Anti-Nuclear Defense System





This product is part of our World Defense Initiative™ which also saw the banning of all our dangerous weapons capable technologies. Before we explain how the technology works, we have to explain what it actually does. The Blaze Anti Nuclear Defence BAND™ does exactly what it is acronymed i.e it can absorb a full Nuclear blast be it at “core detonation” or “the extremities”, blocking out all the hazardous elements of the spontaneous or residue fission, yes it is Nuclear proof. A 50MT thermo nuke? No problem. To understand how this works we first need to debunk the so called Nuclear Bomb.


Firstly a nuclear bomb is nothing to fear and as we all know, fear is usually a result of a lack of understanding. I will give you understanding such that you do not have fear, for the biggest asset of the nuclear weapon is its fear factor, even Japan did not concede to the bomb but the fear of it. A nuclear bomb first of all as we have made clear is not a bomb per sé, in the conventional sense of what a bomb is (this is the first myth). It is merely “spontaneous” open air concentrated fission. The same thing happening in a “sealed” reactor is happening in a so called nuclear bomb. The only difference is what we call the “rate of heat dissipation”. A layman example, imagine you are popping “popcorn”, a nuclear reactor is a “popcorn” pot where you are dropping in a grain of corn at slow regular intervals & it pops at this slow rate (the popping here would represent fission) and in a nuclear bomb the whole packet of grain goes in the pot instantly and it all pops immediately at the same time, of course the latter has more violent visual drama, alas the kindergarten version of the nuclear mechanics behind reactor and so called bomb respectively, with the single grain of corn representing normal so called reactor grade “fuel rods” and the whole packet of corn representing the much feared HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium)


The science behind this technology is unconventional thus using conventional terms may cause confusion so let us start by clarifying gravity (as it is currently known and what we refer to as actual gravity – emphasis added)

Gravity is most accurately described by the general theory of relativity (proposed by Albert Einstein in 1915) which describes gravity not as a force, but as a consequence of the curvature of spacetime caused by the uneven distribution of mass. The most extreme example of this curvature of spacetime is a black hole, from which nothing, not even light, can escape once past the black hole’s event horizon. → Current fraternity’s position on Gravity

You must be wondering what on earth those 3 images of the Moon (left), Mars (center) and the Earth (right) are doing there. Well that is the living proof of our technology at work. I need to demonstrate the difference between no gravity (moon), little gravity (Mars) and balanced gravitational power to mass ratio (Earth – its not only about gravitational power but power to mass ratio or gravitational intensity as we call it). As I have made clear on numerous occasions, the current science fraternity does not understand what gravity is and they think heat is energy. Einstein was not wrong per sé with his definition of gravity. I sincerely believe Einstein was a man ahead of his time but consequently limited by his time too, ironic. As always we complete the puzzle. The problem with Einstein’s theory is that it cannot explain consistently why a free falling object (while falling) is “weightless” in Earth’s atmosphere and it will always drop towards the ground but in an airborne aircraft it has “weight”. Also if an object is in lower orbit that “weight” drops drastically yet the Earth is still applying a “force” to the said object maintaining its orbit. As we stressed in “How it works”, laws if they are going to be applied thus should always be consistent, anything else is just a “coincidental” collective observation. In the instance let us assume that gravity is an independent force that can actually be manifested with enough power (emphasis added). Einstein was a brilliant man no doubt however consequently his imagination was limited by the constraints of his time (extent to which he could “feasibly” allow it to stretch), his observation of space time curvature (or rather his solidarity as to it being implicit as catalyst thereto) though relative to the actual “manifestable” gravity phenomenon (as we call it) exhibits uniform universal characteristics thus logically he would assume it was a “centrally” choreographed spacial phenomena reacting to spacial inconsistency (space time curvature) yet it is actually independent yet behaving characteristic of its nature once manifest but the variations in power of each independent manifestation of the phenomena gives the perception of “organised randomness” if I may invent a term or two. Universal or collective observation of “seemingly” synchronised yet indepedent phenomena can easily give rise to such a conclusion, alas. In a nutshell Einstein assumed that it was a case of a constant phenomena (gravity) in a variable environment (space time) whereas it is actually a case of a variable phenomena (gravity) in a constant environment (space time). A simple oversight but sorted non the less and here we are (extra emphasis added no doubt)


For interllectual protection reasons and to avoid confusion, I will keep it vague. The moon does not rotate because it has “no gravity” which is implicit and consequently it has no atmosphere (as conventional scientists call it or lets even agree with NASA that it takes 27 days to rotate on its axis, still this helps prove my point) thus as you can see from the images of the moons surface it has obsolutely no protection from spacial projectiles and gets hammered by meteorites without hindrance of any sort. With this observation you notice that what they think gravity is has a direct correlation to the overal spacial projectile atmospheric shielding or protection which brings me to Mars to explain the principle of operation of our BAND™ Technology


Mars on the other hand is smaller than earth (keep power to mass ratio in mind) and you further notice that given NASA data, Mars has thus a rotational velocity of 538.053 mph, it also has a “thinner” atmosphere as well as less gravitational intensity and thus you get “some” projectiles hitting Mars but not indiscriminently like it happens on the moon which has Zero Gravity. Thus you can see the correlation here. This is a low level shield necessitated by low power to mass ratio. To surmise, Mars has greater gravitational power than the Moon but less than the Earth, stay with me, this is the simplified version of the science. Controversial but true


The Earth on the other hand is bigger than Mars & still has a rotational velocity of 1,038 mph and given the foregoing methodology of gravitational mechanics in reverse to prove the point you will find that the Earth has a “thicker” atmosphere meaning it subsequently has a greater gravitational power to mass ratio and as we can confirm here on Earth, less spacial projectiles than Mars and even less more so than the moon. Further you will find that Mars has higher temperatures given its distance from the sun relative to the Earth and the best part, Mars’ Radiation exposure on the surface is 30 µSv per hour during solar minimum (emphasis added). On Earth it is ONLY 2.4 µSv per year. Remember the sun is just an “open space” nuclear reactor on steroids or rather on a serious note, the most advanced fusion reactor in existence thus if the Earth blocks Radiation, Heat, EMP, Spacial projectiles including NASA spacecraft if they try to re-enter what “they” think is the atmosphere at what they believe is a wrong angle of atmospheric “re-entry” which causes “skipping” off the atmosphere as they call it, this phenomenon in application is what would in effect block any projectiles fired (equivalent of the “spontaneous fission” blast wave) which are the major fatal attributes of a nuclear weapon. This means we now have the formula to block a Nuclear Bomb and the only mitigating factor is how much power does your shield have, oh yeah Blaze Advanced Technology™ has rendered Nuclear weapons obsolete! – Principle of operation and mechanics verified! This then is the E=MC2 of Nuclear Shield Mechanics as we call it at Blaze Advanced Technology™, the real formula is for obvious reasons a trade secret


Our Blaze Anti Nuclear Defence (BAND™) system works on the aforementioned principle which no one can dispute because you are living on this very simple technology and is protecting you from the biggest nuclear reactor in our Solar system i.e the sun. We have accelerated its production including the working prototype in the face of all the war posturing around the globe, which is obviously going to trigger MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) as they call it, if we fail to act, hence we designed the shield as a defence shield for any nation that feels threatened by certain power thirsty imperialists, this we believe will guarantee world peace. The only mitigating factor is that this shield system requires massive amounts of Power to work and will greatly drain as well as over power any power grid. This however is not a problem because our production ready Power Generating reactors roll out faster than any other technology in the world meaning we can setup the power supply for this shield very quickly. In closing, I just want to say to the world, you can feel safe now, the nuclear threat is over and the nuclear bomb has been defused permanently! In case you where doubting as to how this can be possible, then I quote

….The most extreme example of this curvature of spacetime is a black hole, from which nothing, not even light, can escape once past the Black Hole’s Event Horizon. → Excerpt from Albert Einsteins Theory of Relativity (emphasis added accordingly)

Thus trust me, a 50MT nuke? No problem at all for us and that’s the biggest they have, even a cascade of nukes as we clearly demonstrated is not a problem either. As Einstein made clear as we also followed up in “Aliens Debunked” it is not a matter of if but how. We just know and proved the how. A majority folly by no means negates a minority fact and that’s a fact. As always, we tell it like it is. After all if a nuclear so called bomb is a “miniature” sun, even though not fusion but actually fission, still the general inspirational principle is derived from one in the same and it was replicated in our atmosphere, then what is thus in principle so difficult to replicate about the “gravity effect” likewise as we call it at Blaze Advanced Technology™? Food for thought