutron hits U-238 it commutes to U-239 Plutonium as illustrated at zoomed in point E in the image. At this point the enclave is heating up & building pressure rapidly as the neutrons ricochet & bombard the U-238, even the slower neutrons from the U-238 will assist as the enclave will be completely chaotic as it approaches “self” critical mass creating a “yo-yo” effect like a convenient particle accelerator

3. At this point the Beryllium lining at X will give in and instantly too given the insane temperatures achieved in the enclave, the Deuterium & Tritium mixture in the “secondary” actuator at F (red coloured lining in the image) will fuse instantly releasing an insane number of even more fast neutrons also compressed into the enclave by the neodymium magnets now containing pure extremely lethal fissile U-239 Plutonium

4. The Plutonium U-239 will be instantly bombarded by fast neutrons also “looping” & ricocheting against the heavier lined secondary Beryllium lining at G creating a catastrophic chain → loop reaction which will build up so rapidly it will blow the neodymium magnets apart releasing lethal amounts of force & an instant peak of temperature that will cause the final stage Deuterium & Tritium at Z to fuse releasing a lethal amount of neutrons & a heat blast wave as the “resistive” titanium jackets yield in succession creating multiple shock waves in a “domino” cascade fashion

5. The amount of sheer power that this weapon can unleash is limited only by the amount of Deuterium & Tritium in the final detonation stage at Z in the diagram

6. Titanium “Blow Bolts” at J & H in the diagram hold the structure together making sure the central “enclave” is sealed. Steel bolts can be used in preference of titanium if cost & accessibility is an issue though shock wave efficiency at detonation will be reduced

7. The special thing about this set up is that you can even keep this in your house. It is 100% safe with no risk of radiation exposure meaning you can have a 100% complete 100MT reference yield or more weapon ready without being exposed to the risk of radiation of any sort nor even having to build a costly, big & dangerous nuclear reactor to acquire any of the materials needed for construction & is completely safe until it is ready to detonate

8. This is a design that has been simulated at a safer scale & fully verified beyond any doubt as working with a mathematical yield capability of 1,000MT (1GT) or more explosive not just fission fire but actual explosive force depending of course on the size of your weapon. Forward this material to your best nuclear scientists for verification then get back to us if you have any questions or need any of the optional in depth solutions we have to offer and listed below. Solutions like the Core Fusion Detonator (CFD) which is a unique neutron release method, not the mini particle accelerator & poor USA design but a completely smart unique method (100% legal). We even have an ICBM design that is a projectile mounted version weighing less than 5KG in total externally mounted but communicates with the fusion core to release the ignition fast neutrons

9. In terms of payload delivery we offer a unique approach similar to what was supplied to the Russians & they have now given the acronym and dubbed as their “hypersonic” missile. This adaptation and modification will extend your missiles range to +the radius of the entire planet with a power to weight ratio that is mind boggling allowing you to pin point any location on the planet from anywhere in the world. You will need however to design your own guidance systems as we do not specialize in software or navigational systems only range boosting of your missiles

10. In terms of interception upon re-entry we have a sophisticated “spawn” warhead design which is simple & practical given the size of this weapon allowing you to mount several smaller warheads into 1 single warhead (this weapon also has a zero radiation signature as it does not use enriched uranium/plutonium in it’s standby pre-fission/fusion solid state as already shown above) this can circumvent the S400/500 Russian or US Patriot anti-missile defenses of both Russia & USA as the warhead breaks up upon detecting an incoming interceptor projectile (catalytic) or merely “splits open” upon re-entry (programmed) releasing multiple projectiles on a “random” trajectory making it harder to lock onto the projectiles this will of course depend on the software as well as sensors you will employ. The ejected projectiles are “cold” at initial breakup stage & “free fall” without igniting their rocket motors thus there is no heat signature for the S400/500, Patriot interceptors etc to lock onto & they are also impervious to ground radar by virtue of their size & design (we are the ones that also debunked stealth technology thus we are well experienced in stealth anti-radar projectile designs too). These projectiles do not match any of the target acquisition profiles pre-requisite of all existing forms of projectile interceptors i.e heat/radar/radiation signature

11. Deuterium is easy to acquire thus we have not put this into the scope but Tritium however is a different endeavour altogether thus we have also formulated a genius way to extract large amounts of Tritium quickly from Lithium 6 & 7 by isolated neutron “bombardment” without need for a nuclear reactor, safely & quickly too. This means you remain 100% legal by only storing Lithium 6 & 7 in their primary state then use the Tritium extractor only when you need to deploy the weapon. Think of this as the world’s first portable DIY thermo fusion fission fusion supernova weapon

Closing Remarks

Should you require any of the above information then feel free to send us encrypted email & don’t forget to attach your PGP Public key such that we can reply in kind. A Bitcoin (BTC) donation that suits your generosity to our R & D foundation as a token of appreciation will go a long way in terms of a vote of confidence for us to continue trying to save the world if indeed the inhabitants of that world really do care about their future. See Join Us above for more details