Muslim Holocaust – A Modern Day Tragedy

The Muslim Holocaust – It is really sad to see that the Muslims are strategically being “exterminated” by the U.S government for alleged crimes they are yet to commit. These are strong allegations yes, but I will elaborate first with circumstantial evidence then appeal to your logic and understanding. Firstly has anyone noticed the difference between Obama campaigner as well as Trump campaigner? Then notice the difference between Obama president as well as Trump president respectively. Exactly when they enter office they suddenly have an extreme drive to stop alleged “terrorism” (note extra emphasis added where appropriate). Obama even abandoned his campaign mantra to close Guantanamo Bay and became the fore runner in the anti terrorism drive. Trump was “America first, America first” but look at what transpired, he was the major driver of anti terrorism, including an impune executive order signed to keep Guantanamo Bay open, (we are now also watching Biden). This is illegal and impune, there is no law or UN framework to justify Guantanamo Bay. That was impunity, let us call a spade a spade. America is bankrupt, they owe over $25Trillion and today in the face of collapsing markets the U.S created more fake trillions out of thin air by raising the debt ceiling. Is this not impunity? Anyway now it is Biden’s move & America as a whole. Who is the Beast? USA as a nation or Biden & his team alone. The jury is out as they say

Now while you digest the above, I will take you back to our alleged Alien friend in the video Aliens Debunked (watch this video first by clicking on the green text or “Products” on the menu in order to understand then continue reading). He states in the video and quote

in the turn of your next century, access to weaponry of mass destruction by states ruled by DOGMA will destroy your species….(extra emphasis added)

then he goes on to say

political and religious dogma

September 11 happened at the turn of the new century we are in as predicted by our alleged alien friend and coincidentally the war on terror began or rather the war on Islam began. Saddam was ousted even though he had no such weapons of mass destruction, a point he made clear then Qaddafi and if it where not for Russia, next was Assad and a string of others would have followed (they called it the “Arab Spring”, very ironic). This is a war that America has fought without conscience or respect for rule of law or democracy. This is because they believe they are fighting for their very survival thus the gloves are off. Political refers to America’s dirty politics and foreign policy, whereas Religious Dogma refers to America’s disguised hatred for Muslims (actions speak louder than empty words) meaning the Americans start this nuclear war and by watching the media today including their contempt of ICC jurisdiction, a War Crimes court further bolsters the point of America’s evil intentions. Remember this guy in the video would understand this in his time as history, that is to say our current time line is history in his time line hence everything sounds doctrine and formal in the same way we all recount World War 2. Babies in Iraq after the invasion including the mothers had high levels of Enriched (highly) Uranium in their bodies, they where using HEU can you imagine? They go in allegedly against weapons of mass destruction and they use Nuclear based weapons on Iraq civilians. I want the reader to understand that there is a difference between depleted Uranium rounds or reactor grade Uranium and HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium). HEU is the same stuff that “detonates” a nuke, this is the level of contaminate the children where exposed to. The children after the invasion had radiation cancers that are horrific.

This means the Americans did the unthinkable, yes they used Neutron Bombs. For those that do not know what this is, I will explain in layman. A Neutron Bomb is a secret super nuclear bomb. The reason I say “secret” is because it does not create a “mushroom fireball” like a regular nuclear weapon but yet it discharges up to 10 times more radiation than a normal nuclear weapon. It is a 3 stage weapon i.e it starts with a “conventional” normal explosive detonation (stage 1) which causes nuclear fission by implosion (atom splitting, which creates heat – stage 2), the “contained” fission then creates the instant extreme temperature necessary for fusion to occur and causes fusion which as the term suggests is not splitting any atoms thus effectively no heat is produced but a large number of lethal extremely radioactive neutrons are released (stage 3). Exactly! The perfect mass murder weapon. To the naked eye it looks like a normal explosive but it kills thousands in a matter of seconds with lethal radiation. This explains the radiation levels in the babies from their mothers and it also explains how the American cowards won the war against Saddam because they lost the first war with Saddam, they have failed against Al Qaeda (one on one) in Afghanistan, they failed in Somalia and Vietnam too. In a fair fight it is common cause in history that American soldiers cannot fight guerilla nor urban warfare, this is not so called hate speech, slander or insult I am only using the facts of history. This is why you see that they now use the excuse, “no boots on the ground” because they say, “the American public objects?” allegedly, they use bombs like the MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) and they play “X-Box” with human lives using drones to kill people (which have killed more civilians in Afghanistan than they have actual terrorists) is this not coward warfare? Seriously. Now watch this video from a reliable source

Is this not the work of a devil? Scripture is clear i.e UNITED (6) STATES (6) DOLLAR (6) – 666 the mark of the beast corresponding to his name United States as depicted in Revelations. Now I want to appeal to your intelligence, imagine you are a prophet 2021 years ago looking at the world today, how would you describe it with that time line level of understanding? You do not understand the English language thus logically you would count the letters UNITED (6 letters) STATES (6 letters) DOLLAR (6 letters) then you get “666” the mark of the beast. Counting is universal across all languages, then he says, “this number corresponds to his name United States“. The first 2 words also in “United States” Dollar that is. Think about it, if you saw a tank how would you describe it with a mindset from 2021 years ago? Exactly (a scorpion), a helicopter (locust), he states that it injures with its head and fire in its tail (a missile). He will make fire fall from the sky and people will stand in awe, “Who can make war with the beast?” (Trumps little nuclear firecracker demonstration with the minute man nuclear missile demonstration when he was in office). Revelations goes on – You cannot buy without the mark of the beast i.e “USD”, global commerce is back boned in USD, most credit cards etc are held in USD and any country that opposes America gets sanctions (you cannot buy without the mark of the beast!) Oh yeah!

Now that we have tallied the Revelations and we have also dealt with the science necessary for time travel, it is now clear that the greatest threat to America is Islam (religious dogma referred to in the video) and why? Muslims or radical Muslims as they call them are the only ones that are prepared to take militant action against the United States for their obvious crimes against humanity. And according to our alleged alien friend in the video, the radical Muslims certainly will get access to Nuclear weapons and take out the United States. This is why they are after Iran, North Korea and the reason also that they are playing nice with Russia because any of these states can give the so called radicals a weapon or a sub if the United States makes the mistake of annoying them.

It is a fact now that more Muslims have died in the so called war on terror than the Americans that have died, with millions of Muslims dead including children as compared to a few thousand Americans, thus is this really the war on terror or rather the massacre of the Muslims? This is not hate speech or fake news this is fact. You are not blind, look around Syria, Libya, the Middle East, who is dying? This is a senseless war that does not make any sense at all to anyone threat to force applied ratio, given the amount of money America has wasted chasing guys halfway across the world to the extent that America is bankrupt now, resorting to creating money from thin air. Only a nut case would be investing money in America right now logic applied and sentiment aside. Anyway now we a are watching the Biden show on the “grandest” stage aka the “white” house


Donald Trump was the perfect front man and scapegoat. I am not convinced by the past & current act in Washington. The CIA made a mess around the world and America’s image was in jeopardy thus it was the perfect and convenient plan to make Trump “appear” as a bad guy that is taking America by a forceful hand while everybody is “protesting” making America look good being taken hostage by Trump then in comes Biden with a whole lot of heavy handed (attempt rather) tactics to “correct” the Trump so called “train wreck” while USA was always a moral wreck in any case. This way all eyes are off America as a whole and its previous crimes and instead on Trump whereas they are all in cahoots. They created $100Billion worth of damage in Iraq and have not pledged a penny in compensation save for the $300million pledged only after we published this article funny enough which is still a joke non the less. Its simple, they say lets raise the debt limit and print money from thin air with impunity “blame it on Trump”, open Guantanamo Bay “blame it on Trump”, how did this guy win? “Blame it on Trump and the Russians”, lets get rid of the Muslims because we where just doing this to be politically correct “blame it on Trump”. Whether Trump is a witting conspirator or an innocent pawn, either way I think the devil is exposed here

What is the difference between Guantanamo Bay and Auschwitz? Exactly nothing! You cannot enforce democracy by violating it. You cannot enforce law by breaking it because if you do then you are both criminals and that is the fact. The Muslims are being massacred for something they are yet to do based upon the testimony of concerned individuals that have managed to transcend to a level above human prejudice through selfless cooperative science instead of today’s ego driven so called “scientific” endeavours