The Quantum Menace – End Of A Hell



There has been a grave misconception & deception around Quantum Physics & even so called Quantum Computers not to mention the menace of so called particle colliders (as I am going to explain why they are a menace). This subject has been a matter of ridicule among the so called “scientific” community because of some overzealous & sometimes viewed as extremist religious individuals that make dire apocalyptic warnings about Quantum Dynamics (in layman the inner workings of all things “Quantum” this encapsulates colliders, quantum computers & quantum physics itself), ridiculed because of the sheer fact that they make these somewhat “outrageous” claims void of so called “scientific” fact (what the world today considers so anyway just like some “astute” so called “scientists” of old also claimed that the world was flat & argued that point with the utmost confidence – Yet wisdom again is vindicated by her own effects). Therefore this ignorance of the dangers of all things Quantum goes unchecked nor challenged thus we are going to deal with the matter from a PURELY ADVANCED scientific point of view to bring clarity to ignorance

If you think you understand QUANTUM PHYSICS then you DON’T understand QUANTUM PHYSICS → Richard Feynman (Who won a Nobel Peace prize for actually claiming he does not know what he is talking about – as quoted)

The first thing you need to understand about physical existence is that our “material” existence (the world as you know it) exists in “particle” form i.e to say ALL things are a total sum of their collective configuration that when “collectively” configured form the being or any entity even events, just like a quantifiable number of particles actually form the being you call you. The ONLY problem to understanding all this is the sheer capacity to compute & configure all these particles as well as understand their composite configuration to then form the entity you. Our current computing capacities cannot comprehend such calculations as this would take billions of years just to make the calculations on 1 human being. Just to put you into the picture, with ALL the current computing power in the world combined it would take approximately 50 Billion years or more just to breakdown the INDIVIDUAL particles that form one human being & serially categorize said particles for computational calculations (I am sure you can see the inherent problem here). This is where the delusion of so called Quantum Computing comes in


The science behind this madness or chaos (more aptly) is unconventional thus using conventional terms may cause confusion so let us start by clarifying what they think is Quantum Physics

Physical existence exists as PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE simultaneously (in layman at the same time) → Albert Einstein coroborrated by Richard Feynman & Minkowsky

In other words what this trio stumbled upon unanimously is the ACTUAL fact that what we call time is an ILLUSION that is created by the BIOLOGICAL human limitation we take for granted as “sight” meaning we cannot perceive our surroundings FASTER than the speed of light because we ONLY “see” i.e visualize slower than the speed of light this is the most layman way to explain this. This in effect means anything “faster than light” we cannot perceive (in REAL-TIME as you would call it) for we are slower at perception than the light & thus in essence we can say we are moving with the “flow of time” as they would call it. All particles are RELATED flowing in time & influencing each other (hence the term by Einstein, “RELATIVITY”) meaning one particle influences the particles that are concerning & connected to it etc what you would deem the “flow of time”. The only way to “break” out of this particulate “time flow” & physically move from 1 point to another between these 3 transitions (PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE) in other words “particle shift position” is to be able to move FASTER than the “flow of time” or in simpler terms faster than the speed of light where ALL particle motion ceases to “flow” or slows down rather with the greater the velocity then the slower the so called time lapse & this is how so called “Time Travel” is achieved see Time Travel – Aliens Debunked. A REAL WORLD example? Well, if you can move INSTANTLY from 1 time-zone to another you can experience 2 nights & 2 mornings in 24 hours. In other words the limitation here is your physical “quantum” velocity & not a question of whether this is possible or not because if you can accelerate a conversion of your voice over a telephone to someone at the other end of the world even though it is 10 pm in your time-zone that other person will confirm that in “their” time-zone it is actually 9am in the morning the next day. In essence your voice (also a measure of cumulatively quantifiable “Quanta”) has travelled through time at a greater velocity than the speed of “light” that is why someone can hear you faster than time/light at the other end of the phone (you feel stupid now don’t you? Good! Because you thought this is science fiction while it is actually something you are doing on a daily basis, sending your voice through time, oblivious!). Albert Einstein said:

Nothing can move faster than the speed of light in a vacuum (emphasis added to avoid the vexatious & contentious)

Let us get this clear. Albert Einstein said in a vacuum not that it is impossible. Is your watch in a vaccum? Is Earth in a vaccum? Do you perceive or “see” in layman in a vacuum? Exactly! So in essence you are sending a conversion of your voice faster than the speed of light outside a vacuum & that’s the point but not the point of time travel because you do not necessarily have to go faster than light itself but closer to the speed of light yet faster than the “beat” of quartz, what you commonly call time (or the “atomic” clock stupidity, one in the same! Foolishness is foolishness, no matter how technical. Just because it is technical foolishness does not make it any less foolish). The point further & I quote Einstein again

With the proper technology (like ours), such as a very fast spaceship, one person is able to experience several days while another person simultaneously experiences only a few hours or minutes. The same two people can meet up again, one having experienced days or even years while the other has only experienced minutes. The person in the spaceship only needs to travel near to the speed of light. The faster they travel, the slower their time will pass relative to someone planted firmly on the Earth. If they were able to travel at the speed of light, their time would cease completely and they would only exist trapped in timelessness

I am really tired of scientific idiots that misunderstand Einstein then try to use Einstein to debunk Einstein while not understanding the Einstein to begin with. Stupidity is indeed the trend, alas. According then to Einstein time stops when you get to the speed of light (in a vacuum) with plenty of emphasis added to highlight the continued folly & arrogance. Your lack of knowledge (which is true power) is your only limit not whether what we at Blaze Advanced Technology say is possible. To break it all down to layman, time does not exist, time is just a matter of counting how many times Quartz “beats” in 60 repetition cycles then these 60 “reps” form what you call a minute & 60 of those “reps” become your hour then 24 of those “reps” become your day or the globe turns one way to the sun then round the back to form your day & the delusion continues (with the “atomic” so called clock offering what is considered a more “consistent” rep count of the rate at which atoms split in nature which they believe is a more accurate measure in comparison to quartz & the delusion continues). All this is happening “outside a vacuum” to silence the arrogance once & for all (super emphasis added). Sounds like something out of the Marvel series right? But stay tuned this is more than a make belief idiot in a tin-can propaganda fantasy. This is reality, art imitating life, focus up

The Planck Folly

Firstly before we delve into the tragic misunderstanding of the (un)understandable (as admitted by Richard Feynman). As always, I will start by clarifying that misunderstanding according to what is considered today’s “understanding”

But God has chosen the foolish things of this world to shame the “perceived” wise & God has also chosen the weak things of the world to reduce the things which are considered mighty → 1 Corinthians 1.27

Hold up! And before you dismiss this as another religious conspiracy nut job, then take a look at a scientific benchmarks view on the inherent matter;

Science without religion is hopeless & Religion without science is blind → Albert Einstein

In essence, religion is the simplified summary of the science with what may be deemed the profession of so called modern day science being the more technical analysis of the former to cater for the “doubting” sceptic. While this may open an avenue for relief from what one may see as blind servitude to the “unknown” (though necessary as we shall explain the Planck folly). And while the latter may seem a relief from the former, it also opens up an avenue for foolishness like trying to run Windows 10 on an abacus if I may put metaphor to folly regards the necessity for religion just as it makes sense to have a cloud mainframe supercomputer with independent terminals & centralized database than try to make super computer laptops with their own “independent” databases. Yet again wisdom is vindicated by her own effects. Now that the definitions have been brought to clarity I will now delve into explaining the folly

Quantum demystified

In physics, a quantum (plural quanta) is the minimum amount of any physical entity (physical property) involved in an interaction. The fundamental notion that a physical property can be “quantized” is referred to as “the hypothesis of quantization”. This means that the magnitude of the physical property can take on only discrete values consisting of integer multiples of one quantum. → Quantum Physics (today)

In layman everything & I do mean everything is an accumulation of “Quanta” of different types accumulating, fusing, fissioning etc to form other entities just like a human being is made up of 1000’s of trillions of accumulated “Quanta” yes this applies to biology as well

…Oh so you know the meaning of life? → American Interviewer of the EBE at Area 51 (Roswell UFO crash)

Then in response

Not meaning (of life he is referring) but nature → EBE in response

Interview continues

What’s the difference? → The arrogant American asks with clear scorn & sarcasm (typical)

Then to silence an ignorant idiot, the EBE responds

Meaning is something that is ascribed, nature is the objective reality → EBE in response

You can watch Time Travel – Aliens Debunked for the full interview with the EBE & of course there is no such thing as aliens but time travel which you do on the phone everyday as I have explained does exist & is very possible with your only limitation being your power which is knowledge the true measure of power not anything physical. The question is how, not if, but how?

Information is not knowledge → Albert Einstein

And to confirm the above, E=MC2
(information) is not power, but with knowledge it becomes power which is why without Albert Einstein (the knowledge), the Los(t) Alamos dummies could not create Hiroshima & Nagasaki until Albert Einstein defected to USA from Nazi Germany to supply the Americans with the knowledge which is true power to make the “heavily downgraded” fission weapons today known only as the Atomic/Nuclear “bombs” of Hiroshima & Nagasaki

The splitting of the Atom changed everything except for man’s mode of thinking, thus we drift toward unparalleled catastrophe → Albert Einstein

The Quantum Folly

Now that we have highlighted the folly let us deal with the problems created by the folly & continued folly, oblivious;

The arrogant never see it coming → Thanos (another classic case of art imitating life)

The universe(s), there are an infinite number of them, no one whether now or in the future can count how many they are. These universes including our own are created in balance. Everything in existence is balanced i.e heat & cold, night & day, matter & anti-matter, for every so called death, a life etc. All “Quanta” are balanced to maintain that balance & for as long as this balance is maintained then all of these universes exist in harmony including down to our very own earth (exactly)


The image above is to illustrate the point because even in our earth the same universal rules apply (Quantum Dynamics rightly put, not “Mechanics” which refers to “mechanism”, a constant in reality as it is currently known but yes “dynamics” as in “free will” & I will explain the persistent folly). A car is a “mechanism” while a human is more “dynamic” in other words 1 is a constant (car) & the other a variable (human). You can compute a constant but a variable on the other hand is dynamic & only an idiot will try to compute a variable as a constant which is exactly what these scientific idiots are admitting by calling it “Quantum Mechanics” which is where the delusion began, begins & continues

If you begin a journey in the wrong direction then no matter how many right turns you make the truth is that you are forever lost & the more you continue with this arrogance then the more you actually get lost, alas → Blaze Advanced Technology™

As in the image above you can see that “each ball” is influencing the ball next to it from all sides meaning they are all related to forming that cube. In other words independently they are just individual “Quanta” but together they form a “tangible” cube (illustratively of course). This is the same in nature of all things & I mean everything (with emphasis). This is where the delusion & confusion begins. While everybody thinks that it is a “mechanism” that is choreographed (like the assumption in Einstein’s “relativity” that assumes space-time is the variable, it’s curvature being that variable that is to say & any bodies in that space-time responding or being influenced by or being a consequence of that curvature). Whereas in reality it is not a “collective” mechanism at all but a dynamic & completely independent existence that can only be influenced (by force) by the ultimate power that binds all these Quanta together ultimately thus for anyone to assume they can control this realm (Quantum Realm as the idiots call it) is just plain stupid & foolish. Here is a layman example of that foolishness


Imagine “choreography” like the image above. For as long as the students above are “influenced” by an instructor & are obeying that instructor then all their moves will behave in a “relatively” (keyword) smooth & “seemingly” organised fashion making you believe that this is the way they will always behave assuming of course that the students are machines or robots. In such a case you can make such an assumption then you could call this “choreography mechanics” as in the stupidity they call “quantum mechanics”. If Tim & Sally in this choreography team above “decide” (this is the dynamic part) that they no longer want to be a part of the whole “choreography” or other members of this “team” decide to rebel & not cooperate with the instructor or worse still they all “decide” to fight then it is CHAOS oh yeah! This would also explain quantum anomalies like “entanglement”

If you think you understand QUANTUM PHYSICS then you DON’T understand QUANTUM PHYSICS → Richard Feynman (Who won a Nobel Peace prize for actually claiming he does not know what he is talking about – as quoted)

To break it all down to layman as clearly these so called scientists are lost irrevocably watching “choreography” assuming it is a “mechanism” oblivious as Feynman is clearly admitting

The only difference between power and chaos is control

Now tell me would the “instructor” of those students in the “choreography team” above say confidently & I mean 100% that he controls those students just by watching a “choreography” play & barking instructions at them? In reality we can say he only “thinks” he controls them for as long as they “obey” him in other words (metaphorically adducing) the students will “cooperate” as long as they are “adequately” given incentive to cooperate until they decide to exercise their “free will” subject only to the greater force & power we spoke about in the beginning of the example that is cause & effect for existence of these Quanta. Exactly! Well that “instructor” metaphorically represents a nuclear reactor controller as well as the idiot running the Haldron Collider, ITER & the rest of the colliders out there. Oh don’t tell me you thought only humans, animals & micro organisms have “free will” oh wake up & stop watching choreography. Jesus it is like lambs to a slaughter. The ultimate & I do mean ultimate power that can control all these Quanta irrevocably without resistance being God himself the almighty power & supreme of all things as well as the maintaining power of that order the binding power behind all Quanta. However any power is subject to exercise of that power by he who wields that power at their sole discretion then I quote;

27.Thus God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male & female created he them 28. And God blessed them & said unto them, be fruitful & multiply & replenish the earth & subdue it & have dominion over the fish of the sea & over the fowl of the air & over every living thing that moveth upon the earth → Genesis

The above would represent the proof that God has set the order of how things should work (metaphorically the assembled cube) & these are the laws that govern all Quanta as in they conform to a specific order & characteristic of how they are configured & behave accordingly. Now back to the cube above. If you remove one of the big red balls from that cube (this would represent rebellion building nuclear reactors, colliders, ITER etc) then you inadvertently create a “domino” effect that will “ultimately” cause the whole cube structure to collapse assuming relatively as in each red ball “independently” & without order goes in any direction it may deem desirable thereby creating chaos & causing the whole structure to collapse ultimately. In other words you have broken that “order” & unleashed chaos. The “balance” of that cube has been broken i.e you have removed the big red ball without replacing something else to maintain that “balance”. The cube will not disintegrate immediately but the process to that inevitable end has begun. Thus as you continue to remove balls (Quanta) from the cube (scattering) then you are dismantling the cube & creating chaos because the Quanta are no longer bound to order

Quantum Delusion

Remember the ultimate power I referred to is the only power that can bind the quanta to order. However by the authority given to you by that power you are now disturbing that “balance” through your arrogance & dismantling the cube unleashing chaos because like the “choreography instructor” in the example you arrogantly think you can control the students (quanta metaphorically) thus since you are promoting their natural “free will” to rebel without order they will exhibit the semblance of cooperation to lure you into continuing to unleash chaos on their behalf. Why? You ask, well a snake cannot eat you but he will bite you if you go near him, and why? Every single thing in existence will always promote its culture or environment. Just like a virus that needs a certain temperature to thrive & thus will make you crave to consume cold things or even gut worms that will cause you to crave foods that meet their requirements, discouraging those rich in C – Vitamins etc that would then strengthen your immune system a threat to their very existence & why? Well it is his nature (survival & thriving). This is why I am letting you understand that Quanta are not what you think they are i.e “mechanic” but rather “dynamic”. Thus once they (negative Quanta) have reached the threshold desired they will just like the students overrun the positive Quanta (this represents order i.e the assembled cube) at any time while oblivious like the workers at Fukushima & Chenobyl where “helpless” as radiation ravaged the environment just like the “choreography” teacher barking orders to the stubborn fighting students in the example oblivious. In layman (using the cube example) as you disintegrate the order (assembled cube) & scatter the Quanta (red balls removed representing chaos & disorder) in essence you are destroying order & unleashing chaos. Another living example being Hiroshima or Nagasaki

Only a fool believes they can control chaos


Hiroshima or Nagasaki – Chaos unleashed

A real life example of “Particle Alignment” (or balance for simple Joe) is Hiroshima & Nagasaki. As you can see from the simple illustration above of how minority Quanta can overwhelm majority Quanta (once permitted) thereby unleashing CHAOS as the “physical” result. The Uranium/Plutonium “Quanta” are invisible to the naked eye but look at the carnage unleashed once they where “permitted” (keyword) to overwhelm the positive quanta. Remember the difference between Hiroshima & NO Hiroshima is just down to a decision (in essence DOGMA). Just because it is not “visible” i.e slower than the speed of light (aka real-time or your naked eyes for simple Joe) does not mean it is not there nor happening, with the aftermath of the fission blast (1945 image) being proof of what has transpired at “Quantum level”. The “same” number of Quanta form both pictures in other words both pictures are a “total sum” of “configured quanta” to form order (in the original image of Hiroshima before the so called atomic/nuclear bomb) & the latter image after the bomb (with the addition of “unbalanced” Uranium/Plutonium “Quanta” to the mix thereby creating an “imbalance”). In simpler terms, the only difference is “human intervention” aka DOGMA that then creates the CHAOS by “permitting” the quanta (plutonium/uranium) to scatter the order & unleash the CHAOS. Living irony? The “Quanta” are invisible (oh yeah), the so called bomb is tiny (oh yeah) as compared to the size of Hiroshima but look at the catastrophic damage in real-time after. The only delusional difference being what one may obliviously call the time/duration/transit “period” from order to “visible” chaos/destruction but that is just the point & illusion (time is relative). Once permitted at Quantum level (decision/DOGMA one in the same) then manifestation in so called reality is just a matter of opportunity with the result being “inevitable”. Thus never underestimate the damage you are causing tampering with any “Quantum Dynamics” in any way no matter how petty you may “perceive” that tampering or “experimenting” to be with the naked eye

In essence colliders, nuclear reactors, ITER etc are unleashing chaos by increasing the negative quanta (defined as “dark forces” taking the simplified religious approach that is, which I explained as being simplified science) by up setting the quantum balance. Everything & I do mean everything is “related”, hence the term relativity. In the example, the red balls influence even the smaller balls in the opposite corner & so forth. Thus even unleashing what by human standards may be deemed as a minute amount of anti-matter, at quantum level you are creating a catastrophe by upsetting the very ultimate balance of nature. Evil in layman terms has no need for profit just as a murderer does not kill for gain but is simply exercising his sadistic nature as in the snake example, thus one should desist from conventional lines of reasoning when dealing with the equally unconventional such as the quantum realm. To surmise the quantum realm exists in 2 states at any & all given times either negative (scientific definition described religiously as evil) or positive (scientific definition described as good in religion). The negative (anti-matter in conventional science) annihilates the positive (matter in conventional science) & vice-versa. Thus any negative input decreases the positive. This is the simplest way to put it. If you have a “balanced” scale for example, then removing a weight from one end will tip the scale in the opposite direction & cause the scale to change visually to abnormal in appearance. In the real world the weights would represent “quanta” & the physical scale would represent the manifestation of all things negative in the world i.e climate change, Fukushima, earthquakes, tsunami’s even hurricanes, bad morals a catalyst for Coronavirus in people all things that if you really want to be honest with yourself have greatly increased since the introduction of the Large Haldron Collider. This is not a coincidence think of the cube & the scale example. In those examples you are only shifting “particles” red balls in the cube example & weights in the scale example but look at what is happening metaphorically. In the scale example you have not done anything “physically” to the scale (this is the misdirection/deception) but the scale has physically tipped to an imbalanced position. Likewise the cube is no longer a cube because you have removed one or more balls causing the “whole” structure to “visually” collapse. This is the crash course in Quantum Delusion the true reality of what is mistakenly called “Quantum Physics”

The Solution

When the solution is simple, God is answering → Albert Einstein

And futher…

Intellectuals solve problems; Geniuses prevent them → Albert Einstein

Einstein like us realised the necessity of fusing religion & science to come to a better understanding of reality for if all things are a cumulation of quanta then that logically means/meant that since the fraternity of science & religion are the 2 dominant “meta-physical” forces of what we visually perceive as “reality” yet the world is reasonably intact then that meant that both forces are/where having a positive influence on the meta-physical existence consequently a manifestation of the quantum reality thus a bridge had to be sought to explain this phenomena if at all relativity & quantum so called physics where to be given any credence thus we have expanded on the Einstein approach. The only way for a negative force to annihilate or weaken 2 positive forces is to set them apart & avoid them joining then neutralise them separately or by putting them against each other

…And how do we destroy ourselves with nuclear war? → American interviewer to the Roswell EBE

The EBE in response

…Political & Religious DOGMA…It is the root of all major conflict of your species

In other words as Albert Einstein made clear and as we have also confirmed in Advanced Quantum Law that is built against the ultimate quantum binding power as we explained above i.e;

Time is relative → Albert Einstein

This means that just like a movie on your Blu-Ray the world exists as past, present & future simultaneously as Einstein was trying to explain to the ignorant (no doubt) with time travel being the ability as one of the characters in that movie being able to move from the beginning of that movie to the middle or the end or any point in that “perceived” material existence. In other words it is already done from the time when the red ball was removed from the cube (cube example) or when the weight was removed (scale example) with the “inevitable” collapse of the cube or tipping of the scale being the end of that movie or Armageddon since we are using the religious/scientific fusion approach. In other words (as the crow flies) the world is doomed to destruction should the configuration of the cube or the scale remain constants or devolving negatively if I may invent a term or two (scale tipping, cube collapsing respectively)

In simpler terms we are on an inevitable countdown to doomsday or total destruction irrevocably

The solution therefore would be to either re-bind the scattered particles which is not feasible because they are now negative & there is no way feasible to turn them positive since they possess “free will” to be negative by their nature. Thus the scale approach would be more practical that is we increase the positive to annihilate the negative by fusing both strong positive forces religion (simplified science for the average Joe) with what we deem science being the more in depth analytical approach of the former such that the positive is dominant thereby restoring balance & creating a new harmonic existence while the old negative forces “self destruct” as is destined of that structure such that once all negative is destroyed only 100% positive remains & this is what we have done at Blaze Advanced Technology & those that back us to redeem the planet from the hell destined future. If you wanted scientific proof that God exists, well now you do for only that which is greater than quanta can bind all quanta to order & everything in all existence is a sub result & encapsulated by a greater influence e.g sub atomic particles are proof of higher atomic particles. In other words God or who we all refer to as God is far greater in power, sheer magnitude & capacity than we can perceive biologically, scientifically or otherwise yet proof that he is greater than all we could ever pathetically think of being

There are an infinite number of universes, each with different physical properties. Virtually all do not support life such as you know it. We do live in a universe that does support, so called life such as you know it, that is all → Roswell EBE

There you have it. Even 1000’s of years into the future, after assumed advances in technology, even propulsion systems that will blow your mind by today’s mundane standards, the conclusion then is & still that there are an infinite number of universes & we have not & we cannot exhaust them all thus coming back into time is the only way to resolve the future problem by creating a new alternative positive future void of the negative one

It is done! → Jesus Christ (just as he separated from his human biological interface what you commonly call your body)

Meaning as the fundamental basis of science also dictates, there is a higher power beyond our imagination which is the real true limitation. Meaning that from even a purely scientific view point, God is a fact otherwise by denying this you are openly acknowledging your own hypocrisy (what made the so called “big bang”). We can only experience the influence of that power (which is not catalytic that is why by religious definition, you cannot put God to the test this would simplify the non catalytic nature of that power just like 1 volt cannot influence in any way 1 billion volts no matter what test you try but the fact that you cannot measure the billion volts is yet proof that there is a far greater power than your 1 volt). It is a self determining power subject only unto itself (simplified in religion as God can only take an oath on himself as there is no greater power) & this EBE confession is yet proof of that fact

You are not capable of comprehending or accepting the discoveries of my time → EBE (Addressing the persistent & clearly ignorant & arrogant American interviewer)

See Time Travel – Aliens Debunked if you have not already done so, for the full interview to confirm what I am trying also to make you understand. You cannot run Windows 10 on an abacus (that is just silly a thought isn’t it? Exactly!) & in this example your brain (arrogance rather is the abacus) & the ultimate Quantum binding power would be for example purposes a case of you trying to run Windows 10 on that abacus. Again to kill any persistent arrogance of inferior process of thought (also of negative Quanta in origin influencing you to doubt or think “otherwise” or worse still “ignorantly”);

You are not capable of comprehending or ACCEPTING the discoveries of my time → EBE (Roswell UFO crash victim)

And ironically from the wisest man to have ever lived BC;

13. And I gave my heart to seek and search out by wisdom concerning all things that are done under heaven: this sore travail hath God given to the sons of man to be exercised therewith 14. I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit 15. That which is crooked cannot be made straight: and that which is wanting cannot be numbered 16. I communed with mine own heart, saying, Lo, I am come to great estate, and have gotten more wisdom than all they that have been before me in Jerusalem: yea, my heart had great experience of wisdom and knowledge 17. And I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit 18. For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow → King Solomon (Ecclesiastes 1.13-18)

We already knew this but arrogance is the wisdom of fools (funny enough this arrogance also cost King Solomon his beautiful Kingdom, a mistake we shall not repeat ever!) We had to endure 1000’s of years of hardship to accept the simplified reality that had been summarised for us by that which we arrogantly dismiss as superstition, religion or having a lack of what we arrogantly call science fact just like we scientifically argued as a fact (back then) that the world is flat & anyone disputing that was a heretic. Yet wisdom again is vindicated by her own effects. By saying it is done (since time is relative) he meant there was now an alternative route to a better world than the doomed apocalyptic “relative” route & it’s doctrine, mundane principles, alas


One of the primary weapons of “disinformation” is appealing to ignorance i.e race, gender, ideological differences, educational background, social preferences i.e DOGMA in other words. Then using this as a divisive weapon i.e divide & rule is the most apt term. Thus certain sinister elements have used DOGMA to steer humanity into a geopolitical & religious doctrine controlled existence, DOGMA (as also explained by the EBE from the crashed Roswell so called flying saucer). As explained above, in order to annihilate 2 positive forces & avoid them “fusing” to become a greater united “positive” force which would then obviously overwhelm the negative, is to divide them then destroy them separately or even more crafty & better yet get them to destroy each other

…And how do we destroy ourselves with nuclear war? → American to EBE

In response

Political & Religious DOGMA, it is the root of all major conflict of your species…→ EBE (Roswell UFO crash victim)

The point? Well the word “political” comes from the word “policy” or a form of technical code of doctrine i.e a technically definable modus operandi in simplified layman (something that can be documented as fact). That in essence means that if anything is to be taken seriously in a “political” or “policy” administrative sphere then it must be “rational” & “factual”. This would encapsulate policy based on the rhetoric known today as “facts” which are derived from so called “scientific evidence” etc. This is what is used to ridicule those devout of faith like Muslims & Christians who by “faith” only, which is not considered “scientific fact” believe in God as a sole mighty creator of all things. This opens up an avenue for religious segregation & conflict based upon beliefs with the Muslims/Christian religious calling the scientific & political or institutional community “Godless & evil” while the scientific & political communities in return call the religious Muslims & Christians religious fanatics, terrorists, extremists etc viewing them as individuals void of science fact & logic with backward thinking blindly following the “unknown” (here we are now observing 2 positive forces being put up against each other from an elevated perspective)


Given the foregoing we can see that we have 2 positive forces being put up against each other by a minority negative force (divide & rule aka DOGMA). The question then begs that if both are positive then why are they in conflict? The answer to that is simple, they are being confused & manipulated by a negative force being DOGMA i.e deception yet they are all making reference to one in the same but understanding it differently. This in essence means just like the ignorance of racism, gender discrimination or this political & religious DOGMA it all comes down to ignorance being incited by a negative divisive force that exists for the sole purpose of creating & maintaining chaos i.e its preferred environment or culture. You will never understand why a maggot likes to live in a sewer if you are a human being thus do desist from voluntary ignorance! Such is the same of “Quantum Reality” (remember the choreography example above). Now to decode the divisive folly

In the beginning God created the heaven & the earth → Genesis 1.1

This would be your “big bang” for the scientifically delusional & arrogant while the above would be for the religious ones summarised for them to save them the pain & travail King Solomon lamented as being grief & sorrow with the increase of “knowledge” or the Windows 10 on an abacus example for the scientifically arrogant. Genesis continues to summarise the science for the average Joe

Let there be light → God commanded

Now at this point the DOGMA begins. Then in parallel, the scientific “abacus” starts to sneer;

But hey, we have carbon dating and all sorts of verifiable scientific “evidence” demonstrating “factually” that the world is millions if not billions of years old & cannot possibly have been created in 6 days with God resting on the 7th day. I cannot seriously take this seriously without scientific evidence. Are you challenging great scientists like Albert Einstein?

Watch the keywords (disinformation i.e the devil is always in the details). Now the war between the positive forces begins i.e DOGMA. We however stop the war by fusing the positive and annihilating the negative by introducing what is considered the scientific maverick, the very quintessential benchmark of Quantum Physics & the darling genesis of America’s charade of world power & quote Albert Einstein

Intellectuals solve problems; Geniuses prevent them → Albert Einstein

And further staying with the “fusion” DOGMA annihilation approach…

When the solution is simple, God is answering → Albert Einstein

Ok so Einstein acknowledged God in a scientific sphere, big deal, you may be thinking, right? That still does not address the world creation in 6 days issue does it? You are smirking now. The matter is addressed for the average Joe in scripture to keep it simple to save him “grief, sorrow & travail”

But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day → 2 Peter 3:8

As you can see scripture is making clear to the average Joe (summarily) that God works at QUANTUM LEVEL (super emphasis added). I am now going to scientific level for the lofty scientific ignorant and explain how the world is created in 6 days (as average Joe understands it without grief, sorrow or travail) at QUANTUM LEVEL. In other words you need to calculate creation at Quantum Level scientifically since you are thinking scientifically or are you with hypocrisy thinking at “layman” level as average Joe yet claiming to be a “scientist”? Try first to understand what you are doing before you make science fact of your ignorance alas. Yet wisdom again is vindicated by her own effects


Firstly as explained above Time DOES NOT EXIST unless of course you are a hypocrite!!! The average Joe understands time as the watch & calendar but scientifically according to so called “scientists” that is not enough. So what is the scientific definition of time? Let us keep it simple. The beat of Quartz forms 1 second (pace of quartz rather is the more advanced meta-scientific approach). That averred, we then accumulate 60 of these “beats” and we create a minute. We then take those 60 minutes & create our hour then 24 of those we call a day as that is the pace of 1 revolution of this somewhat sphere we “scientifically” call “Earth”. In other words our calendar is a computation of those revolutions that is all. Time thus is nothing tangible but a social ideology or DOGMA unless of course you are agreeing to being a hypocrite & you are actually an average Joe after all or worse still a hypocrite claiming he believes in one yet following the other. In other words “scientifically” all we are observing here is the “pace” of “happening” if I may endeavour to stretch vocabulary’s limitation to the sheer magnitude of that which needs to be explained culminating to “grief, sorrow & travail” for the average Joe if I may add a quirk or two.


An interesting “fact”? If I was to spin the world to the “speed of light” (this according to Einstein as well is where all particle motion ceases to exist i.e “timelessness” as Einstein put it) then the world (whether at the equator or poles) would (get this) accomplish 7 “complete revolutions in 1 second (old Hebrew has no place for decimals) thus the complete number would be 7 revolutions coinciding with the 7 day creation & remember time is “relative” in other words time is not absolute (as Newton thought). Time does not exist it is just a matter of computing variables i.e 1 day (as you know it) = 1 revolution of the Earth that is all like 60 “beats” of quartz = 1 minute etc this is “scientifically” what time is. Now to calculate the age of the Earth at Quantum level

→ Circumference of the Earth: 24,901.46 miles (equator)
∴ The “distance pace” of Earth = 0.28 miles PER SECOND i.e “real-time” distance the Earth can cover in a second for average Joe to understand
→ Complete revolutions at light speed covered by the Earth in 1 second = 7 Revolutions (equivalent of 7 so called “real-time” days)

Stay with me. Then God said, to the average “Joe” NOT SCIENTIST! (no hypocrisy since science says scripture is for extremists)

3. Let there be light 5. And God called the light day and the darkness he called night. And the evening & the morning where the FIRST DAY → Genesis 3 – 5

Now back to our calculation aka “science”

To get our Quantum Relative “time lapse” age of the Earth we need to get the the true pace of the Earth relative to the speed of time/light where all particle motion ceases per second

1 (real-time second) ÷ 7 (revolutions Earth would make in 1 second at light speed/timelessness) = 0.14 seconds for 1 revolution at “light speed”
∴ Relatively speaking 1 day (Quantum velocity) = 0.14 seconds if Earth spinning at light speed (this is the time-travel reference)
→ Now to get the age of the Earth using a settled benchmark i.e the light-year reference
→ Distance covered by light in 1 “Earth” year = 5,878,625,373,183 miles ∴ speed is 5,878,625,373,183 miles per Earth year
→ Our simple calculation then is 5,878,625,373,183 ÷ 0.14 = 41,990,181,237,021.43 (equivalent number of day revolutions of Earth at light speed)
∴ To get age of the Earth we divide the Quantum Velocity Earth days by days in a year i.e 41,990,181,237,021.43 ÷ 365 = 115,041,592,430.19 Years
→ Remember “Time is relative” thus 1 Real-world rotation of Earth on its axis = 1 complete Earth revolution @ Light Speed or “Timelessness”
→ They are “related” with the only difference being the “perceptive” velocity (one “perceived” at Quantum level & the other in so called “real-time”)
→ * Think of the Fast Forward while playing function on your old VHS even some Blu Ray/DVD players can do it if you hold down the “FF >>” button on play
→ A day is not calculated by the speed of the Earth’s rotation on a calendar but by a complete revolution only aka 1 day
∴ Relatively adducing competently 1 (Earth day) = 115,041,592,430.19 Years @ Quantum Velocity
→ Given the Genesis 6 days of creation that would approximate the age of Earth as 115,041,592,430.19 x 6 = 690,249,554,581.14 EARTH YEARS @ QV


→ This would just about cover your dinosaurs & the rest of the speculative billions of years scientific DOGMA creating hogwash & there you have it (approximate but the point is made none the less). In essence 6 days is explained for simple Joe & billions of years for the so called fact obsessed so called “scientist”. In other words both “perceptions” i.e so called “Real-Time” & “Quantum Velocity” achieve the task (revolution which is what a day is on our calendar as simple Joe understands it) at a different pace that’s all creating the illusion or DOGMA we call “time”

Can you see how DOGMA has created a big problem for simple Joe as well as arrogant Mr Scientist? Yet they are all speaking of the same thing with the only difference being the vantage point. In essence human nature not fact is cause in effect of the DOGMA. What is the conclusion & the lesson then? Well! Mr scientist should not be arrogant because clearly as the above also clearly demonstrates & just like “scientists” also once argued that the world was flat with gusto only to eat those words today. Mr scientist should learn not to be arrogant, appreciating and accepting the reality like an “ant” trying to control the world, that all that there is to know is not within his “ant” capacity to know unless of course he insists on being the idiot that wants to run Windows 10 on an abacus. I think in such a case then that scientist is nothing short of a hopeless idiot arguing with facts, a hypocrite to be ignored & I will quote

Yesterday you told us & I quote, you travelled 1000’s (thousands) of light years to get here → American to EBE who then answered “YES”

…The interview went on further…

You are not capable of comprehending or ACCEPTING the discoveries of my time → EBE (Roswell UFO crash victim)

To end the argument the EBE continues…

There are an infinite number of universes, each with different physical properties and virtually all do not support life such as you know it → EBE (emphasis added take cognisance)

In essence even after those thousands of years in the future like the “ant” trying to control the world. We discovered that it is not within our capacity to comprehend all that curiosity (which killed the cat ironically) wants us to comprehend because even that much & way into the future, the curiosity could not be quenched even at a devastating cost to our humanity alas. I will now also address simple Joe

36. Master which is the greatest commandment? 37. The Lord said to him. Thou shall LOVE the Lord God with ALL thy heart & with all thy soul & with all thy mind 38. This is the first and great commandment 39. And the second is like unto it. Thou SHALL love thy neighbour as thyself 40. On these two (2) commandments hang all the law & the prophets

In essence one word sums it all up. Love! We cannot & will never achieve perfection without God but we can achieve a perfect love & that will create more than Quantum Balance catapulting human beings to the next level of cooperative positive evolution

Actions you can take

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When the solution is simple, God is answering → Albert Einstein