Advanced Nano Technology – ANT™

Nano Reactor™ Applications. We have not stopped on the big stuff. We have theoretically and conclusively proven that our Mark II reactor design can be nano scaled solving AI’s biggest and single problem i.e a “island system”, compact, “non toxic” power source. This is where our reactor steps in from cancer killing nano bots to HIV termination using “virus mapping” something that cannot be done with current biological systems because the HIV virus is not considered “a threat” by the human body. It does not infect the body but merely destroys the bodies ability to defend itself by attacking the “leucocites” or white blood cells in layman. Once the body losses its defense even the common cold can kill you. Anti “retro” viral drugs as the term suggests, simply try to create more than is being destroyed but with adverse consequences and side effects as many sufferers would attest. The solution to the HIV problem as we have conclusively proven is not “bio” alone but “bio mechanical”. The nano bot(s) will simply use their “pre-programmed” mapping to track only the virus and neutralize it. We have proven this conclusively, including genetic applications that could see “age pausing” because ageing as we have conclusively proven is simply a genetic problem that can be rectified at a nano scale. However for proprietary and intellectual precautions I can not delve further into the technology, but this gives you a glimpse of the possibilities

All these technologies hinge and take genesis from the Mark II and sadly we have suspended all further R & D on the Mark II due to the juvenile behavior of the United States of late and as quoted in the Mark II description further up. Further after the Syria illegal 59 cruise missile barrage we where met with shock that world leaders actually supported such illegal behavior and the fact that no one denounced this en mass makes us wonder and question if really mankind deserves the right to have immortality with such evils then being permanent instead of passing. One does not need to be the devil in order to defeat what one deems a lesser devil. Evil has no quantity or measure nor compromise. Evil is evil and should be denounced so in every form or nature it may assume. We take the high ground by holding onto our integrity and ethics for this is what puts us above evil, this is what sets us apart from evil. The ends do not justify the means neither does popular opinion, in fact integrity in most cases divides popular opinion. Once you commit evil to defeat evil you have become that same evil because it is a binary existence night and day, good and evil there is no middle ground

Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them → Albert Einstein

It is really sad to think that humanity is the architect of its own misery and it is clear in retrospect that I alone do not bare the same sentiment in solitude

It’s appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity → Albert Einstein

These are but some of the products that Blaze Advanced Technology™ has developed and we hope you take or have taken a keen interest. It is our further hope that you will make a meaningful contribution by joining the fight in whichever position you may be or by partnering with us directly or by simply buying shares into the company and being part of the march to a brave new world free of all the pitfalls of the current sphere of existence.