The Simple Way To Prevent Or Cure Coronavirus

The solution is just as comical as the virus

I used the stones to destroy the stones → Thanos

After a botched “assassination” attempt on our CEO (we suspect USA, India & France coalition) the simple truth to the Coronavirus scare is actually much simpler than originally thought. A crafty way to assassinate someone without being “obvious” is to kill the target among many that way it looks like an “Accident” not an assassination. After suspecting that I had contracted the virus. I was forced to do some “off road” research & background on the alleged virus to fortify or protect myself from this virus since given my location such an outbreak would be catastrophic. It seems the scare like the myth of nuclear weapons superiority is ACTUALLY in the fear of it more than the actual reality of it, alas. Following our usual line of reasoning, “DO NOT PANIC” we managed after careful analysis of the virus, the demography of the affected, genetic selection as well as symptoms & hardest hit areas to come up with a conclusive “correlate” pattern. Firstly was the alleged “flu like” symptoms which was the basis & starting point. What then came next is the common sense way to cure a flu (just like our “Anti-Nuclear Defence System” we imitated the perfection of our almighty God himself). We then had to analyse the actual cause of death i.e the respiratory problem that causes the difficulty in breathing

The DEVIL is ALWAYS in the details

I then asked myself, if I was an evil scientist then how would I create the perfect virus? It then hit me, with something simple that could spread like wild fire, a simple flu. When one family member gets the flu then before long EVERYBODY in the household has the flu. Then at work, likewise & before you know it, THE WHOLE OFFICE HAS IT TOO! Sound familiar? Bingo! The perfect bio-weapon i.e a genetically modified flu-virus aka Corona & manufactured in USA.


Given the preliminaries afore as well as analysis of the Chinese approach of using donated “plasma” & after “self isolation” which was the first vital step. I then studied the diets of the 3 main affected countries that is the CHINESE DIET HERE then THE IRANIAN DIET HERE as well as the ITALIAN DIET HERE & then noticed a correlation that differed severely from my current location. These diets are low in “Vitamin C” enriched foods, the fundamental basis for a healthy immune system allowing your body to create “Anti Bodies” like a vaccine to combat the infection. The solution at this point would be “Immune Boosting” you may think but after careful study I noticed that this approach had been incorporated but was not “Universally” applicable as a ballpark solution. This meant 2 things, either the virus was mutating or existed in “variation” such that it could evade the anti-bodies or that it was catastrophically destructive that it replicated faster than the body could manufacture anti-bodies to counter the advance fast enough to avert the host symptoms from becoming terminal. This then called for a careful analysis of known symptoms against what is known about Vitamin C & there where some interesting findings given these critical symptoms seriatim:

Difficulty Breathing

Acute Diarrhoea

Muscle Fatigue

Excessive Phlegm & Coughing

…Regards Vitamin C

Eating oranges and other citrus fruits that contain vitamin C may also help improve your energy levels. This vitamin enhances the absorption of iron from the foods you eat. Iron is a critical mineral for the formation of red blood cells that fuel all your body’s cells with oxygen. Vitamin C also plays a role in producing the hormone insulin, which is needed to transport sugar from the blood into the cells where it can be converted to energy. Additionally, vitamin C is important for healing and repairing your tissues and skin. A deficiency of this vitamin can lead to low energy, fatigue and other symptoms. Other high-vitamin C foods include green peppers, papayas, kiwi, tomatoes, pineapples and winter squash.

These symptoms above are wrought from functions that are Vitamin C critical which could ONLY mean one thing i.e Vitamin C in the body was being RAPIDLY DEPLETED compromising the immune systems ability to create anti-bodies fast enough & in terminal patients (by virtue of their diets) the immune system was already compromised due to deficiency making for an “easy kill”. The ONLY other feasible conclusion could be that as a “Bio-Weapon” the virus was also genetically altered to somehow inhibit the ingestion of Vitamin C or sub functions that necessitate uptake of the critical nutrient.

During the SARS and MERS outbreaks, nearly a quarter of patients had diarrhea, a much more significant feature of those zoonotic coronaviruses. But Frieman says it’s still not clear whether gastrointestinal symptoms play a major part in the latest outbreak, given cases diarrhea and abdominal pain have been rare. But why does a respiratory virus bother the gut at all?

When any virus enters your body, it looks for human cells with its favorite doorways i.e proteins on the outside of the cells called receptors. If the virus finds a compatible receptor on a cell, it can invade.

Some viruses are picky about which door they choose, but others are a little more promiscuous. They can very easily penetrate into all types of cells

Both SARS and MERS viruses can access the cells that line your intestines and large and small colon, and those infections appear to flourish in the gut, potentially causing the damage or the leakage of fluid that becomes diarrhea.

This is why the “Plasma” approach by the Chinese was VERY EFFECTIVE because the REQUISITE anti-bodies are ALREADY present in the donor plasma allowing replication in the “plasma recipient host” without difficulty making for a “pseudo vaccine” of some sort by bypassing the Vitamin C process (a short cut) or it was supplementing that process to relieve strain on the bodies natural ability to do just that. Further analysis was required & the following was confirmed as standard medical knowledge

Phlegm & Illness: During illness like the flu, cold and pneumonia, phlegm becomes more excessive as an attempt to get rid of the bacteria or viral particles within the body. A major illness associated with excess phlegm is acute bronchitis. A major symptom of acute bronchitis is an excess amount of phlegm and is usually caused by a viral infection, and only bacterial infections, which are rare, are to be treated with an antibiotic.

Hay fever, asthma: In hay fever and asthma, inner lining in bronchioles become inflamed and create an excess amount of phlegm that can clog up air pathways

Given the above it became clear that this is some kind of “heavily modified” flu virus, the perfect Bio-Weapon. Its primary attack is as follows:

It behaves like the common cold but a very mild & aggressive variant causing the body to react accordingly. Most scientists believe that this behaviour is “over-reacting” but in effect the body is reacting appropriately given the dangerous nature of this “modified” virus. Such a “rapid response” of flooding anti-bodies is not documented for the sheer fact that this virus is not natural but “man made” in USA making scientists believe that this is a malfunction while this is actually the “deception” of the attack, “misdirection”, in other words that is why no one has figured this out. This reaction “sepsis” as it is being touted causes the body to produce a larger than normal amount of anti-bodies to combat this threat with scientists believing that this response is causing “flooding” & damage to healthy tissue in the lungs which is not true, this IS NOT A MALFUNCTION but an APPROPRIATE RESPONSE that then causes a “domino” fatal downstream condition. The body is simply responding “appropriately” to the threat. However this response heavily depletes what is considered “normal” levels of Vitamin C in the body that is why some people get affected faster than others because Vitamin C is a “cumulative” nutrient i.e the more you consume then the greater the RESERVES. Remember the bodies primary objective is preserving your life not digestion or other functions like kidneys etc thus this behaviour heavily depletes Vitamin C levels in the body as the body “panics” to keep you alive in this assumed overdrive mode. Other functions unfortunately suffer from this behaviour by being “deprived” of this vital nutrient causing multiple failures in the body “cumulatively” creating a “storm” as they call it across the spectrum of vital organs. That is why you get the fatigue for lack of Vitamin C as quoted above “A deficiency of this vitamin can lead to low energy, fatigue and other symptoms”. The respiratory failure is caused by build up of phlegm as clearly indicated in the quotes above regards phlegm, fever, asthma etc this “cuts off” your oxygen supply causing the respiratory failure, pneumonia & all the associated respiratory failures regards Coronavirus. Under “normal” conditions, your body can handle a flu but the problem with Corona here (which I believe is a sadistic jab from the word “Coroner”) is that this virus destroys FASTER than the body can NORMALLY respond thus the key to creating a vaccine or cure is to basically boost or allow the body to recover FASTER than the virus can cause damage either by its DIRECT cumulative effects or its INDIRECT “downstream” effects


Given the forgoing observation I then decided to “super dose” Vitamin C in order to see what the outcome would be up to 1000% RDA & to my surprise I was amazed by the results. I was totally cured of the underlying symptoms, energy levels where restored & everything has returned to normal. I would highly recommend as much as you can eat RED PEPPERS (raw or steamed) & Broccoli as natural sources of VERY HIGH LEVELS of Vitamin C, I ALWAYS prefer natural but supplementation should work just as well. This is effective ONLY as a PSEUDO VACCINE/PRECAUTION or STABILIZER upon suspicion of infection BEFORE any catastrophic symptoms appear that cause you to be bed ridden

IMPORTANT***: When phlegm starts to build up in your throat, DO NOT SWALLOW IT, I know this may be disgusting in public BUT THIS WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE, COCK IT OUT HARD AS YOU CAN & SPIT IT OUT & NEVER EVER SWALLOW IT! – LIVE LONG


Due to ARROGANCE & IGNORANCE not to mention EGO in the medical fraternity, I have to expand further since certain “Medics” alleged, fail to make the distinction between “Academics” & actual COMPETENCY at said medicine with the definition of “academics” merely being the “mental capacity” to RETAIN “information” gathered by others past & is thus no defacto benchmark nor scale of actual COMPETENCY OF THE FACT, ALAS (with emphasis)

Information IS NOT Knowledge Albert Einstein

As ALREADY confirmed, the Coronavirus is a flu (in principle), for purposes of competency & simplicity for the average reader for there is no need to “jargonise” your incompetence which is what is creating GLOBAL PANIC i.e LACK OF SIMPLE INFORMATION. We are not here to “jargon joust” or pick gauntlets to wit or wrestle with vernacular but highlight simple oversight of fact though evidently we are within reigns & capacity to do the former afore-stated should that be cause. However clearly in the inherent case that is futily naught. In layman, this is just a heavily modified & “weaponized” FLU virus that’s it, NO NEED TO TERRIFY people. Now that we have given Dr Frankenstein a face mask let us stick to the basics

The basics of “flu virus methodology” apply with the ONLY difference here being the heightened symptom “amplitude” factor. That in layman is to say this virus is more aggressive than your average flu that is all. In other words the general rule of all dynamics apply that is to say the greater the work then the greater THE DEMAND ON APPLICABLE RESOURCE! This is where Corona is taking EVERYONE for a ride. Thus in essence it requires a lot MORE WORK to eradicate, this is the general rule of competency i.e NOTHING just falls from the sky. When you speak of “white blood cells” & “cytokine storms or immune systems” where do you think all these things come from & what are the requisites for their existence in the instance? Exactly “Vitamin C”. THIS EXPLAINS THE “APPARENT” CYTOKINE DAMAGE to the lungs. I mean honestly how do you expect the body to fend off common RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS when the IMMUNE SYSTEM IS COMPROMISED? The assumption here is that Corona is CAUSE OF THE FACT regards the lungs yet Corona is POST THE FACT of lung damage from a COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEM INFECTED BY “OTHER” FACTORS MAYBE EVEN INDEPENDENT OF CORONA OR EVEN “RESIDUE” DAMAGE FROM A PRIOR INFECTION SUBSEQUENTLY NEUTRALIZED NATURALLY BUT NOT PRIOR THE APPARENT LUNG CARNAGE WHICH CANNOT BE REPAIRED BY VIRTUE OF A COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEM (GREAT EMPHASIS ADDED FOR SEVERITY)


Like every flu (which also has no cure because your body creates sufficient anti-bodies to mitigate this “usual” threat) but this is just the SAME oversight regards Corona & before I get into that I need you to take cognizance of this articulate extract:

Chinese doctors: Coronavirus can reinfect people, and the second infection can lead to heart failure
Possibly worse than the Chinese government is letting on

Doctors in China say patients who recover from coronavirus can be reinfected – and if that happens, they become significantly more likely to suffer fatal heart attacks due to the nature of the virus and the effect of the medicine used to treat it, according to the Taiwan News.

The information comes from doctors working in the Hubei province of China, where the virus originated, who spoke under the condition of anonymity out of fear of retribution from the Chinese government, which has attempted to suppress information about the virus outbreak and punish those who leak info.

[citation #1] “It’s highly possible to get infected a second time,” a doctor told the Taiwan News. “A few people recovered from the first time by their own immune system, but the meds they use are damaging their heart tissue, and when they get it the second time, the antibody doesn’t help but makes it worse, and they die a sudden death from heart failure.”

[citation #2] Additionally, the true scope of the infections still may not be known, due to some complicating variables. Chinese doctors have had issues with false negatives from the coronavirus tests, with cases in which X-rays reveal significant lung infections for people who tested negative for coronavirus multiple times.

[citation #3] That may be part of the reason China abruptly decided last week to change the way it counted cases of the virus. At first, only confirmed positive cases were counted. Now, China is counting people who are diagnosed by way of symptoms, even if they have not tested positive. The change caused a sudden spike in the number of both cases of the virus, and resulting deaths.

[citation #4] A doctor also told Taiwan News that the virus can be present in a person without symptoms for up to 24 days, and that the virus has “outsmarted all of us.” If true, many people could be both unknowingly infected, and potentially infecting others, creating huge problems for public health officials desperately attempting to stop the spread. → Taiwan News

The Point? Well look at the highlighted part in bold then keep in mind that this is a “flu” which can infect you NOT JUST ONCE but SEVERAL TIMES OVER & this is THE OVERSIGHT [note citation #1]. The doctors are ASSUMING a mere 2 STRIKE FATAL SCENARIO when it could be a much GREATER SCENARIO with random data attributed to the fact that the host is infected the FIRST time & the body mitigates the problem SILENTLY with little or NO SYMPTOMS in subsequent REPETITIVE SCENARIOS but EACH time CATASTROPHIC damage was done PRIOR TO THE SUBSEQUENT infection [note citation #2]. QUARANTINE SIMPLY STOPPED MULTIPLE RE-INFECTIONS giving the FALSE NOTION that the virus had been ISOLATED. In other words MULTIPLE RE-INFECTIONS where being DIAGNOSED as FRESH INFECTIONS or SPREADS thereby giving off INCONSISTENT DIAGNOSIS. What is being observed as “CYTOKINE DAMAGE” is ACTUALLY the AFTERMATH of a PREVIOUS OR MULTIPLE THWARTED INFECTION (in random tested hosts that show “DAMAGE” but NEGATIVE test results for Corona) & HOSTS that show symptoms as well as “CYTOKINE ALLEGED DAMAGE” are those that have RECENTLY BEEN INFECTED AFTER having PREVIOUSLY been INFECTED ONCE OR MULTIPLE times PRIOR but are still “WITHIN THE THRESHOLD OF NON FATAL IMMUNE TOLERANCE” TRYING TO RECOVER which is host/subject dependent i.e on CURRENT “Vitamin C” levels, state of the immune system etc at that particular subject’s “test point”. The ones showing SYMPTOMS & TEST NEGATIVE are either FRESHLY INFECTED or PREVIOUSLY ANTI-BODY “SELF CURED” & HAVE JUST BEEN INFECTED AGAIN but in the PRIMARY PHASE of viral intake such that the viral load is BELOW the requisite INFESTATION THRESHOLD to register POSITIVE YET LUNG DAMAGE FROM THE PREVIOUS ENCOUNTER IS YET TO REJUVENATE [note citation #2 & #3 cumulative]. NOW for the FATAL ones, this is a host that has been PRIOR INFECTED to a point that their IMMUNE SYSTEM is BELOW THE THRESHOLD OF TOLERANCE & COINCIDENTALLY their “VITAMIN C” stores are within the NORMAL not EXCESS state thereby triggering demand FAR GREATER than SUPPLY to MITIGATE the HEAVY VITAMIN C dependent Corona attack thereby RAPIDLY DEPLETING the HOST OF VITAL VITAMIN C & I NEED NOT EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR VITAMIN C ALL OF A SUDDEN GOES TO ZERO – YES EXACTLY, SUDDEN DEATH!!!!! [note citation #1] (SUPER emphasis added)

ASSUMPTION is the mother of ALL f**k ups Gabriel O’Shea (Swordfish)

ASSUMPTION, ARROGANCE & INCOMPETENCE has led to this comedy of errors if I may be blunt given the brash nature of the critics in quo. In a NUTSHELL, Corona DEPLETES INSANE AMOUNTS OF VITAMIN C when it attacks thus the body FURTHER DEPLETES the Vitamin in ways that are NOT NORMAL (this is from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE BY THE WAY) thus NON COGNIZANCE of this fact renders a RE-INFECTION FATAL even if Vitamin C levels are considered NORMAL by regular RDA assessments. Mitigating a Corona attack by the body (that which is being confused as CYTOKINE) actually DEPLETES LARGE AMOUNTS of VITAMIN C at a rate WAY ABOVE current RDA for VITAMIN C which COINCIDENTALLY is also an energy production essential for efficient metabolism while at the SAME TIME you ARE SIMULTANEOUSLY EXPENDING LARGE SUMS OF ENERGY to fight off the ATTACK thereby depleting ALL VITAMIN C stores in the process

The production of white blood cells is largely dependent on the presence of vitamins in your body.

OH YEAH! You may want to consider the following remarks regards the “common” flu (then AMPLIFY the INTENSITY to envision the “Corona” version):

Fatigue is common with the flu. This is not the usual tiredness after a night of poor sleep, weakness nor muscle weakness associated with an unusually intense bout of exercise, but a feeling of complete exhaustion. It is common when suffering from the flu, and for the few weeks after other symptoms have eased.

This is because your immune system has to employ much of its energy into fighting off the flu virus. White blood cells are diverted from their usual job of keeping your muscle fibres and joints repaired and healthy, to fighting off the virus, meaning that you quickly lose strength in your muscles, leaving you less able to stand and move.


Given the heading & taking cognizance of CITATION #4 above. I will now deal with the “outsmarted” part. This is simple because just like ANY regular flu, symptoms are CATALYTIC. THUS CONDITION DEPENDENT i.e ambient temperature, immune system state, viral load, host’s genetics etc. Factors which ARE ALL RANDOMLY UNIQUE in ANY HOST but are ALL HEAVILY MANDATORY DEPENDENT on “Vitamin C” stores hence the RANDOM NATURE OF THE ATTACK FOLLOWING SUIT – QUANTUM VIROLOGY. This is the simple fact of the matter because when Vitamin C GOES TO ZERO then EVERYTHING & I MEAN EVERYTHING goes HAYWIRE & CHAOS, it is EVEN WORSE when there is NONE AVAILABLE WHILE DEMAND IS AT “MAXIMUM” REQUEST for Vitamin C then OBVIOUSLY CERTAIN DEATH IS IMMINENT! AKA SUDDEN DEATH SYNDROME, ALAS oh ALAS. This is like an HIV/FLU hybrid on steroids if I may add a quirk or 2. BIO WARFARE MADE IN USA


The origins of the Coronavirus has become a heated issue with an exchange of verbal ordnances between USA & China in recent days. The first psychological instinct of anyone party to a cover-up is to project themselves on the opposite party. In other words a thief will call an innocent party a thief in order to deflect said reality of self. The USA is blaming China for Coronavirus yet USA is the origins of this virus by THEIR OWN admission (see the image above, a screen-shot from a “popular” USA website gloating about what they do & about the DEVASTATING effects of the virus) & quote:

Scientists at USAMRID, the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious diseases, work with some of the most deadly forms of life on earth, killer viruses


Firstly “diplomacy” only works when the issue being discussed is by actual DIPLOMATS (emphasis added). You CANNOT exercise diplomacy with a COBRA because if you do or even try then the ONLY result is YOUR DEATH no matter how GOOD your intentions are & why? This is because you are STUPID ENOUGH to try & negotiate with a Cobra IN THE FIRST PLACE. The fault in this case is YOURS for you tried to negotiate DIPLOMACY with a Cobra NOT A DIPLOMAT & this is the folly of China & the world regards USA & that shall be the DEATH of China & the world. USA is practising their nature (Cobra) thus the world & China should be smart enough to STEER CLEAR of the Cobra if THEY WANT TO LIVE unless of course THEY ACTUALLY WANT to die. And how do you identify a Cobra? Yes by his nature & appearance thus given the global EVIDENCE of USA & its barbaric antics it is clear by their nature they have made it CRYSTAL CLEAR what they are. Thus it is a real folly to see China STILL TRYING to exercise diplomacy with USA not to mention the rest of the world? Honestly DO YOU WANT TO DIE? Thus stop being naive trying to NEGOTIATE WITH A COBRA. Of course the virus is of natural origin, DON’T BE STUPID, of course just like a KNIFE IS SOLD LEGALLY in ANY shop (WE ALL KNOW THAT, duh). It becomes a WEAPON only when you “ADAPT” it to STAB & KILL SOMEONE, Jesus is this a competition for the “most stupid award” or what? STEALTH & SURPRISE is the ONLY method of a COWARD hence USA also pioneered the “knock off” design Black Bird, F-117 as well as the so called B2 bomber not to mention drones which where ALL designed to “Ambush Attack” innocent women & children disguised as “war” or in recent rhetoric “war on terror”. Hiroshima & Nagasaki nuclear/atomic weapons killed more women & children THAN SOLDIERS in 5 minutes than any single battle of both World War 1 & 2 COMBINED the same applies to the so called “war on terror”. You ALL better wake up before you all one day wake up ALL DEAD (Time is RELATIVE – Albert Einstein). Honestly LOOK AT THE IMAGE & tell me, WHY would the USA “ARMY” be dealing with viruses & not just a STANDARD medical laboratory UNLESS it is for the purposes of “WEAPONIZING” such NATURAL BIOLOGICAL PATHOGENS for combat military purposes, Jesus its like lambs to a slaughter.


Likewise Coronavirus follows the same trait as the USA’s (cowards) preferred “method of engagement” i.e “DECEPTION, SURPRISE & AMBUSH” on the UNSUSPECTING, but ONLY the irony this time is that we have a “runaway train”. A case of the dog bites his master

The ARROGANT never see it coming Thanos (ironic comedy & totally apt)

USA was completely arrogant of their deluded superiority oblivious that they where not as “advanced” or prepared to deal with a “backfire” of the virus arrogantly assuming that closing the boarders would be an advantage given all the so called “anti-terrorist” screening they have at all their points of entry, implemented under the guise of preventing so called terrorism

Build the wall Donald Trump

This was Donald Trumps campaign mantra meaning this plan was ALWAYS on the cards as they had hoped to isolate USA & terminate ALL USA opposition in the world starting with what they ignorantly call “communist” China then Russia & Iran (as we saw the viral manifestation in the “Genesis” deployment phase). Nuclear weapons CANNOT fire on this planet (that is taken care of PERMANENTLY, don’t ask, either you know or you don’t) thus the next best thing was Coronavirus & here we are

ONLY arrogance believes they can control CHAOS e.g Coronavirus, nuclear reactors & the evil behind USA

The virus was NATURALLY derived (this is the deception/stealth part) then THOROUGHLY studied (as confessed in the image above, that is what they say they do) & “naturally tweaked” (this is the coward/ambush part) then deployed in China (unsuspecting part) when the USA delegation visited China. Thus WHO (more like “WHO” should not be sending pro-USA propaganda on behalf of USA because THEY WANT MORE FAKE USD FUNDING) including everyone else trying to play nice with USA for purposes of getting more fake monopoly USD, just remember


Time is relative (the scientific principle of “Prophecy” which is the gifted ability to channel “thought” faster than the speed of light through time – A higher consciousness). Hell is what the world turns into if you continue to eat of its fruit i.e “666” UNITED (6) STATES (6) DOLLAR (6). Oh what? Don’t tell me, you thought the devil would show up with a name badge written “666”? Oh wake up already will you – Apocalypse Now! This is a last warning to China & the world. It’s time to wake up & face reality


Firstly before I clear out this vaccine madness, I will ask a question. What is a vaccine?

A vaccine is a form of treatment that typically contains an agent that resembles a disease-causing micro-organism and is often made from weakened or killed forms of the microbe, its toxins, or one of its surface proteins → Wikipedia (for the purposes of pre-emptively DEFEATING the “frivolous” & “vexatious”)

Given the forgoing it is CLEAR that a vaccine DOES NOT treat anything but instead invokes the production of “anti-bodies” by the BODY in order for the body to best IDENTIFY & tackle an infection BEFORE it causes ANY significant damage (this is the idea anyway) thus CLEARLY the body is doing the work here NOT the VACCINE. This is probably & also the IGNORANCE & ARROGANCE behind the quest for a vaccine for Corona which is rather stupid because the body ITSELF can CLEARLY identify Corona by itself making the whole VACCINE fuss a rather stupid endeavour

The question of MEDICAL COMPETENCY then comes to light

Why are so called vaccines killing people?

Well the answer to that is simple because the body ALREADY KNOWS that Corona is A THREAT BY ITSELF WITHOUT THE NEED OF A STUPID VACCINE & when it sees the vaccine it ASSUMES that it is the REAL THING & then demands resources on the body that the body DOES NOT HAVE (Vitamin C in chief) to fortify the immune system & create the anti-bodies needed to thwart the infection. This process RAPIDLY depletes ALL Vitamin C stores DEPENDING ON THE VIRAL LOAD thus leaving other organs i.e heart, lungs etc & Vitamin C dependent functions FULLY VULNERABLE to other attacks (white blood cell production etc), this is YET PROOF that the body CAN IDENTIFY Corona on ITS OWN! Jesus is this the stupid Olympics or what? (MEGA emphasis added to highlight the continued STUPIDITY)


The quest for a vaccine “mirage” is clear. Pharmaceutical companies & so called doctors are trying to cash in on peoples FEARS & MISERY thus touting a cure or vaccine for Corona will generate untold profits for anyone that has one that “seems” to work but this is VERY IRRESPONSIBLE because Corona just like a NORMAL FLU DOES NOT NEED A VACCINE FOR THE BODY CAN DO THE JOB ON ITS OWN. All that the body needs is ADEQUATE ASSISTANCE to get the job done in other words simply BOOSTING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM not creating a DEATH TRIGGER for people with ALREADY COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEMS from ALL SORTS OF FACTORS i.e poor diet, smoking & YES EVEN 5G INCLUDING simple things like WiFi (see below) all factors ABUNDANT IN THE WEST yet in short supply in Africa (a so called “poverty” diet is very rich in Vitamin C NATURALLY, Africa has the LAND, duh!) & yet these IDIOT SCIENTISTS are wondering WHY AFRICA IS NOT AS AFFECTED AS THE WEST. Jesus Christ, is stupidity the trend or what? FOLLOW OUR ADVISE & LIVE, PERSIST WITH EGO THINKING THAT EVERYTHING THAT IS IMPRESSIVE COMES FROM USA & YOU WILL DIE! HOW MANY DEAD IN USA? HOW MANY DEAD IN AFRICA? EXACTLY, TIME TO WAKE UP!!!! – NOTHING IS EVER WHAT IT SEEMS – EVER!!


There has been a lot of controversy regards the 5G issue & Coronavirus thus we also want to clarify this myth to avoid a future catastrophe of global terrifying proportions. In a nutshell, YES there is a DIRECT link between 5G & Coronavirus but not in the way you are thinking. As stated prior, the new cowardice method of USA warfare is “misdirection”. 5G however does not create Corona but “ASSISTS” in creating the conditions that make Corona & OTHER diseases easier to kill you. In a nutshell 5G radiation DESTROYS your immune system & a host of other body functions necessary to sustain your immune system that then weaken your bodies ability to DEFEND itself. We DO NOT believe in Conspiracy Theories but verification of all theory to fact alas & YES 5G does operate on the same frequency as USA military EMF dangerous weapons systems & yes they can abuse 5G towers to “zap” you so to speak in layman & yes it is a very bad idea. Watch this video that shows REAL-TIME & REAL-LIFE destruction of cells in the human body in REAL-TIME. This is not some CG mock-up or some presentation, this is under the actual microscope of someone standing next to a 5G “device” not even a TOWER but a mere DEVICE but look at the cell damage within the short period of time

This is REAL LIFE not FICTION but reality thus the whole issue with Coronavirus is actually a CUMULATIVE ASSAULT on your immune system thereby causing you to die from MULTIPLE other causes probably even independent of Corona the notorious “ANIMAL FLU”. REMEMBER an animal eats all sorts of rubbish & encounters greater biological hazards than human beings forcing animals to develop ADEQUATE DEFENCES thus any animal specific pathogens have evolved to counter resist the much more counter aggressive animal anti-bodies thus when these hardened viruses cross over to humans they demand FAR GREATER RESOURCES on humans to eradicate, MUCH MUCH higher doses than your Vitamin C RDA (so called “Recommended Daily Allowance”) as touted by these incompetent “academic medics” that try to hide behind incompetent jargon & this is where these stupid “academic” so called arrogant scientists are getting it all wrong. WHAT IS THE POINT OF HAVING A BIG MISSILE LAUNCHER WITH NO MISSILES? EXACTLY, POINTLESS! A loaded revolver is even better at least you can actually shoot something than point an EMPTY BIG MISSILE LAUNCHER, good for the ego (scientific ego) but USELESS in practise aka SUDDEN DEATH SYNDROME. That is why VACCINES are actually KILLING PEOPLE instead of healing them!


Like the stupid vaccines they are developing, ok fine the body identifies Corona courtesy of the stupid vaccine, then what? How is the body going to create ENOUGH “anti-bodies” to kill the Coronavirus? From THIN AIR? Jesus these scientists are COMPLETE IDIOTS! In layman you need to BOOST THE IMMUNE system AS WELL & let the body handle its business that is all or if you REALLY have to be arrogant & make yourself “feel” better by saying you actually “invented” something then you can administer the vaccine THEN SIMULTANEOUSLY BOOST the patients immune system such that the body has SUFFICIENT RESOURCES TO DRAW UPON TO FIGHT THE VIRUS, JESUS CHRIST IS THIS THE STUPID OLYMPICS OR WHAT?


The catastrophic error & oversight with Corona here is CLEAR. We have a novice (amateur) trying to assign a FIXED battle plan to a SEASONED Battle Commander & General with a LIFETIME experience in Bio-Warfare. And why do I aver thus? Well think of your immune system as a trunk of weapons & Vitamin C as ANOTHER trunk with EVERY SORT of munition, bullet or warhead imaginable. Now the current Chinese/USA/Italian/Russian doctors etc using Interferons, Malaria tablets etc would be the novice that is TRYING to supply the EXPERIENCED Army General with bullets for a simple revolver yet he (the Army General) is facing an entire advancing army BATTALION that has armoured tanks, heavy amour & devastating air support. Do you see the problem here not to mention IGNORANCE & ARROGANCE? The Army General now can ONLY use 1 type of INFERIOR ammunition (revolver bullets) for 1 type of inferior weapon (revolver) & ONLY a specific enemy (in other words these NOVICES have limited the Generals “OPTIONS” to just a SINGLE NOVICE APPROACH STRATEGY) when INSTEAD the General should be able to choose HIS OWN battle plan, WARHEADS, WEAPONS & ammunition ACCORDING to the APPLICABLE STRATEGY & HIS LIFETIME experience in this type of warfare & they wonder why they CANNOT crack the Corona problem in the light of such INCOMPETENCE. This is the ONLY way to put metaphor to folly. What these doctors should be doing is boosting the patient’s immune system ONLY then allowing the patient to produce the APPROPRIATE anti-bodies to fight the Corona THEMSELVES on its own terms. This avoids what they incompetently think is “Cytokine” attack because sometimes you have to DEMOLISH then RECONSTRUCT as a strategy, because renovation is just not feasible a scenario in the interest of efficiency or effectiveness. HOWEVER WITHOUT the chief raw material (Vitamin C) for RECONSTRUCTION AFTER, THEN an “INTENDED” DEMOLITION looks like DESTRUCTION (Cytokine damage as they think), yet in essence, it is work waiting to be COMPLETED but CANNOT be COMPLETED because of a lack of RAW MATERIAL in this case that would be Vitamin C. Jesus are these doctors stupid or what? Have a look at this:

The white patches appear more pronounced in the second X-ray, labelled B, which was taken three days after the first. Credit: Junqiang Lei, Junfeng Li, Xun Li

These images come from a hospital in China’s Lanzou, when a 33-year-old woman was brought in with a temperature of 103 degrees fahrenheit after suffering with a ‘coarse’ cough for the past five days.

She was believed to have the deadly coronavirus after her low white blood cell count indicated she was suffering with an infection, and X-Rays confirmed the virus was already in her lungs.

On the X-ray images white patches can be seen in the lower corners of the lungs, indicating what radiologists call ‘ground glass opacity’ – the partial filling of air spaces in the lungs. The white patches appear more pronounced in the second X-ray, labelled B, which was taken three days after the first and further into a course of treatment.

A radiologist from the Thomas Jefferson University, who has examined the images has given his expertise on the scans. In an interview with Business Insider, Paras Lakhani said: “If you zoom in on the image, it kind of looks like faint glass that has been ground up.

“What it represents is fluid in the lung spaces.”

The woman has been treated at the hospital in Lanzou, by inhaling a protein used to treat viral infections called interferon.

NB*: I want you to take special cognizance of the part in BOLD. They treated her but DID not BOOST her immune system or treat her with a dose of Vitamin C & at the same time this INDICATES that her immune system was ALREADY COMPROMISED even before she had ANY CATASTROPHIC symptoms. At this point they DISCHARGED her then later they get a report that she had SUDDEN DEATH from heart failure (as CONFIRMED above) & why not with ZERO VITAMIN C & low white blood cell count? Honestly if she is admitted with a low white blood cell count it means even her heart cannot fend OFF COMMON infections, duh! Do you see the folly? Depart from ARROGANCE & LIVE, PERSIST & DIE! As a “Guinea Pig” as they would say metaphorically, trust me I KNOW WHAT I AM SPEAKING ABOUT!


If one is now in a critical condition I would thus advise on the plasma with existing anti-bodies approach like the Chinese approach but with the addition of LARGER THAN NORMAL doses of Vitamin C via Intravenous Vitamin C administration because it appears Corona interferes with the normal absorption of the vital nutrient. Likewise those on a ventilator the treatment should follow suit. The body is FULLY CAPABLE of NATURALLY countering this threat IF GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY. In other words the destructive nature of the virus should be inhibited by boosting the hosts anti-bodies, assisting with breathing for symptom affected patients thereby giving the body time to heal itself. This is the key

When any virus enters your body, it looks for human cells with its favorite doorways proteins on the outside of the cells called receptors. If the virus finds a compatible receptor on a cell, it can invade.

Some viruses are picky about which door they choose, but others are a little more promiscuous. They can very easily penetrate into all types of cells,

Both SARS and MERS viruses can access the cells that line your intestines and large and small colon, and those infections appear to flourish in the gut, potentially causing the damage or the leakage of fluid that becomes diarrhea.

Two studies, one in the New England Journal of Medicine and one preprint in medRxiv involving 1,099 cases have also detected the virus in stool samples, which might indicate the virus could spread via feces.

But it definitely looks like it’s there in the stool and it looks like people do have GI symptoms associated with this.

A 2014 study showed that 92 percent of patients showed signs of a full body blitz have been witnessed with all three of the zoonotic coronaviruses: elevated liver enzymes, lower white blood cell and platelet count, and low blood pressure. In rare cases, patients have suffered from acute kidney injury and cardiac arrest.


In a nutshell, firstly DO NOT PANIC. Think of this virus as a “SUPER CHARGED” flu thus the SAME PRECAUTIONS you would take to avoid a regular flu you should do the same with Corona here. The ONLY difference is that you should also SUPER CHARGE your precaution in other words MULTIPLY or SUPER CHARGE your Vitamin C dosages to match the threat & allow your body to NATURALLY shield you & combat this threat without trying to kill you for a lack of nutrients. That is all, this is just A SUPER FLU that is all. The FEAR & panic has created more problems than the actual problem


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