UFO Mystery – The Reason Why They Deny It

As always I use logic to appeal to the readers understanding to avoid the usual ignorance of, “oh, another conspiracy theory”. Firstly I want to make 2 things crystal clear. Firstly there is no such thing as Aliens but UFO’s do exist because surely neither USA nor anybody else for that matter knows how these craft manoeuvre or operate nor what they really are. Secondly “Time is relative” – Albert Einstein. As already explained in Time Travel – “Aliens Debunked” physical existence exists as past, present & future simultaneously (in layman at the same time) such that the ONLY barrier between these “transitional” existences is barred only by how “faster than time/light” you can move between these 3 transitions (which is why you will ALWAYS see a flash of light just before ANY UFO “cloaks” or “flies off” whichever takes your fancy depending on your level of “space-time dynamics” understanding for those that have witnessed the phenomena. In the SAME WAY “sound” is seemingly “left behind” when a conventional jet goes “supersonic” or +Mach-1 in “conventional” science then “sonic boom”. Think of the “flash of light” as the “sonic boom” of the light spectrum for those that may DARE to think us INCOMPETENT of the FACTS averred. Which is the POINT after all, suffice with emphasis to highlight the point). But why is space necessary to do this you may wonder? Well that is because there is no G-Force barrier in space i.e you can go as fast as your technology can propel you without worrying about your face being ripped off or your guts being sucked through your seat due to the “G-Force” as the Neanderthal so called “scientists” of today think it is


Arrogance, the confidence of the ignorant is weakness

You may be wondering why we have the racist image of USA from post 1940’s, the same period as the famous Roswell so called UFO crash of 1947, as well as a “modern” image comparison of USA post the infamous 9/11 twin towers attacks above. Well this is to highlight the level of racial ignorance & arrogance in so called “modern” USA & the West


As explained by the “Visitor”, one of the survivors of the Roswell Crash rescued by his “friends” from the interview after being tortured by USA (oh yeah we know) in the video in Time Travel – “Aliens Debunked” (in case you are wondering where the guy goes to in the video just as the lady in the background screams). The old B & W vintage monochrome camera of the era is slow thus it does not pick up the “flash of light” (quicker than the cam frame rate for the more tech savvy). This happens as the guy seemingly “disappears” in the video as you can clearly see that he disappears at the end of the interview & the lady in the background is shocked by what seems like “magic” but technically adducing, this is the same way a simple iphone of today, (something you take for granted), would look like “sorcery” by “heretics” to even a “noble” man in the year 200 AD – A lack of knowledge & death have parity, alas. Now imagine after a terrible Nuclear War, prolonged nuclear winters lasting centuries (over 1000 years), the ozone depleted, air thin, deadly radiation causing extreme permanent low level light conditions as well as 100% contaminated water world wide. This low level light condition causes the pupils to permanently evolve & dilate or enlarge to allow more light into the pupil for better visibility in almost permanent zero visibility climatic conditions (imagine night for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for your entire life). Radiation destroys muscle tissue hence the “slim” slender bodies of the so called “Aliens”. That is also why what you think are aliens have very big black eyes (those are actually dilated pupils). The Earth is so devastated from the nuclear exchange & only Africa survives this nuclear carnage by the way (courtesy of geographical advantage through God’s grace for the spiritual inclined but radiation UNFORTUNATELY respects NO BOARDERS in case you are wondering why the “future” AFRICAN/ZIMBABWE visitors are here discouraging ALL THINGS NUCLEAR especially fission warheads). If you doubt this FACT then I think you will appreciate that EVERY so called Alien has “Black Pupils” there is NONE at all ON RECORD (verified or not) with a blue iris or pupil & further Africa has no nuclear weapons nor need for conflict at nuclear level with ANY state north of the hemisphere, where almost ALL NUCLEAR FISSION ordinances have current abode. Even the visitor makes clear in the interview “our ancestors” a word used commonly by Africans ONLY in chief Zimbabweans referring to their ancestors & “Mwari” the ALMIGHTY creator. The visitor further states, ‘Access to weaponry of mass destruction by states ruled by DOGMA will DESTROY YOUR “SPECIES”…‘ (SUPER EMPHASIS added to highlight the point). In a technology advanced civilization, taking a historical view as today from that future vantage point then obviously “race” would be considered a variation of species since ALL the interviewers are obviously as the ignorant would call them i.e so called “white people”. As reiterated always i.e we do not associate with DOGMA of any sort fore nor retrospect




I think you can see the problem for USA’s EGO from the images above (the Zimbabwe design is an illustration of the original which is far more sophisticated in appearance, we are not cruel, the idea is to make the POINT not HUMILIATE the USA – TRUTH unfortunately is ALWAYS stranger than fiction, alas). Think about it, do you think someone like Donald Trump would accept the fact that a “so called” flying saucer (image on your right) is developed in Africa, let’s say in Zimbabwe for that matter of fact by so called “Black People”? Advanced as it may seem by comparison to USA’s pathetic & mundane so called “white man developed” B2 bomber (image on your left) or the equally comical F-22/35 so called stealth “copy cat of Zimbabwe technology” aircraft standards. That would be a “travesty” don’t you think? Against the “white supremacist” ideology displayed in both the old image of USA ideology (left in the image further up above the 2 aircraft) & the current ideology (right in the image further up above the 2 aircraft). Then where do the Muslims fit in (Iran especially)? You may ask. Well read DIY Nuclear Weapon as well as Coronavirus – The New Hiroshima & Nagasaki “attempt” to understand. We had to release fusion weapons in lieu of fission weapons because states ruled by “DOGMA” WILL get WMD’s whether you/we like it or not (this is destiny “as the crow flies”, this is DONE & it ALWAYS will be, this is INEVITABLE) thus better they be fusion weapons which ONLY disperse neutrons that WILL NOT irradiate or contaminate the planet for 250,000 years like fission thus the deeds of their hearts (particle destination) is fulfilled WITHOUT DESTROYING the “habitability” of the planet

We can ONLY alter the path of a particle (by physical intervention or force) but not it’s destination. ONLY changing the configuration of the particle can alter a particles destiny for EVERY particle has a destiny/destination by virtue of how it is configured Advanced Quantum Law (simplified)

Would this not be a reason to deny existence of UFO’s? Especially if the visitors are telling USA that their actions in Iran & the “Middle East” especially forcing the creation of Israel causes the Muslims (Iran) in particular to be annoyed & for this reason they acquire Nuclear Weapons that will annihilate USA in retaliation of what they see as territorial infringement then further telling them (USA even Russia) to disarm ALL their nuclear weapons “or else”. Do you think USA would want the world to know that they are “powerless” to these UFO’s since ALL their nuclear weapons can be disarmed AT WILL by these so called UFO’s made in Zimbabwe EVEN IF IT’S THE FUTURE? (search for UFO’s disarm USA/UK nuclear warheads to understand) since they put profit & arrogance above common sense. Do you think they (USA) are, “…able to comprehend or ACCEPT the discoveries of such a future time..” as rightly stated by the “Visitor”? What do you think this would do to the “perceived” arrogant, self exalted lofty status of USA, France & even pathetic India? Who through PROPAGANDA ONLY, try to make the world believe that they are some kind of “super powers”? Not to mention what would happen to the world markets (coronavirus is a good example)

In Layman? Well, the ONLY way NOW for USA to save themselves from TOTAL DESTRUCTION by the Muslims is for them to get FORGIVENESS from the Muslims (in other words, particle RECONFIGURATION is required by USA to alter the “destiny” of the said particles “culminating to TOTAL destruction” of USA which is already done “as the crow flies”. I believe this would better translate to the final “JIHAD” from the angle of those bereaved) thus USA needs to RECONFIGURE themselves “PARTICULATE ADDUCING THAT IS” & i.e stop ALL foreign AGGRESSION & WARS on SOVEREIGN TERRITORIES IMMEDIATELY. This is the ONLY way


You can DELAY or put OBSTACLES in the path of ANY particle (war on terror, Guantanamo Bay, empty or propaganda fuelled threats, all that FUTILE show of force nonsense etc done by USA), BUT the particles WILL eventually get to their destination given the INESCAPABLE EQUATION OF PROBABILITY that states that the probability of human error is GUARANTEED over a “persistent” number or REPETITIONS/ATTEMPTS at ANY given TASK or CHALLENGE thus it is down to TIME, OPPORTUNITY or CHANCE things which NO-ONE can control not EVEN USA UNFORTUNATELY (in other words “kaboom!” is INEVITABLE) Advanced Quantum Law (simplified with emphasis)


Well do a search for “Ariel School UFO ZIMBABWE 1994”. This is the ONLY 100% CREDIBLE UFO LANDING not some ACCIDENTAL sighting or encounter or “mid air” collision like Roswell but an actual PLANNED & SCHEDULED INTENDED visit! THE ONLY CREDIBLE UFO TESTIMONY & VISIT to 61 ZIMBABWE children of 7 DIFFERENT age groups. This was an INTENTIONAL visit making for a “water tight” testimony. They waited for “breaktime” when ALL adult teachers where in a STAFF MEETING & it was ONLY the kids (this to make sure the kids are not manipulated in ANY WAY). Let me remind you that the CONSISTENT TESTIMONY of just 1 Child of that tender age can bury ANY grown man in ANY courtroom ANYWHERE in the world (Michael Jackson being an example of the fact where even his celebrity status was neither bar nor aid to the fact alleged). Now imagine the consistent testimony of 61 kids WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION? Oh yeah NEVER ARGUE WITH AN EYEWITNESS, that is just IGNORANCE (SUPER emphasis added no doubt)

The DEVIL is ALWAYS in the details

Freedom of “speech” in this case, expression, right? As taunted by the west with the utmost hypocrisy