BLITS Network – The 5G Alternative

Blaze Lightspeed International Telecoms System – BLITS™. As the quirky acronym suggests entirely & summarily. This is a very advanced global telecommunications concept like non other in terms of both speed & underlying technological architecture. BLITS™ unlike antique & dangerous 5G does not use RF (Radio Frequency) to communicate with it’s peers whether terrestrial or “spacial” (emphasis added). Introducing the world’s first post quantum satellite & superfast “instant” internet service. The reason why we use the term “instant internet” is because the network operates post quantum meaning faster than the speed of time/light meaning that the data arrives on your device instantly regardless of the data size or load meaning to say that even a conventional internet download that takes 30 minutes to download is available in full the moment you press “Enter” on your keyboard. One may be wondering how it is possible to operate minus RF? BLITS utilizes a special “light” spectrum that travels faster than “particle shift pace” meaning that it can penetrate physical (in real-time) obstacles such as your body or physical walls, think of this as open air fibre optics without the fiber & much, much quicker than terrestrial fibre. As for those that have been fortunate enough to witness what many mistakenly call “UFO’s” have seen just how powerful & mind boggling these particle light beams can be, we just decided to use it as a humane way to outpace extremely dangerous high frequency 5G that has already started causing cancerous mutations in human beings only to be visibly manifest five generations from now. This is a very irresponsible burden being laid for future generations not to mention that 5G attacks the body now in a way that gives resource burdening parasites like coronaviruses a host incapacitating advantage from a biological vantage point. We have had to as usual on humanitarian grounds step up to the occasion to address this folly. We are in the process of evaluating this prototype & satellites should be deployed once all the relevant bureaucracy, red tape etc is taken care of. This is just a hope inspiring teaser to be expanded technically in depth as we progress in changing & cleaning up the world for the better thus keep watching this space as we transform from concept to advanced reality