Inter-Continental Electric Torpedo – ‘ICE-T’ Piranha

Blaze Advanced Technology is a technology R & D outfit that specializes in cutting edge technologies that aim to promote world peace & maintain the global balance of power. Following the release of our previous “self-enriching” thermo fusion fission fusion weapon, we where met with shock at the brazen ruthless, barbaric not to mention arrogant & senseless assassination of prominent Iranian officials in front of the entire world on sovereign soil (extra emphasis added) & yet still the world is silent. This disturbing development only drives us to one conclusion and that is that USA has turned into a renegade vigilante law unto themselves accountable to no one in the mistaken belief that no other nation can retaliate since Russia clearly has not the wit to take USA head on. Allowing USA to become a hypocrite, dictator, dominator and tyrant believing that their dominance can go unchallenged since even the UN has not the spine given USA’s open defiance of even the ICC (International Criminal Court) who they openly threatened in front of the world again to global silence on the subject matter. The situation has deteriorated to a situation where even the United Nations, due process of law and sovereignty are no longer a bar nor barrier with the hypocrite mantra of “war on terror” being an excuse, premise rather to commit mass genocide, invasion & illegal occupation of sovereign states (emphasis added) thus taking the world back to the age of imperialism. More innocent Muslim women & children have been slaughtered than actual “alleged” terrorists or even Americans for that matter, the majority in the 9/11 possibly staged or deliberately “allowed” attacks given recent revelations & the fact that the CIA was given advance warnings of the pending attacks making us wonder if this is really a war on terror, premise or rather terrorizing & eradication of Islam by USA. In other words the world is no longer safe from tyranny & oppression. The “protector perceived” has now become the tyrant in quo, persecutor of the innocents including women & children taking us back to the same allegations against Nazi Germany for doing similar acts of impunity with total sovereign territorial disregard that prompted World War 2. USA has continued to threaten the world in the belief that they are protected from retaliation by virtue of geography even though all nations now have access to nuclear weapons. Thus this fresh round of arrogance we assume is being touted out of the belief & delusion rather that they are safe from retaliation given their isolated geo-location (so they believe) which is why they commit such atrocities with impunity on foreign sovereign soil, well again they are wrong

We have found it incumbent to balance this great imbalance & vacuum by equalizing the playing field such that just as USA tries through propaganda (like this coward Iranian assassination) to make it look like they can “touch” anyone anywhere in the world as projected by the arrogant speech from the USA just after the assassination. Then likewise other nations need to let USA know that they too can be “touched”. In other words just as USA claims they can reach anyone anywhere in the world then the USA needs to understand that anyone can reach them (USA) as well. Introducing the world’s first Inter Continental Electric Torpedo (ICE-T) “Piranha”, the ultimate in global ordnances delivery systems. As always we trust that you will exercise true power which is not ultimate force but restraint, self control and discipline, tenets which USA has forsaken in pursuit of ultimate force and total world dominance in a delusional pursuit of a new world order which instils fear in some for a while but rebellion soon crushes it. Just like a knife, 100% legal and available anywhere but what you do with it is your responsibility, for it can either be a tool or a weapon thus as with the fusion weapon (metaphorically adducing), we just supply the knowledge of how to make the knife


This is a simple design that can be constructed very easily at minimal cost utilising materials that will make it very hard to detect with standard sonar or other methods of submersibles detection. The torpedo can be armed with the “self-enriching” fusion fission fusion warhead design that we dispatched earlier (guideline design available on our website, see Fusion Weapon for more information). It has unlimited range due to the retractable solar panel that can be used for “daylight running” sub-surface mode or charging the incorporated on-board battery for “dive mode” as well as full “submersed attack mode”

1. Incorporating a tubular hull that can be covered in treated kevlar for added stealth against sonar pings which will absorb rather than deflect the sonar ping as well as deaden any internal noise or acoustics that could give away its position to conventional underwater submersible detection methods however given the advanced propulsion system this would be more precaution than necessity by default

2. The idea is to keep it simple, inexpensive as well as 100% legal yet extremely effective and given the ridiculous devastating yield capacity of the “self enriching” fusion weapon (final Deuterium/Tritium fusion capacity dependent of course) thus this torpedo only needs to get to the fringes of international waters to detonate its payload guaranteeing total devastation of not only the target coastline of any hostile territory but inland as well thereby killing off any arrogance certain imperialistic states have about delusional “invincibility” or geographical protection and given the compact volume to yield ratio as well as minimal ignition periphery nature of the fusion warhead thus this sub can be as small as a shark or as small as your imagination will permit. Thus there is no need to worry about enemy interception

3. Given the low cost of this weapon utilising a common GPS interface (even a common Garmin will do) thereby eliminating the common problems associated with more complex ICBM guidance, entry/re-entry systems as well as complex fuel as well as rocket designs not to mention atmospheric re-entry warhead shell hardening required to withstand the insane re-entry temperatures. This means you can deploy a fleet of these torpedo(s) either “pre-programmed” for target acquisition or “remote control” via any standard SATCOM system (all “off the shelf” items for a 100% totally legal package), all this being standard technical knowledge i.e simple, low cost, effective. A simple computer and OS can be used for the guidance software, targeting, rudder control & solar panel servo’s actuation etc, your imagination is your limit, we just give you the capacity to level up or even ante the USA ensuring balance of world power & world peace, USA will think twice before trying to bully anyone. It can be deployed from a manned submarine or naval vessel for added versatility but can even circumvent the entire planet in any ocean or sea running “solo” surfacing only to charge its batteries while “boating” the ocean & continuing its voyage to its target making this the ultimate hunter kill drone, making the world it’s oyster all from the comfort of your home/base even run by a simple secured & rooted smartphone (you certainly can’t trust Google)

4. The Achilles heel of this design as opposed to the one given to the Russians is that this is non nuclear thus no need for complex fuel rod control etc using instead, simple very ergonomic ultra space saving retractable “butterfly” solar panels (Illustrated at A in the diagram) with titanium light weight struts (illustrated at B) to withstand strong sea currents while supporting the panels above sea level with the hull immersed. At the tail-end is a revolutionary extremely high inertia, high output, ultra low power consuming electric “hamster” motor with ZERO CONTACT technology meaning it has no brushes, no contact between the stator and rotor of any kind save for the unavoidable front & rear bearing assembly but depending on your level of expertise you can incorporate our “lev-brearings” design that levitates the rotor for a complete 100% zero acoustics setup making your torpedo “soundless” sub-invisible to detection. Our motor is extremely high torque thus overcoming any water resistance from the rear drive screw while consuming little power to allow for longer underwater “battery only” run-times. Given the insane torque & RPM of the neodymium electric motor in “turbo mode” nothing USA has can intercept this torpedo in terms of sheer underwater velocity thus by virtue of speed alone you have the advantage when it comes to enemy territory infiltration bar none

5. Standard buoyancy & dive ballast design are industry standard & need no further input from us your imagination is your only barrier here. The rest is standard drone dynamics which being in the field already is assumed you already have background knowledge of

6. The above is just for guideline purposes and inspiration for your own defence project thus you are free to modify or build upon our guidance model free of charge, you are not obligated at all, consider it a gift to world peace. However we do however have more sophisticated designs of the sub if you are interested including more advanced features as well as the legendary CFD (Core Fusion Detonator) as well as the bulk tritium extractor via isolated neutron bombardment design for the fusion weapon in our previous release which does not need a nuclear reactor & is 100% legal as well as other ordnance delivery systems which can be sent to you via encrypted archive (.zip). See Join Us above for more details