Plot to Destroy Bitcoin

It has disturbingly come to our attention that online Bitcoin wallets like Blockchain are issuing their users Bitcoin addresses that are not backward compatible with legacy wallets including even Bitcoin Core itself. This fraudulent behavior is intended to seem like an innocent though deceptive way to force users to upgrade their Core & mobile wallets to be able to make payments to these so called new Blockchain style Bitcoin addresses since client side validation throws up errors before the transaction is even allowed to be broadcast to the network, making this very frustrating for your regular Bitcoin novice Joe, since Bitcoin is not a “Skull & Bones” initiative, on the contrary an antidote to the former financial virus. This fraudulent behavior further defeats the whole Satoshi open source, everything transparent approach creating collusive monopolies on Bitcoin between the online wallet providers like Blockchain & the equally arrogant Bitcoin Core so called developers. Before you use ignorant terms like “conspiracy theory”, “paranoid”, “no they are too big & professional to fail” or any of the psychological horse manure they use on the gullible. I will remind you of how Paypal abused clients once they had monopoly & client trust then the failure of too big to fail Mt. Gox as well as Bitfinex not to mention the 2008 recession causing “Banksters” for the high street mainstream gullible. These are all security threats that all our systems circumvent because we are not profit driven but preserving humanity & the world from Apocalyptic catastrophy driven because after all, it’s kind of pointless bothering to profit when you own all the diamonds & minerals in the universe not just our solar system but the universe. Eye roll? Well, there is no argument there either because anything & everything is only yours, only if you can get to it thus logically our organization is the richest, most powerful entity in the universe even without the Earth, which is why only the just people of this world matter to us not profit, before someone cracks more now stale “…what? Yeah right, like I was born yesterday…” or is this guy Santa Claus jokes. To evade calamity, join us at Quantonium™ it’s even “cooler” than Bitcoin while supporting Bitcoin “properly” too, make sure you read all the FAQ’s (educate yourself)