It is sad to see that USA has descended to the lowest of lows by actually stooping so low as to release the dreaded weapon that the world now knows only as Coronavirus. This was a bio-weapon developed long ago with an eye at releasing it at the “opportune” time when the USA would be losing its grip on power which it has to China as well as Russia (prior to Russia losing its grip on the globe due to their disastrous escapades with India that have seen Russia’s popularity worldwide dwindle ever since). That averred, the goal is to maintain USA’s global dominance the same way Hiroshima & Nagasaki cemented USA’s dominance as the new world power unchallenged by any other nation due to the sheer scale of barbarism (250,000 dead in 5 minutes, even Adolf Hitler does not hold such a record). Intended as an apocalyptic annihilation of the “communist” enemy in front of the world to send fear into any other “would be” communists as well as send “symbolic” assurances to their “capitalist” allies that their evil system still has “influence”. Fake news? Oh no they wouldn’t? Like slaughtering babies in Iraq with banned neutron (yes sub-nuclear fission primary → fusion) weapons? Or murdering Iranian officials on sovereign soil? Or Mike Pompeo arrogantly telling the world that they lied, cheated & stole to keep USA ahead? Fake news? Well world it’s time to WAKE UP! Unconvinced? Then READ THIS

As for China I urge them as I urged Russia before withdrawing our official backing of the Russian position due to these kinds of double standards that saw the once juggernaut USSR reduced to the meagre Russia it is today because of the same naive approach regards USA. A cobra is a cobra even if you feed him for 20 years, just one blink & he will strike & kill you oblivious of who will feed him tomorrow for that is his nature, no amount of sentiment will change that. The only thing that stands between you & death from the fangs of that cobra is “opportunity” not morals or anything else but “opportunity”. China needs to understand that this evil plan has been in the brewing since way back even to World War 2 when they also devised a way to nuke Russia & China at the same time in a pre-emptive all out NUCLEAR first strike. Communism or the ideology of it in the west is viewed as a disease that should be eradicated “at all cost” thus China & Russia should not for 1 second believe that the USA is engaging them in “good faith”. From 9/11 cinema to the war on terror even the charade of democracy. USA was using this as a premise to launch this attack. Their airports now “conveniently” have the highest quarantine & passenger scrutiny facilities (erected under the guise of preventing “another” so called terrorist attack). Thus launching such a bio-virus attack would have “minimal collateral damage” in the evil language of USA military planners, because it is easy now for USA to control incoming “would be” carriers of the virus given all the entry point security & screening systems that they now “conveniently” have in place at all USA airports & ports of entry that where installed by the excuse of “blocking terrorists”. Because had this attack been launched without the 9/11 scare everybody would automatically suspect USA

The arrogant never see it coming Thanos

The plan obviously backfired on USA as you can see the Karma as they would have it, USA currently has the record highest death toll from Coronavirus. The idea was to cripple China & destroy its economy while creating a scare worldwide regards Chinese products & Chinese people to maintain the USA’s dominance & discourage the idea of “communism” as the ignorant call it. However the USA through their “dubious” sources discovered that we knew that they had started the virus attack & they with futility tried to do “damage control” and “pre-emptive counter propaganda” by faking a few USA citizens as infected & getting the whole world to sympathize with China in the earlier days when only China was affected (the devil is ALWAYS in the details) but it all backfired with USA overtaking China with the record highest death toll. As you know we are here to save the planet from the evil devices of USA & those behind them to steer the world away from the destined “doomsday” & apocalyptic hell (Time is relative – Albert Einstein). This has already happened (as the crow flies) if & ONLY if the world does not have a change of heart. The meek shall inherit the Earth not the arrogant if you want a non atheist approach to this warning. Back to Quantum & Particle physics (the advanced version 1000 years ahead of this time).

Destiny CANNOT be changed Advanced Quantum Law.

Expanded –

ONLY the events can be changed for ANYTHING in existence is the “total sum” of its “configured” particles Advanced Quantum Law.

Thus for any entity (collective configured sum of its particles) the basic principles of particle physics apply. A particle once launched (what you would call in layman “birth” is point A “the genesis point”), the destination is B (what you call death, which is a human construct by the way).

The path of ANY particle can be ALTERED but the destination CANNOT be changed, this is destiny as you would call it. EVERY particle has a DESTINATION & a PATH Advanced Quantum Law.

The path of these particles (the sum of particles that when “configured” form “baby” or “you”) is what you call life i.e what you experience between life & so called death. In Advanced Quantum Law that is more “technically” defined as the malfunction of your human biological interface (what you call your body), death of your body as you would commonly address the issue. Its a matter of perception for ignorance is blindness NOT bliss but BLINDNESS. A further example is if a man wills to kill, if you take his gun away he will use a knife (the murder still happens, ONLY the circumstances have changed but NOT the DESTINATION i.e point B as depicted in Advanced Quantum Law) but if you change his “heart” (casually adducing of course) then the murder WILL NOT happen thus you have ALTERED the destination from B to another outcome, in other words you have changed destiny.

This is the ONLY way to alter PARTICLE TRAJECTORY Advanced Quantum Law. (In layman ONLY by changing the “quo” particle[s] “configuration” can you alter it’s destination or destiny)


The world seems to think that physical force alters outcome that is why USA & the world like groupies holding their breath blindly is on a futile fake war on terror & such coward bio-attacks like this Coronavirus attack on China. Only the heart (or change of mindset TRULY alters destiny) as shown in the example above thus the ONLY way for the world to fix this problem is to have a change of mindset or heart for the more poetic & spiritual among us (I always take the impartial approach to avoid arguments based on beliefs & opinions). Supporting & covering up for USA is maintaining that ideology (like the guy who still wants to kill in the example) this maintains the path to the MURDER in the example i.e NOTHING changes. The end is MURDER with ONLY the circumstances to the murder changing i.e “path” of the collective “particles” that form the “event” or “instance” in translated Advanced Quantum Law. In principle the same applies to the world supporting & continuing to support USA especially China & Russia. Remember the path of destruction is already set (the worlds CURRENT destiny, this is DONE, it always will be) & I quote eyewitnesses to that

…In your next century (YES this one), access to weaponry of mass destruction by states ruled by DOGMA will (YES not MAY but WILL) DESTROY your species

and further when asked how

..NUCLEAR WAR, few numbers survive, our ANCESTORS… EBE 1. Event ACTUALLY happened on 7th July 1947, Roswell New Mexico USA (now Area 51) & NO it WAS NOT ALIENS read Time Travel – Aliens Debunked to understand (emphasis added of course accordingly as always)

And another encounter:

DO NOT HAVE TOO MUCH TECHNOLOGY & LOOK AFTER THE PLANET TO AVOID AN APOCALYPTIC HELL IN THE FUTURE WHERE OXYGEN WILL BE SCARCE & LIGHT LOST DUE TO PROLONGED NUCLEAR WINTERS” – Leader of the visitors. A message to 61 Children (face to face in broad daylight). The ONLY credible record of a UFO landing NOT a crash or an accidental sighting but an ACTUAL visit to the kids & REMEMBER these guys waited for break-time when the teachers where away & it was ONLY the kids. They deliberately made noise (hallucinations don’t make sounds & 61 kids DO NOT hallucinate about the SAME THING!!!) This was witnessed by 61 children of 7 DIFFERENT age groups in remote ZIMBABWE in 1994, they have NO ACCESS to western Star Trek or Star Wars nor VHS for that matter even a colour TV was EXOTIC to 1994 ZIMBABWE – Oh Yeah do a search for that “Ariel School UFO ZIMBABWE” (using ANY search engine) – NEVER argue with an eyewitness that is just IGNORANCE!


The world needs to change its attitude NOW in order to stop the already DESTINED apocalyptic doomsday that we are on a destined course with (point B). Those that are with us in collective mind & deeds have shifted their collective destination to a point BEYOND the apocalyptic destined B. Thus UNLESS you do the same, prepare for total global annihilation with YOU included. This is not a scare, this is apocalyptic REALITY & DESTINY, it is ALREADY done, it ALWAYS will be. The arrogant never see it coming

Change or disappear deciphered message from the crashed Roswell Craft of 1947


Supporting USA is futile, stay on the Titanic & sink with it (another example of arrogance AFTER they said it will NEVER sink but it sank faster than a tug boat) – USA too big to fail? Well it has already happened (Time is RELATIVE – Albert Einstein)

FIRSTLY, DO NOT PANIC! What you can do right now is switch to Bitcoin as a solution to this problem & abandon “666” UNITED (6) STATES (6) DOLLAR (6). YES ALL ARE SIX LETTERS EACH in essence, symbolic & ironic because continuing to support USD/USA is to maintain “particle alignment” to Armageddon (the spiritual angle) or the end of all things the “destination/destiny” of said “configured” particles if you are of a scientific disposition or pro atheist “par” technical. Time is relative as explained already as well as how the capability of prophecy works i.e on the same principle as “relativity” & expanded in Advanced Quantum Law, a matter which has already happened should ALL the particles leading to the destruction remain configured in the way the prophecy was viewed (aggregate “line of sight” OF ALL PARTICLES associated with or in that configuration of the events culminating to the prophetic destruction)

The best is to run a Bitcoin Core full node on a Windows 7 “Home Basic” machine (in this case less is more) that HAS NEVER been updated then disable “automatic updates” in control panel (all windows updates contain trojans as also confirmed by Edward Snowden) thus NEVER install a Bitcoin node or wallet on a machine that has ANY Windows updates (that’s how they got Mt. Gox & Bitfinex i.e abuse of consumer/merchant trust) & try to stay away from hosted or mobile wallets with the “mother load” of your savings, you can use those mobile wallets for day-to-day small transactions if you are a smartphone junkie. In essence you can have 2 laptops or PC’s one with Windows 7 (format & install a fresh version of Windows 7 Home Basic is best & NEVER UPDATE it or install ANY OTHER SOFTWARE NOT EVEN ANTI-VIRUS which also are trojans) & another laptop/PC can be a latest model PC that you use for anything else that a so called “modern” lifestyle requires e.g your internet, email, video streaming etc (whatever ticks your boxes). It will take long to update on the first run but it is worth it once it catches up. ONLY connect this PC to keep your node up to date or to send funds ONLY. Use it for NOTHING ELSE, consider it your “personal safe” that is “nuclear proof” even 2008 recession style bank collapses will not affect you (always backup your wallet OFFLINE on a SD card/flash or burn a CD is even better for the data CANNOT be corrupted as it will be READ ONLY)

We HIGHLY recommend Bitcoin Core V0.12.0 you can download the software by CLICKING HERE & just ignore the warning which was a premise to get you to upgrade to the latest core which is full of sabotage bugs to disable Bitcoin once everyone has upgraded & STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING SEGWIT (all you need to do is IGNORE any message that is sent to you, other than that it is a 100% SAFE VERSION). This was a poor attempt at “particle re-alignment” with the NWO agenda since Bitcoin is the ONLY credible threat to USD as Coronavirus has just confirmed (“NWO” IS NOT a conspiracy theory – NEVER ARGUE WITH AN EYEWITNESS – Time is RELATIVE)

FREEDOM Deciphered name of the 1947 Roswell crashed craft & NO, IT WAS NOT ALIENS (of course not)

Regards liquidity of said Bitcoin, well you can trade for conventional currencies when you need to buy physical world items (don’t worry about Bitcoin crashing IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN because it is backed by the FUTURE & TECHNOLOGY OF THE FUTURE, OUR TECHNOLOGY WHICH IS WORTH MORE THAN USA & ALL ITS PUPPETS INCLUDED COMBINED, TRUE VALUE BACKED BY TRUE & REAL POWER THAT THIS WORLD WILL NEVER FULLY COMPREHEND) – Super emphasis added to highlight severity of fact. We are also re-launching our “zero red-tape” P2P platform which will allow you to change Bitcoin to anything that you can imagine thus liquidity will never be an issue EITHER regards Bitcoin. Visit Blaze International Group our cyber holding umbrella entity to stay updated

NEVER argue with an eyewitness – Blaze