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A lot has been said about nuclear energy, fission and fusion (fission is the first image or on your left with fusion being the latter or on your right). However we want to clarify some misconceptions that have led to the general public being “hoodwinked” by certain sinister elements. Firstly nuclear energy whether fission or fusion is nothing complicated or fascinating because the underlying principle is archaic in it’s origin probably even medieval. The stupid idea with this technology is based on the steam engine philosophy i.e we boil water to create steam then the pressurized steam in turn is force fed to drive a turbine (yes like Thomas the tank engine). Only with fission or “fusion” the heat source is not coal but nuclear fission in the case of the current nuclear power plants or fusion in the case of that joke called ITER that will be online “hopefully” in the next 50 years according to the delusional so called “visionaries” of this pipe dream. The argument however in justification for fusion as an alternative to fission is that the radioactive materials remain radioactive for approximately 100 years but I will also quote

So unlike fission – where the waste products are the direct result of the reaction, in fusion, the waste products are an indirect result of the reaction – so we can’t really say what they will be with 100% certainty as of yet. → Dr. Gregory Greenman (Physicist)

To surmise the truth is that they really do not know until they build the reactor. Now back to the point! No radiation is better than radiation in any form. This methodology and thinking is akin to saying drinking toxic household detergent is better than drinking sulfuric acid. I will let logic dictate, would you drink the former instead or neither? Correct, neither. Thus the argument that fusion will create less radiation over a period of time is really stupid and does not solve the problem. And I will quote the very man responsible for all this nuclear madness that these deluded individuals believe they now have the upper hand on, Albert Einstein himself and quote

We can’t solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them → Einstein

In addition Albert Einstein in my opinion nailed it with this one

When the solution is simple, God is answering → Einstein

Given the foregoing factors cumulative, it is clear that we are headed in the wrong direction, for if you begin your journey in the wrong direction, then no matter how many “right” turns you “think” you are making, the truth is that you are forever lost and the more you continue then the farther you are from the truth.


The really painful thing about all this is that the current nuclear fraternity has not mastered the true power of the atom at all (emphasis added). Whether this was Albert Einsteins idea of a joke or some subtle sense of humor or he was merely trying to close “Pandora’s Box” only Albert Einstein knows the answer to that. The reason we say this is based on the fact that there is no such thing as “Nuclear Energy”. The real term should be “Thermal Energy” from “Nuclear Fission” because they are not harnessing the atom for power at all here but simply utilizing heat discharge from nuclear fission (splitting of the atom) then using that extreme heat to catalyze water by heating it to create steam (under pressure) to drive a turbine rotor shaft as the prime mover connected to an alternator to generate electricity, exactly the same way they do in a conventional coal fired “Thermal Power” plant. Note that what is happening here is “water catalysis” as we call it at Blaze Advanced Technology™. When water is “catalyzed” in this case by heat it “steams” and if enclosed creates “pressure” but if we remove the water then a so called nuclear reactor is completely useless for creating electricity thus in essence the water is the actual “energy” source as it creates the “kinetics” albeit in a steam state not the heat. Only with this “Nuclear Contradiction” the heat created is so extreme they have to constantly cool it down to avoid it melting its radiation containment infrastructure otherwise we get “meltdown” e.g Fukushima.

Thus in essence there is no such thing as “Nuclear Technology” because the word “Tech-nology” is a combination of 2 words i.e “Technical” and “Knowledge” which are non existent here. All they have done here is simply substitute 1 very safe boiler for another more dangerous boiler (emphasis added & I will elaborate). The reason we say this is because a conventional coal “Thermal Power” plant only has one hazard and that is its carbon footprint only (smoke from coal burning). But apart from this it is 100% safe & 75% cheaper to build and maintain too. Nuclear “contradiction” on the other hand creates extreme heat, radioactive waste (that stays dangerous for up to 250,000 years), has a very high accident risk potential, cannot be insured and is very expensive (again extra emphasis added accordingly).




As you can see from the image above, a nuclear reactor is just an extreme oversized “boiler”. All this madness including the Fukushima, now 8 year problem just to boil water? Yes, just like your kettle (the one you use to make a cup of coffee, same principle and this is what they call new technology, really? This is really sad). Now on a cost benefit analysis including environmental impact. It is actually “fact” that the coal fired power plant per MW produced is far safer on the environment and all forms of life, all factors considered on aggregate (emphasis added) in both the short and long term, not to mention that it can actually be insured. A thermal power plant can be insured because it is an asset, not a liability like “nuclear contradiction” as we most aptly call it at Blaze Advanced Technology™. Thus what “technical knowledge” is being displayed here, really? Can I beat my chest for inventing a basic calculator that consumes 100MW of electricity just to calculate 1 + 1 which = 2? This is the logic applicable here

Einstein probably figured out that if mankind truly mastered the “real” power of the atom as we discovered then surely it would be the end of the world. However as most scientists have made the common mistake of being constantly captivated by their discoveries, oblivious to the fact that not all motives in this world are pure or innocent in essence. Having fled what he thought was the evil of the Nazi’s, only to find himself disappointed in the hands of yet another power obsessed war monger (United States) hiding behind a veil of false democracy, that was only interested in weapons of mass destruction not his “awesome” theory of relativity nor the fabric of space and time which were the core drivers and ultimate beneficiaries of his theory. In our view given what we know now. Albert Einstein “probably” knew that the true power of the atom would give birth to the means necessary to accomplish “spacial divergence” or bending space and time as they layman call it but it would also unleash a terrifying amount of power that would certainly, given America’s juvenile nature bring the world to an end

Einstein decided to “tone it down” and give them instead the “atomic popcorn” as we call it because a so called “Nuclear Bomb” is not a bomb in essence per-sé. It is simply “concentrated”, “open air” fission that is all, the same thing happening in a so called nuclear reactor is happening here but only the fissile fuel is concentrated and being allowed to fission in the open air, rather than in a water cooled concrete dome commonly known as a reactor. Nothing actually “explodes” here (except the “implosion” trigger which is a tiny series of explosions needed to kickstart the reaction). The heat generated and the rate at which it happens is so rapid it literally ignites the atmosphere hence you get that hideous “fireball” thus it is actually a “Nuclear Fireball” not a nuclear bomb. Propaganda is good at using subtle terms to avoid and divert the truth. Thus in essence we have not advanced in terms of nuclear so called energy at all but gone backwards and that is the sad truth


The problem here is lack of imagination and reason why Blaze Advanced Technology™ has accomplished this feat instead of those that have billions poured into silly indulgences like ITER the fusion joke. Einstein made it clear as quoted supra that when the solution is simple then indeed God is answering. In layman he was trying to tell these deluded individuals that the solution is not as complicated as they assume

The fact of the matter is that the current nuclear and under construction fusion reactors are glorified fancy “kettles” or quantum “boilers” rather is the more apt term and nothing new at all. The underlying principle, methodology is the same and does not represent a quantum leap in science at all but rather a quantum leap in stupidity and is akin to an abacus fitted with the latest Intel core computer chips or a bicycle fitted with a Ferrari F70 engine, technically possible but stupid. This is “over kill” and completely unnecessary and even stark more so in the face of the simple and commercially viable solutions Blaze Advanced Technology™ has today. Honestly water boils at only 100℃ (emphasis added), that is all that is needed to produce steam. Even the guys that invented the locomotive and the railway way before any of our time figured this one out geniuses. Then honestly I appeal to the human race here. Why are we producing 150,000,000℃ from radiation infested reactors just to boil water? And again I quote Albert Einstein

Nuclear fission is one hell of a way to boil water → Einstein

And he was being sarcastic by the way. If boiling water is the point then we do not need to go to extreme lengths like fusion reactors that need temperatures in the 150,000,000℃ range in order to operate or the current fission reactors that create vast amounts of heat in order to operate and if they are not constantly cooled can overheat then melt the reactor floor or wall releasing lethal radiation as we saw at Fukushima in Japan, this is what we term “meltdown”. As with Fukushima, fission reactors cannot be shutdown like a light bulb when things go wrong making them hazardous to work with. This methodology is heavily flawed and to put it into perspective, why would you spend $150,000,000.00 just to make $100.00, does that make sense to anyone? Such is the stupidity behind these reactors. In order to understand the problem we need to look at the history of the reactor, how and why it was built


The original nuclear reactor was designed by the Nazi’s at the behest of Adolf Hitler in the dying minutes of World War II as the womb for the Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) that would be used in the “wonder weapon” that would turn the tide of the war back in favor of the Nazi’s. In fact the first successful nuclear detonation was made by the Nazi’s contrary to the bogus history the United States tries to peddle to the world via the biggest global propaganda machine “Hollywood”. The problem for the Nazi’s was that it was not a “packageable” bomb obviously because they where still finalizing the designs for the actual V2 rocket mountable weapon (same problem the North Koreans have today). Then D-day happened and the Nazi’s ran out of time, but managed to package some fissile material “U-235” pure weapons grade uranium HEU which in this form was devastating for Japan. Einstein tricked the Los(t) Alamos dummies into downgrading the HEU to U-239 (Plutonium) implicitly necessary at the time for the then generation of downgraded “atomic” bombs, utilizing a plutonium core as opposed to the current generation MT class yield HEU core implosion weapons. The material was then loaded onto a Nazi U-Boat headed for Japan, however the submarine U-235 not U-236 as fake history would have you believe was intercepted by the cunning of the United States. Submarine U-235 was carrying U-235 that is why they altered history by propaganda such that no one would figure out just how far the Nazi’s had gone in their weapons program

The Nazi U-Boat surrendered to the United States and the HEU (U-235) and other fissile materials including the IR proximity detonator was taken captive by the United States who at the time where clueless in the field of atomic weapons contrary to what history would have you believe because a nuclear weapon needs to know when it is close to the ground in order to start the primary initiation process for the secondary fission to take place before the structural integrity of the weapon is compromised by the impact. The whole Manhattan project was a clone of the Nazi atomic program, there is no genius from the United States there, even Albert Einstein was not American but Jewish. The point here is that the nuclear reactor was never meant for civilian power generation but was built solely for the purpose of effecting mass destruction. However when these weapons where unleashed on Hiroshima and Nagasaki people started asking uncomfortable questions about their rationale and so a ruse was needed to keep the public quiet in order for the power obsessed United States to continue testing and developing these heinous weapons. Then conveniently the nuclear power plant was born as a convenient ruse to the public, dubbed the “clean” pollution free energy solution of the future complete with all the propaganda props until Chernobyl and TMI. This is when people woke up to the reality of nuclear so called energy

The point here is that nuclear energy was never intended for civilian purposes just as a lion cannot be made a domestic pet, then you are upset when it eats the kids. The lion can hardly be faulted in its entirety for it is only exercising it’s very nature such is the case with nuclear reactors as we learned again with Fukushima


Our solution to the problem is simple. After the United States’ illegal 59 cruise missile barrage incursion into Syria, dropping the gauntlet on Russia in a clear cavalier, undiplomatic and clearly presidential novice stunt. It is clear that we are dealing with juveniles disguised as the democratic benchmark. The United States clearly has lost the moral high ground with over $25Trillion in debt to the world & not a clue as to how they will pay it back have resorted to high school bully tactics of intimidating anyone that stands up and exposes the truth if it does not align with their interests e.g Edward Snowden and the legality of the 59 missile strike yet they sanction & questioned Russia over Ukraine & Crimea. Clearly we cannot count on the United States to be the global visionary or leader of the free world and system as clearly we are dealing with a self obsessed renegade that is now suffering great delusions of grandeur, overtaken by events. The world can no longer be conflict driven but progress driven which is bad for the United States because their very existence hinges on exporting war

One thing about democracy is that it is the people that wield the power and collectively hand over that power to a few in the hope that they will represent their collective whole in interest and in deed. This ideal has been violated grossly and irrevocably after the global financial crisis and now this illegal 59 missile strike. It is time to hand the power back to its rightful owner and that of the individual and this is where we step in. We give you the tool and the platform to determine not only your future but the future of the entire planet. This method has been proven very successful by the unstoppable Bitcoin network testament to the fact that people value their privacy and want transparency when it comes to finances as well as the unhindered free movement of funds

We offer everyone the chance to invest in our technology and company from the very smallest investor right up to the corporate juggernaut. Our product is easily worth Trillions even in Bitcoin in the next 5 years on maximum roll out should we start installing power plants today even blockchain processing or mining alone, with unlimited power, blockchain mining suddenly becomes extremely profitable and that translates to awesome shareholder value too. Our product the Mark I reactor has absolutely no overhead running cost and costs approximately 5% of the total cost to build any similar power output nuclear power plant taking only 2 months to complete a 1.5GW (1,500 Mega Watts) power plant all equipment being onsite. This means that if we replace every nuclear reactor in the world with our reactors which is currently and technically possible within the next 5 – 10 years with the world’s existing technology. Our company would then actually be worth 3 – 4 times more than our humble estimate, now imagine being a shareholder in such a company, how much would you be worth? Nuclear power plants cannot be insured and thus are a liability and not an asset as opposed to our reactors that are 100% safe and thus can be insured entirely. There is not a single country in the world that has 100% power capacity for it’s entire grid, our reactors will plug all these gaps. The electricity shortfall alone on the global scale is worth trillions in revenue per year, revenue which no other technology can take advantage of for the sheer cost involved in power generation infrastructure planning and implementation. Blaze Advanced Technology™ is not affected by any of these problems. To put this into perspective for every 1,500MW conventional nuclear power plant that is built ($10Billion approx), for Blaze Advanced Technology™ with that kind of capital at only $350Million per every 1,500MW Blaze Advanced Technology™ power plant built, we can build twenty (20) yes twenty power plants of the same power output capacity each as the one nuclear power plant alone, while we take just 2 months to complete each plant as opposed to nuclear within 5 -7 years for just one plant. Meaning we can complete all 20 while they are still trying to fire up the single nuke. As you can see we clearly have a winner on our hands here. This technology has been fully tested, verified and ready for the market

Our technology is unconventional, so is the opposition to it. Thus we have formulated an equally unconventional approach to bringing our product to the market. Instead of doing a regular IPO on Wall Street, LSE or any other bourse for that matter like Einstein rightly put it

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them → Einstein

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