An Apocalyptic Warning To The World

This is a warning to Russia, China & Iran. Firstly it is necessary to understand that a Cobra is a Cobra, no matter how many times you feed him, even over 20 years, he will never change. Put your hand in his tank & he will strike without hesitation, totally oblivious of who will feed him tomorrow, while he watches you writhe in pain to your death. And why is this the case? Because it is his nature, he is what he is. The ONLY thing standing between you & death from the fangs of that “pet” cobra is OPPORTUNITY

Russia, China & Iran need to understand that the USA is motivated by one thing & one thing only i.e EGO. The USA has been in a position of privilege at the expense of everyone else including the planet in a delusional belief that the whole world owes them their existence. They created $6Trillion from “thin air” & now clearly it seems Biden old boy is continuing the trend. They called it a “stimulus” package, created by “raising their OWN debt ceiling” & the world is silent? Now with this “fake” monopoly style money, they can buy your oil, gold, diamonds as well as finance regime change wars in your countries. Hell there are even idiots out there that call themselves “Bitcoin Exchanges” that will accept this USD horse manure for their hard earned Bitcoin. USA certainly has no shortage of gullible IDIOTS no wonder they have survived this long. Honestly where is the accountability? If USA today decides not to pay foreign investors that have INVESTED BILLIONS in USA, what are you going to do about it? If they can kill a DIPLOMAT on SOVEREIGN SOIL using coward X-Box style drones & the world is silent, are you so stupid that you think they will pay you? Oh wake up will you! USA believe they are born superior in some way & that the world should pay them penance to exist, failure of which means war or sanctions for challenging or questioning the “self ordained” master clown. They further believe in that delusion that they are the benchmark in “Democracy” yet “Hypocrisy” is the reality in practise. Remember, Democracy ONLY works when the ENTIRE population is well INFORMED about what is at stake regards the vote (the election of Trump is proof of this) where even the ALLEGED benchmark in democracy itself could not accept the election result blaming “collusion” with foreign powers as reason in chief, which actually bolsters my point. They claim the “USA Public” was duped by foreigners into voting for Trump. That is exactly the flaw in so called Democracy i.e “May the BIGGEST conman win” NOT the most CAPABLE – yet wisdom again is vindicated by her own effects

Harry Houdini was the greatest ventriloquist of all time, could make an elephant disappear on stage in front of 5000 people. Do you wanna know how he did it? MISDIRECTION, what the eyes see & the ears hear the mind believes Gabriel O’Shea (Swordfish)


According to USA the ONLY credible threat to USA’s delusion of Democracy is China, Russia & Iran thus in order for USA to maintain their grip on delusional world power then they must eliminate this trio (this is the thinking of a Cobra as depicted above). Remember “Communism” as the ignorant call it is a disease that is infecting the west & thus must be ERADICATED AT ALL COST (super emphasis added). You are wondering & thinking that the author of this story is a Conspiracy Theorist of some sort? Well READ THIS, it is not a secret. Thus I ask this trio (keeping the Cobra in mind), what has changed today since World War 2 when this evil plan was tabled BEFORE CONGRESS & THE PENTAGON regards USA to make you think they will not do it? Opportunity? Well that is why I am giving you a warning because as CLEARLY stated by the visitor in “Time Travel – Aliens Debunked” during the interview & quote:

Q. American: So what are you doing here now?
A. EBE/Visitor: Observing, since EVIDENCE was destroyed

Q. American: How?

The Point? Well TIME IS RELATIVE – Albert Einstein (there is NO SUCH thing as Aliens of course not, but UFO’s as you think they are DO EXIST!) In layman this has already happened IN THE LINEAR FUTURE as explained in Time Travel – Aliens Debunked as well as The REAL Truth about UFO’s, whatever ever happens regards nuclear war, happens fast while EVERYONE is unaware that is why the visitors are coming back to our time to find out exactly WHO DID IT, how & why. As usual we piece the puzzle together & it is EVIDENTLY clear that while we are worrying about Coronavirus (which is the smokescreen) i.e MISDIRECTION, the USA is planning to PRE-EMPTIVELY NUKE Russia, China & Iran. Honestly do you need to hide in Cheyenne Mountain (anti-nuclear bunker) just to avoid the flu aka “coronavirus”? I mean seriously & that just AFTER testing a HYPERSONIC shell a few weeks prior to that (by the way fusion weapon neutrons can PENETRATE even mountain bunkers, just thought you would want to know). Instead of fixing the Coronavirus pandemic at home (with countless hundreds of thousands dead now), what is USA doing? Setting up anti-missile defence systems in Iraq, Biden signing more “dictator” style executive orders, sanctioning more countries, PRINTING MORE FAKE TRILLIONS i.e WAR BUSINESS AS USUAL in a nutshell. Hardly sounds like a nation grieving does it? More like a Cobra lying in wait

The DEVIL is ALWAYS in the details

China needs to understand that

You CANNOT spend hard currency in hell

China is supporting a “soft” stance & “tip-toe” diplomacy with USA because they believe that USA is a market for their future products. It seems they are holding onto past delusions of USA as portrayed by Hollywood propaganda of old, believing that USA is just a misbehaving child that needs to be corrected then back to “business” as usual (you do not catch a fish without a worm that was just the baiting phase now China & the world are hooked – wake up will you!). China needs to wake up, what market? A debt ridden nation that spends what they don’t have? Is that a market or rather a joke? What good is toilet paper that is backed by no morals? Where is the credibility, thus how do you apply value to that which is not accountable to anyone or anything? China needs to wake up! USA is not interested in doing business but is a front for forces that exist for the purpose of profiteering from CHAOS. USA needs war & feeds on innocent blood to survive, this is the simple religious version of what is going on. If we take it to Advanced Quantum Theory (now verified fact) level. The USA is the largest cache followed by France & India of negative “quanta” in this whole bio-sphere we call Earth thus the natural influence of these zones is to further expand & increase their numbers for a total global influence (the Haldron Collider is just a negative quanta amplifier/multiplier disguised as an experiment same as fusion reactors just “gullible” so called scientists being delusionally influenced by negative quanta to unleash their preferred environment) then total global dominance with the end manifestation being total global CHAOS see Humanity’s last Warning – The Quantum Menace for more details on the Quantum Menace. Dear World, you will never understand why a fly likes to land on faeces or why a maggot likes to live in a sewer, to you it’s just “crazy” but to him that is paradise & why? Because it is his “nature”. A dog is a dog & a snake is a snake it’s called reality of fact thus deal with it! Negative “quanta” cannot be created but rather positives are made negatives by association with the latter, this is what Einstein was trying to explain as ENTANGLEMENT (with great emphasis), this is the simplest way I can put it thus unless we turn our attitudes positive then total destruction is guaranteed for those that remain negative because we at Blaze Advanced Technology™ are pursuing a 100% positive only direction. If we are taking this whole issue at a simplified religious level then France (Harlot that sits on many waters according to Revelations), India (depicted as the false prophet I think Hinduism needs no introductions) then USA (defined as the Beast with his mark “666” as UNITED [6] STATES [6] DOLLAR [6]) we are trying to see if the beast refers to just Biden as president or the whole of USA. Remember prophecy is just “aggregate” computational “quanta” line of sight viewed in “succession” from particle/quanta genesis point to its/their “destiny” point allowing an individual to elevate his thought process to “post quantum” level & calculate the final outcome of the “aggregate” destiny of those particles being event pertinent. Think of the world/existence rather as a movie i.e past, present & future exist on the DVD/Blu Ray as a settled matter i.e one scene influences the next scene & so forth until the movie ends (this would be relativity as Einstein was trying to explain to the ignorant). Thus prophecy from a quantum perspective is the ability to “fast forward” while playing the movie & watching what happens quickly as it gets to the end of that movie, while a “normal” person (you hopefully) is seeing the world “frame by frame” as the movie is playing so called “normally”. The “prophet” can see ahead of the normal person using the fast forward while playing DVD/Blu Ray function this would metaphorically represent being given that capacity by God to do so from a religious perspective. From an advanced purely scientific perspective, think of your brain as a standard computer terminal/laptop & the power controlling the infinite number of universes as a mainframe super/mega/hyper computer with an equal super/hyper/mega database to match. There is absolutely no way you can compute at the level of such remote power with your puny computer (brain in the example) but you can tap into this power & extract any calculation or matter pertaining to those universe(s) with the assistance of that mainframe super/mega computer for this example as this power holds a record of every single quanta in existence. This is simplified Advanced Quantum Physics the catalyst also of the delusion of the fringe science behind Quantum Computers. Problem is that this power cannot be controlled by anyone & it is not catalytic just like 1 volt cannot in any way catalyse over a trillion volts in any way no matter what experiment or test you try. For an in depth explanation on this see Humanity’s last Warning – The Quantum Menace for more details


While everyone is fretting about Coronavirus. I want you to think of a scenario. The USA’s CIA knows EXACTLY where Putin is right now, same applies to President Xi of China, the leader of Iran as well as relatively where the leader of North Korea is. Given this epidemic most leaders are isolated & hardly move around given their countries in chaos, their citizens terrified. If Putin was assassinated, as well as President Xi, the leader of Iran and the leader of North Korea SIMULTANEOUSLY, then USA would have ABSOLUTELY NO MORE ADVERSARIES (oh so they think anyway) & everyone will fear & follow USA again without question (again oh so they think, arrogantly no doubt). Conspiracy? Like assassinating a Iranian GENERAL on SOVEREIGN SOIL type of conspiracy? Time to wake up. The so called “destroyer” named “Roosevelt” all of a sudden declared a “Coronavirus Emergency” & the captain was disciplined for doing the right thing? He should get a medal for saving his crew but instead he gets punished? For allegedly “BREAKING THE CHAIN OF COMMAND”, what command? To attack? This is USA, of course, don’t be naive! Come on these are the same waters that are COINCIDENTALLY close to China & North Korea as well as within range of Russia SIMULTANEOUSLY. Coincidence? Think about it, Russia & China as well as North Korea & Iran have ALL power CENTRALIZED around their leaders. In such a crisis, simply assassinating these leaders would bring TOTAL CHAOS to these countries ESPECIALLY in the middle of this Coronavirus epidemic. Putin is relaxed because he thinks “oh USA accepted aid from Russia, so I think USA is ok now” meanwhile back home, USA was sending people into Cheyenne Mountain (it’s supposed to be an anti-nuclear bunker or so they think) allegedly to hide from Coronavirus (a diversion & misdirection rather to the more discerning, more like a precaution in case something went wrong & Russia or China manage to retaliate with nuclear ICBM’s). This is more like the captain of the Roosevelt got “a conscience” like Edward Snowden & used the Coronavirus scare as an excuse to ABORT the SYNCHRONIZED attack, call it luck, I call it God’s providence. DO NOT abuse compassion. Russia, China & Iran as well as North Korea need to WAKE UP because if you keep on with this naive approach towards USA then you will be annihilated, this is “Advanced Quantum Fact” this is done (as the crow flies, NEVER ARGUE with an EYEWITNESS that is just plain IGNORANCE – The ARROGANT never see it coming), TIME IS RELATIVE – Albert Einstein (emphasis added). Our ONLY obligation is saving the planet from RADIATION & NUCLEAR contamination which is why NUCLEAR WEAPONS (Fission Class) will not be tolerated (in case you are wondering why the DEACTIVATIONS) however as already made clear in Advanced Particle Physics & Quantum Law

DESTINY (particle destination) cannot be changed by ANY physical intervention through time. ONLY the heart changes DESTINY (particle destination) for EVERY particle has a SET DESTINATION (destiny) depending on how it is configured (in layman state of the heart or mindset of the particles “influencing” the outcome of the “event[s]”) Advanced Quantum Law (ULTRA simplified)

Rolling your eyes? Well, no surprise as the visitor ALSO made clear after the Roswell “so called” UFO crash

You are not capable of COMPREHENDING or ACCEPTING the discoveries of MY TIME EBE/Visitor (There’s NO SUCH thing as Aliens)

Thus given the above in layman it means that Nuclear Fission weapons can be stopped by force or intervention but as long as you persist with a naive approach towards USA then Russia, China, Iran & North Korea will be CATASTROPHICALLY attacked by USA (like the 2nd war in Iraq by OTHER means e.g neutron weapons which I assume this was. HOWEVER intervention in Desert Storm was ONLY necessary because USA tried to “FISSION NUKE” Saddam with “PURE U-235 NUCLEAR DIRTY WEAPONS” & that was UNACCEPTABLE because RADIATION RESPECTS NO BOARDERS in case you are wondering how USA was DEFEATED by Iraq). In this case of Saddam ALL that was altered (according to Advanced Quantum Law) was the PATH however USA’s INTENT did not change thus Saddam was REMOVED by OTHER MEANS (in the 2nd Iraq War) that is ANOTHER PATH as described in Advanced Quantum Law (DESTINY CANNOT BE CHANGED BY FORCE UNFORTUNATELY). Thus LIKEWISE Iraq, YOU ARE WARNED, the “PATH” of USA remains the same because they still harbour the “INTENT” to get rid of ALL nations that DO NOT conform to their DEMANDS that means ALL COUNTRIES currently SANCTIONED by USA

You can SLOW down or change the PATH of ANY particle(s) BUT you CANNOT alter the DESTINATION (destiny) Advanced Quantum Law (EXTREMELY simplified)

This is a wake up call thus you can choose to ignore this warning at YOUR OWN PERIL for we can ONLY stop Nuclear Fission weapons because the PLANET is INNOCENT in ALL this madness but DESTINY however can ONLY be changed by those that ARE AFFECTED BY IT! – You have been warned


The solution is simple. Russia & China need to drop USD NOW & the world must follow suit. We crush the EGO then we crush USA’s EVIL AMBITION, they come down to earth & maybe just maybe we can save the women & children WITHOUT HAVING to take other EXTREME MEASURES to save the planet from Radiation & Nuclear contamination. This has ALREADY happened (Time is Relative) If we DO NOT have a change of HEART! – YES USA, THEY KNOW & YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, THEY ARE WATCHING!

ONLY the heart (particle configuration shift) changes destiny Advanced Quantum Law (simplified)