Einstein – The Foundation Of A Truth


Firstly as usual I will make my point then use the very Einstein itself to clarify the Einstein as many clearly failed to grasp the Einstein, as the influence behind him was trying to get him to get the world to understand. I will start with the first myth

Energy is not power. However power can be acquired from Energy but not vice-versa & further, power can be quantified & limited but energy on the contrary is unlimited in the context of human understanding & collective capacity → Blaze Advanced Technology™

E=MC2 contrary to popular belief is not a complete equation as it is masqueraded by so called science today as the formula to get power which is not energy as I quoted myself above

Knowledge is power (no doubt) → Common cause

Now for the latter Einstein in parallel to the former afore stated;

Information is not knowledge → Albert Einstein

The undisputed above (in parallel) is clearly demonstrated by a nuclear reactor as they call it or the equally pathetic nuclear bomb as they call it which both try to justify their stupidity using E=MC2 as justification for their folly incarnation. All pertinent matters that we have addressed & clarified in The Nuclear & Atomic Folly – A Modern Day Tragedy as well as The Nimitz Encounters Explained – Doomsday Warning where we explained that there is no such thing as nuclear energy or nuclear power (as they call it) because of the lack of knowledge which is the true benchmark of power & we further explained the difference between a true Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) & a weapon of mass contamination i.e the joke they call WMD’s today respectively

Information in the hands of a fool is chaos


In essence, in the absence of knowledge there is no power which is why with only information (E=MC2) the Americans & so called nuclear powers could not fission or fuse a proper nuclear weapon like both our “clean” weapons designs nor even the incomplete weapon they intercepted from Nazi Germany en-route to Japan without the help of Albert Einstein (the knowledge) nor why they could not create a proper “clean” unlimited power/electricity generator like our Mark I “V2” FEAR Tech™ Production Reactor & the awesome Mark II FEAR Tech™ Reactor Concept, a more human tissue friendly version of the so called “flying saucer” power plant (scrapped because of American juvenile tendencies) & to confirm the former I will quote Einstein;

Nuclear fission is one hell of a way to boil water → Albert Einstein

Note Einstein says with clear mock, “boil water” not create power but boil water – enough said. In essence given the afore stated on aggregate the world since World War 2 has neither acquired nuclear power nor nuclear energy because they have neither the knowledge for either nor the understanding thereof. One word? Pathetic!


(E=MC2)K = Px
∴ K = P

The complete equation (in layman) is above where “E=MC2” is the information & “K” represents knowledge which multiplied together give you “P” (Power) with “X” being any variable limited only by the quantity of “K”. In essence;

Only with knowledge can information then become power → Blaze Advanced Technology™

In layman, Einstein was simply showing the world the formula for energy which has then been confused as power which is commonly defined as;

The force required to do work → Layman’s definition of power

In essence, energy is the unlimited source from which you can draw any amount of power, limited only by the amount of knowledge you posses, the true benchmark of power capacity not anything tangible, though with a broader reading of Quantum Dynamics, knowledge is tangible because;

Everything can be quantized → Advanced Quantum Dynamics

Einstein with the incomplete equation E=MC2 simply explained to the world that E (Energy), is an unlimited source of power. In essence he was simply defining what energy is & thus you can use this together with knowledge to create unlimited power & without it you only have information/chaos i.e Hiroshima, Nagasaki even so called nuclear boilers (aptly)/reactors as they call them – Evidently

Some irony? Art imitating life;

Tony Stark was able to build this in a cave with a box of scraps → Obadiah (in response to an incompetent scientist)

The scientist aptly retorts;

Well sir, I am not Tony Stark