The Nature Of Life Explained

Before the world “self destructs”, USA alone rather if they continue with this arrogance this includes Russia & recently UK since they announced that they will be removing the limit on nuclear Trident submarines which is more of a provocation & a joke rather given the events at Lakenheath-Bentwaters in 1956 as well Rendlesham Forest where the visitors made it clear that nuclear weapons are not happening on this planet (whether you like it or not) including several deactivated in USA on several occasions (You can do a search for this or you can reference this as well i.e Doomsday Warning Decoded – The Nimitz Encounters Explained). Given this provocation, the visitors take the moral high ground & avoid poking a Neanderthal baboon in the eye (if it behaves like a baboon it is a baboon, we will let common sense dictate here since sense clearly is absent) & as explained earlier that true power is not force (which is chaos rather for the more enlightened) but rather restraint as the means of channelling any kind of power to one’s desired outcome (which is discipline that could have avoided what you now acronym BLM manifesting the George Floyd debacle of USA etc). However

With great power comes great responsibility

I will now explain the origins or rather better put the nature of so called life such that you understand the purpose of existence & why you are here & what is required of you to achieve your true potential & true destiny not destruction. Think of each universe as a human body or being (see image above) & think of yourself as a single blood cell in that human body. You can barely be seen under the microscope, later on with the “naked eye”. That is considered impossible by layman standards and it would really be silly for you as a single red blood cell, to think you could possibly conquer or navigate the whole body without some kind of fast propulsion system or guidance to navigate your universe aka the human body you live in. Even when you do acquire this capacity you then discover that in the whole world there actually are more than 7 billion people (metaphorically this would be more than 7 billion universes each with different physical properties just like different human beings) which would make it virtually impossible to navigate them all later on to find out that they are but part of an even bigger eco system of more plants & animals which you as a human blood cell cannot live in due to your configuration for human blood only. This would be very depressing wouldn’t it? Especially if it cost you the destruction of your habitat (your human host body) only to find out that you cannot exist comfortably out of it once it is dead this would represent the world being destroyed by our own negligence

At this point you are now scratching your head & thinking, but how can I cause such a destruction causing the whole human body to die & myself with it? Well you are not the only red blood cell in the body are you? Exactly! That means that if you (since you possess free will) & the rest of the other red blood cells (other human beings metaphorically) do not do what you are supposed to do as dictated by the human body as your vital function. That is to say if you rebel against the prescribed order of “mutual co-existense” this is the key phrase or you want to go “vigilante” i.e alone. Like trying to run the whole body or navigate it solo or in “solo teams” void of the “collective objective” (in vain metaphorically trying to go to the Moon or Mars etc) then ultimately other organs do not receive their supply of vital nutrients & oxygen because you are distracted with stupid things like going to Mars instead of delivering oxygen to the heart causing those organs to malfunction in the long term manifesting cancers & illness (metaphorically in the real-world as oil spills, radiation, U-235, particle colliders) then ultimately the human body dies & when it does it has a domino effect on the whole universe being your body. I hope you understand the implication of our puny actions seemingly irrelevant on a cell by cell basis but collectively creating a death catastrophe for everything


It is impossible to test that God exists but you can confirm that he does by understanding why you do not have the capacity to test that he does & this is where the real problem starts i.e denial & acceptance, which is humanity’s biggest obstacle to growth. This is because you are forever trying to prove that which you have not the capacity to comprehend at a devastating cost to your “coexistent” responsibilities & instead of growth you bring total destruction to each other. To explain the arrogance, imagine the single red blood cell (you) trying to navigate & out wit the other red blood cells in the body by hoarding all the oxygen to yourself (metaphorically represented as resources in the real world, money, property etc, material garbage we hoard & all think we need personally). This creates selfish ambitions & pointless collecting of things we do not need creating even more things we want to get rid of later (trash/rubbish) thus creating another domino problem that causes more problems for the entire body (Earth) you all as “sub-bodies” exist in e.g pollution, radioactive contamination etc. Now honestly as a red blood cell, look at the proportion of things just to comprehend the sheer size of the problem. How can the single red blood cell possibly explore just 1 human body & understand it (if the human brain as we currently think is its purpose cannot understand the human body & how it fully functions) then how can a single red blood cell possibly understand what even the brain is for? Later on even arrogantly try to get to another human body (by himself – that would represent a trip to Mars or the Moon etc, any of that kind of madness). He (the blood cell) is better off just delivering oxygen to whichever organs need that oxygen for the sake of keeping the whole body which he lives in alive. This would explain the necessity of human cooperation not competition to achieve one unified goal of advancing the whole of civilization with one universe (us) connecting with other universes (other people) & those universes (people) collectively enhancing their environment etc then everything/everyone is perfect & healthy advancing to a greater collective understanding rather than collectively “self destructing” without any point of purpose, oblivious.

Trying to prove that God exists in such a scenario would just be ridiculous tantamount to the red blood cell trying to find out what controls the body he is in but by understanding that he exists in a human body with logic he has to understand that it is an intelligence that is regulating & sustaining his environment. He does not have the capacity as a puny red blood cell to understand how all this works because he is barely visible on the microscope later on can he even perceive entirely the body that houses him later on the more than 7 billion people then animals & plants all representing universes on our metaphoric scale. The red blood cell has a receptor to receive instructions & has it’s own mapping of it’s primary functions. This would represent morality in human beings, a product of prescribed tenets of conduct (weaned from scriptures etc which are also as explained simply a written record of operational protocol i.e simplified summary of what one may deem science). Then there is the “bombshell” that humanity is missing out on due to silly quantum level distractions dis-integrating the collective purpose as explained in Humanity’s last Warning – The Quantum Menace. Red blood cells & any living entity can get “real-time” instruction(s) from it’s central command “telepathically” as some would have it though the reality is more sophisticated in nature. The central command for this example would be the brain as the current fraternity of science think is the source. Now get this. Even the body (you that is) itself has a “central command” including every living thing (what you think that means I am referring to here for ease of understanding) but each of these entities can receive this “instruction” from any of the “receptors” of communication choosing either to obey & implement protocol or deny & rebel protocol. This is humanity’s problem. Now prayer would represent you connecting to rather the highest “central command” that controls all the universes, metaphorically more than 7 billion people on this planet as well as the infinite number of universes planets, solar systems etc out there (infinite by your red blood cell definition in the real holistic universal grand scheme of things). Given this reality, clearly he has not the capacity as well to store or process all the information stored by only the whole human body that he lives in because of his tiny processing & information storage capacity as a tiny red blood cell


Prayer in a Quantum specific explanation would represent you as a terminal “pinging” a remote host. This is different from just connecting to the web & the page is returned or data depending on what depth of analysis you wish to apply on the metaphoric scale. Since the arrogance insists & persists on trivia instead of focusing on the essence of the author’s message. I will thus further indulge to cater for the trivial since the ignorant persist on jargon jousting, gauntlets to wit with futility, evidently. Ping is appropriate because a “ping” does not guarantee a response at all times instantly (emphasis added). The host can seem off-line yet online (depends on whether the host chooses to make their presence public) & you may have to try several times before you get a response (simplified in religion as the necessity of persistence & consistency in prayer). On the contrary, a web server is always reachable & guarantees an instant response always. When you do get a response then you know that the IP is valid for a connection & you can accordingly then use this to make a direct connection to the host (yet wisdom again is vindicated by her own effects). However this is not the point, that is why

Hearing they hear yet not understanding, seeing they claim they see yet they perceive not – As it is written, apt & fitting clearly

Only the host can return the request at it’s own time this would represent the prayer being answered by God at a time of his choosing & timing (keywords here because this is a point of great frustration for many). Back to our example. The host will process the “ping” request, confirming IP is valid & then wait for an incoming terminal connection. Host will analyse what has been requested for the software patch by the client terminal (this would be you). If you understand Quantum Dynamics then you will understand that you need time for any edible plant seed to grow & germinate into a plant that can actually bear more edible seed thus if a Quantum Interaction is pertinent on 2 seeds being present then the reaction has to be calculated over time with time being the variable that mitigates the occurrence. In layman you have to wait for the tree to grow before the request you need has “lined up” for the 2 seeds needed for the reaction to those 2 seeds. This is why you have to wait for God to respond at his own time. Metaphorically, though the client can request patch version 2.0 (staying metaphoric of course) the host might analyse the request & see that a custom version or even a version 3.0 if applicable is more appropriate. The download commences at a time of the hosts choosing & the update applied this would represent a change in your life that is quanta is rearranged “collectively” or your quanta pertinent are reconfigured for optimum performance in the grand scale & scheme of things either in your tiny existence or in the vast existence however big that is known only to that host terminal. In other words God is such a great power that we as red blood cells cannot even begin to imagine. In a nutshell prayer is necessary to make sure you tap into this intelligent existence behind all things & have yourself optimum configured to the best of your capacity & perform well in that capacity


I call Heaven & Earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live → Deuteronomy 30.19

As explained in Humanity’s last Warning – The Quantum Menace. Religion is simply put, simplified science as also noted by Albert Einstein, a scientific connoisseur today somewhat perceived. The above is the religious position, I will now address the scientific parallel (simplified). All Quanta in a more simplified sense void of all the scientific jargon can either be positive (religiously simplified as good) or negative (religiously simplified as evil) as well as entangled (religiously simplified as lukewarm) or even better still we indulge yet further superposed (religiously simplified as mixed “wheat & chaff” – to be separated → Matthew 3.12). What this all decodes to in a scientific sphere is rather simple. Quantum recognition for configuration see Doomsday Warning Decoded – The Nimitz Encounters Explained to understand how what we acronym the “Quantum Dynamic Jigsaw” principle works. The “relative” choices we make determine the final outcome of the whole Quantum output configuration. In layman the final result on physical Earth that will manifest once all the “relative” particles are configured to completion according to their relative “choices” of spin from a scientific view point as they would have it. This means that the overall outcome physically is determined by the Quantum configuration e.g when we have concentrated U-235 (considered negative) or U-239 (considered negative) interacted/influenced by a neutron (considered an entangled position somewhat in the more Advanced sphere of understanding way ahead of this time) this causes Hiroshima/Nagasaki as the physical “relative” outcome of the “choice” to bomb Japan in 1945 by USA. In layman our choices (interaction) relative to the quanta pertinent determines how the quanta will respond to that interaction and domino influence all the quanta pertinent to the whole occurrence with devastation in the case of Hiroshima or Nagasaki being the final outcome. In more simplified terms our choices determine the quantum spin/direction/positive or negative whichever term you use to describe the different state of any quanta as preferential according to your level of understanding of “Quantum Dynamics” not “Physics” or “Mechanics” but yes “Dynamics” is apt as explained in Humanity’s last Warning – The Quantum Menace. In essence to sum it all up, it all comes down to choice (ours) as the determinant factor of all quanta state “collectively” with the interaction of the collectively influenced quanta (by those choices) forming the final outcome e.g Hiroshima/Nagasaki/TMI/Chenobyl etc, yes think of it as a “Dynamic Jigsaw Puzzle” with you being the influence of that outcome.


A Scientific decision culminating the fact

From a Quantum perspective Hiroshima/Nagasaki happened by “choice” of certain “entangled” individuals “agreeing” (considered a negative mental quanta state in the more advanced understanding of quantum) to allow U-235 & later U-239 to interact with a neutron & the quantum interaction manifesting the carnage of Hiroshima/Nagasaki evidently. This is the most simplified scientific approach to understanding all this & how things work from an aggregate holistic quantum perspective

A Religious decision de-escalating the fact

From a simplified religious view as they would have it. By authentic prayer as they would have it you are simply untangling your entanglement with the collective negative quanta (simplified religiously as evil) as this would change your mental quanta state dynamically thereby influencing a moral decision not to bomb the target an example being the de-escalation of the Cuban Missile crisis which could have had a domino effect to all out nuclear war as the physical outcome of this incident had it been the opposite spin catalytic & on aggregate. The cool head of Vasili Arkhipov of the B-59 Soviet era Russian Nuclear armed submarine is an example of an aggregate positive quantum output culminating from a simple positive shift in mental quanta state having a domino effect on the final outcome → Peace


I tell you Nay: but unless you repent, you shall all likewise perish → Luke 13.3

Minus the DOGMA what is clearly being said here by the Lord is that unless you have a change of heart/mindset (defined as repent here meaning one in the same but with DOGMA can be manipulated to influence a negative disposition of blind servitude, the original scripture was not in English & remember the main adoption of Christianity by emperor Constantine was also more a political decision than a purely religious or one of faith thus a lot of translations have a DOGMA theme to them hence careful analysis is always necessary to derive the true essence of the author in meaning). In other words if we do not have a change of heart or mindset we will all perish

Prayer & Faith in a Quantum sense

Prayer in essence is positive alignment that is you are removing yourself from the collective negative destruction (the path & destiny of all negative quanta as Feynman had it culminate to zero i.e destruction) & you are now aligning yourself with the positive with faith being your adherence to remaining a constant in that positive & therefore avoiding going negative thus you cling to this positive belief that a new quantum route exists for as long as you remain positive in belief that the great power behind all things has made such a route possible which we confirm this great power has with what many people address as the Son of God being proof that this has actually happened at Quantum level just as you are sure that either U-235 or U-239 & a neutron have interacted manifesting fission after the mushroom cloud of Hiroshima/Nagasaki as that can only manifest as a result of such Quantum level interaction. As explained both religion & authentic science are valid with religion simply being a simplified version while the latter science is the more technical analysis of the former alas


The first step to clarifying Einstein’s “oversight” is by defining the genesis of the domino “catalytic” series of problems created downstream. For if you begin an “honest” journey on the “wrong” path then no matter how many “seemingly” right turns you make the truth is that no matter how many “right” roads you may make after, the reality is that you are already going the wrong way i.e you are “irrevocably lost”. The logical & ego free (i.e sensible) thing to do is to go back to the beginning to find the right path to the right route. The problem starts here & I quote

There is no such thing as nothing

In techno-layman if I may invent another term or two, taking the bull by the horns

Space is not a vacuum

What is a vacuum then (with eye-roll no doubt)? – Focus up!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, we will let the pictures talk then, shall we? Yet wisdom is again vindicated by her own effects. Here is more than a thousand words, observe

Now the above is happening in a vacuum as explained in the video as you can clearly hear & see that right? Well that is where the big problem begins. The chamber is a vacuum yes? The chamber is within Earth’s “atmosphere” which according to “science” is not a vacuum right? Right? Further “science” claims that space is a vacuum, right? Einstein also states as quoted in the closing of the video i.e there is no force at work here. Well there is a problem & for that another more than a thousand words blown up real big so that you can “see” clearly

As you can “see” these planets above are in a so called vacuum according to “Science” & Einstein as most “eloquently” put (allegedly), though in reality aptly not. Why does the author aver thus? Well if there was no “force” acting upon the planets then why like the ball & the feathers are they not falling? Again to pre-empt the vexatious;

Remember, even at the North Pole the ball & feathers will fall (invisible arrow would be facing down in the picture) in this so called vacuum chamber, then, this is the bombshell thus stay with me, even at the South Pole, the ball & feathers will still fall but get this (our invisible arrow is now facing up in the picture? UP? To add an even greater twist of humour, even at the East & West (invisible arrows pointing left & right now in the picture, metaphorically of course relative to the real Earth). Yes, the ball & feathers will still be observed falling, but this time sideways, sideways? Ooh! Yet wisdom again is vindicated by her own effects

Notwithstanding & ironically that the feathers as well as the ball are actually within the confined space in our Earth which happens to be contained according to science within the alleged vacuum they call “space” yet all the air molecules in the chamber have been removed which means, the only thing that is supposed to exist between the ball & feathers according to science has been removed. Then why do the ball & the feathers not remain “suspended visually” in the middle of nowhere like the planets viewed from any vantage point in space? If I may again stretch the shallow English clearly insufficient vocabulary around all that needs to be explained. We can clearly see that the planets are not falling (duh). As reiterated in our world peace initiative i.e our Anti-Nuclear Defense™ Shield that is to say if any theory or notion is to hold as law or fact thereto then no bar, consistency is a must always. Now to deal with the other issue


Simply put, as an object approaches the speed of light, its mass becomes infinite and it is unable to go any faster than light travels. This cosmic speed limit has been a subject of much discussion in physics, and even in science fiction, as people think about how to travel across vast distances.

For this one I am not going to be hard on Albert for with any great power comes great responsibility & to bash Albert would be unkind & would probably do more harm than good. Albert I believe had the right intentions but a victim of a vicious status quo as noted in Humanity’s last Warning – The Quantum Menace & limited by his time as well as circumstances thus I will actually use the Einstein to clarify the Einstein above. What is happening in the observation about light is pretty simple. At light V-Max i.e what is being considered the speed of light at such particle velocity what we perceive as motion i.e all particle motion ceases thus honestly how are you supposed to perceive any greater velocity than your actual capacity to perceive? (with emphasis). Yet wisdom again is vindicated by her own effects. Which brings me to the moral of my article & the rest. We are simply red blood cells trying to conquer the world i.e in layman we have not the capacity to perceive all that we are stupidly trying to perceive & this is the point.


For this one I will start with what I reiterated in the beginning of this sub-section

There is no such thing as nothing

Space & Time can be quantized meaning that they have a what you could in layman perceive as a mathematical particulate value & thus have a volumetric or displacement value according to their nature & capacitance to interact at their relative spectrum’s of intractability if I may invent even more terms to fill the void of insufficient English vocab. Like the lower mass ratio of the feathers & air molecules create a velocity barrier to so called gravity & the greater mass ratio relative to gravity of the ball increase that velocity overriding the air molecule barrier by force ratio etc but as clearly demonstrated by the ball & the feathers as well as a black hole not to mention planets or celestial bodies, everything & I do mean everything including the no more “air resistance” feathers is subject to gravity hence Einstein also observed minus the curvature of space error he made & quote

….The most extreme example of this curvature of space-time is a black hole, from which nothing, not even light, can escape once past the Black Hole’s Event Horizon. → Excerpt from Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (emphasis added accordingly)

Just because you can’t see it does not mean it is not there. All it means is that your biological 5 senses as they would have it are not attuned to the spectrum of space & time to thus interact with them on a cognitive basis. That is why in the dark (zero photon spectrum) you bump into the wall even though you can not see the wall. Yet wisdom again is vindicated by her own effects. In layman just like balls filled with air in water when you move them around you are dispersing & thus you are displacing the water molecules present in that body of water thus it affects everything in that body of water they are all related & connected even though you cannot see the molecules but we know they are there & the rest of the balls will move. Think of what you perceive as the void of space as the water molecules something that “seems” like it is not there but it is. The eclipse observation did not prove “space curvature” on the contrary it simply proved the “gravitational celestial spacial body displacement” created by variations in gravitational power as celestial bodies move around interacting & cutting through those fields with the greater the gravitational power ratio of greater manifestations exerting greater force on the weaker ones etc a matter dealt with during the development of our Anti-Nuclear Defense™ Shield. The sun just happens to be the biggest ball in the pond influencing the smaller balls & what Einstein was observing as the Mercury problem is simply the fact that the weaker gravitational force of Mercury is being distorted by the stronger gravitational force of the sun with the seemingly random trajectory following the route & pace rather of the reactions in the sun occurring to maintain fusion as they think is happening in the sun (I have to limit my words for intellectual property precautions since knowledge is power & that cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands). What was observed by the eclipse comes down to the point & supports the celestial body spacial displacement reality that states

All quanta (yes including feather mass) are subject to gravity

Thus any celestial body that cuts through any gravity field will distort its power or capacity over any other body that is subject to that force & will domino displace all other bodies related to it & concerning its interactive spectrum


Since trivia insists on it’s path of arrogance par persistence (assumed) then I will further clarify the Mercury & Sun issue for the arrogantly persistent. This is because trivia has asked another stupid question focusing rather on the shell antecedents surrounding the message instead of the essence & quote:

This guy is theorising, if Mercury is following the fusion pattern of the Sun’s reactions then why don’t the rest of the planets also behave like Mercury in sync since they (the rest of the planets) are all orbiting the sun? This guy is pushing us hot air…(snarl)

Well Mr Scientist (alleged). The Sun & Mercury in essence as explained above are “entangled” in a gravitational dance of “Ring a Ring o’ Roses” (together) if I may take us back to nursery school to explain simple things. That alone forms the “seemingly” inconsistent rhythm that Einstein was observing regards Mercury which has baffled astronomers for centuries as well. That is to say, 1 (one) separate rhythm between the sun & Mercury (together alone, gravitationally speaking of course). This joint “solo” rhythm (in sync, Sun & Mercury that is) creates another rhythm (different from just Sun only + Mercury) that then influences the other remaining planets in our solar system. In essence Mercury & Sun have their own pattern “solo” according to the gravitational influences between them, then this “joint solo” sync in itself influences the other planets. Thus in layman? Sun influences Mercury, then “together” Sun & Mercury form a rhythm that the other remaining planets follow. In a nutshell Mercury is following the sun only and the rest of the planets are following both Mercury + The Sun (locked in sync together to further emphasize).

In more simpler terms. The planets are not orbiting the sun alone but rather orbiting a combination of both the Sun & Mercury while Mercury alone is orbiting the sun

To pre-empt the vexatious, the rest of the planets are too big to bypass Mercury from the sun as this would have given the same Mercury effect to the rest of the planets (Coincidence? I think God’s genius further demonstrating the fragile precision of Quantum creation something that should not be taken for granted or lightly). Think of Mercury as the gravitational “filter” & torque stabilizer of the Sun further stabilizing the rest of the solar system stopping the rest of the planets from behaving like Mercury (imagine the weather & seasons on Earth if Earth behaved like Mercury), if I may further invent more terms to bring clarity to ignorance – Exactly! Yet wisdom again is vindicated by her own effects. To clarify the point watch this video extract carefully

In the video take special cognizance of the following remarks

He (Einstein) calculated painfully the orbit of Mercury and there was a near perfect match, his equations on a notepad matched the motion of heavenly bodies in outer space – Emphasis added

As you can see as the video & Einstein are confirming by observation that Mercury & Sun together not separate matched the motion of heavenly bodies in outer space. Well there you have it. I hope we are all learning here. Assumption is the genesis of every error


This was a silly argument but again the problem is not the Quantum Dynamics itself (it’s not physics or mechanics yes DYNAMICS) but the problem is human nature. As I continue to reiterate we are constantly trying to figure things out that we do not have the capacity to comprehend & as made clear before which was also the Einstein approach i.e Religion is simplified summary of the actual science thus

22. And the LORD God said, Behold the man is become like one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever…24. So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life → Genesis 3

Einstein & Bohr where both making an oversight about so called “entanglement” because they where thinking like human beings which is the weakness to understanding & the whole point behind all my articles not the reality of the Quantum Dynamics. We human beings are the problem, there is no problem. They where trying to perceive Quantum matters beyond their human capacity to comprehend yet trying to perceive them at human level. Under normal circumstances this would qualify for stupid, like trying to understand why you cannot pour a 5 litre bottle of water into a 1 litre bottle then asking a stupid question like, “why is this not possible?” thus yet again wisdom is vindicated by her own effects. Just as I have debunked the V-Max issue above regards light in an assumed vacuum i.e all particle motion ceases at photon V-Max meaning that since you “perceive/see” sub V-Max then how can you possibly comprehend anything that is post photon V-Max? Yet again wisdom is vindicated by her own effects. The same applies to entanglement. At Quantum Scale there is no such thing as time and thus there is no such thing as simultaneous (you cannot say at the same time because at this level there is no such thing as time because the second hand of the clock has not moved yet from 1 second to the next has it? Because time determines a “state” & “actuality” in so called reality/real-time, duh) because at Quantum level there is no such thing as an instance because PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE is ONE in the same always i.e nothing has happened yet in so called real-time i.e as your eyes “see” or capable of seeing which expanded in layman is simply you decoding the photolytic particles captured or that catalyse the bio-particle receptor of that photon spectrum that which you “casually” call your eyes that convert that to a signal for your brain to then interpret & give you what you deem as “understanding” of what you “think” you perceive/see, particles which actually move slower than QV (Quantum Velocity aka photon V-Max or timelessness) which is what you are trying to “see”, again should I endeavour to stretch & exhaust the shallow limits of the English vocab. ONLY you, stay with me here perceiving sub photon V-Max (in layman slower than the speed of time/light) can make such a distinction of a separation between PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE because you perceive any particle motion in succession simultaneously with the motion of particles which happens sub photon V-Max. Entanglement defined in real-time always is something waiting to happen in essence it never happens, ever but happening at Quantum level (timelessness) always that is why measuring anything deemed “entangled” at Quantum (timeless) subsequently in real-time makes it happen because now you have assigned it an instance in the meta-physical realm (with emphasis). Yet again wisdom is vindicated by her own effects


Firstly what is speed/velocity? Exactly its most aptly described as Distance over Time (D/T). Thus in order to determine the position of anything at any given time or rather simply put where it will be at any given time relative to the velocity then you need to know how much distance it will cover given the time right? Exactly! Therefore distance only becomes a factor to the velocity when time is an issue, right? Thus spooky over a distance is easy to understand because there is no distance to cover because without time there is no velocity so the particle is anywhere & everywhere at any given distance/time depending on where you want it to be at any time thus there is nothing really spooky here except your way of thinking (at Quantum level the clock has not ticked from 1 second to 2 seconds yet thus in reality as you understand it, nothing has happened yet always until you make it happen). As explained above in the Quantum Realm PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE are ONE at all times thus the future is anywhere at every time because time is not a factor in the Quantum thus subsequently distance & velocity is not a factor from a parallel real-time perspective thus the particle/quanta can be anywhere at any time depending on where you want it to be. It is down to choice your choice. This is why it is Quantum Dynamics not Mechanics as explained in Humanity’s last Warning – The Quantum Menace. As explained human nature is the problem not the Quantum. I trust you will heed the warning & humanity can get on the real track to progress instead of tampering with that which you will never be able to muster even for another 1000 years from now


For this one again, I will use the Einstein approach to clarify the Einstein as rightly put by Einstein in essence, religion is actually a summary of the actual reality you may call science. On that note before I proceed, take heed thus

There is none risen of man greater than John Baptist but the least in the Kingdom is greater than he → The Lord

To pre-empt the vexatious not to mention frivolous, that then is by no means an insinuation but rather, food for thought. As I have reiterated on many occasions. Einstein was a man limited by his time & circumstances thus could only go as far as those limits permitted, thus as always I will expand & clarify. That averred, watch the documentary extract below carefully then read on

This is another issue that again is of human limitation in nature & not that of knowledge, lack or retrospect as applicable. Einstein & Maxwell where making a grave error, which has a fundamental origin in all of us as human beings i.e the ego. In layman? One cannot see past himself to understand that he himself is the actual flaw, living in a perfect universe & actually the one contaminating that universe with that arrogance. If something is not broken then don’t try to fix it because by thus doing you are actually now breaking it, however your ego will never allow you to accept that truth & that is the very problem for Einstein & Maxwell. The point? I will start with Maxwell then proceed to the latter

There is no such thing as static light→ Maxwell

In the instance as evident is the ego, which automatically is a negative (quantum speaking for the enlightened). This in essence means, that is a negative assertion by Maxwell & like Newton, everything you build on top of a negative will domino have a negative aggregate outcome (positive is purity i.e 100% positive with anything negative being a contamination of that purity). Maxwell arrogantly like Newton made his remarks absolute, as in that is (back then) the de facto truth of reality, with others then following suit using the flawed presumption, not to mention stupidity of this generation that believes that Majority = Right, is a true equation. In essence that then would logically also mean that Conman = Right, is also a good parallel equation, because if I can fool the masses then that means I will always be right, if we are foolish enough to believe the above equations are good or true. This is the same delusion of democracy, the masses like in so called democracies, vote for one idiot only to complain about that idiot later, yet they voted for him because he “conned” & convinced them he would do exactly what he is now not doing & that they are now, complaining about. Yet wisdom again is vindicated by her own effects. Back to Maxwell again, his error was of human nature in it’s genesis wrought from the fact that, at photon V-Max you can’t see anything, that is because you have exhausted your biological focal capacity, a matter I have touched base on already above. Honestly given this, how then are you supposed to make a distinction as to whether light will be static or not at that velocity? When you are not biologically capable of “visualizing” anything that fast, should I again endeavour to stretch the clearly limited shallow confines of what we deem the “so called” English vocab. As evident, again he was limiting the ultra-precise complexity of the universe to his incapacitated inferior human nature relative to that which he is with futility trying to perceive, in essence – ego

The moment you tell yourself you are right then you are wrong because humanity is flawed by nature thus anything you do in the wrong assuming is right automatically is wrong by nature

Now for Einstein & his face in the mirror issue. Same problem as Maxwell i.e he cannot see past himself. In simpler terms when travelling at photon V-Max, everything “visually” stops moving including time, because all particle motion ceases at this point, even your so called “sight” ceases, only what you would commonly call “your conscience” can move at this point, same thing you experience when you are dead, matter of fact speaking or when you are dreaming i.e you perceive at a higher velocity spectrum relative to Quantum nature. This is the reason why what you think is a “flying saucer” is round or circular in it’s design because the exterior orbits the interior at QV (Quantum Velocity/Speed of light) independent of the interior & the inside/interior “counter” rotates separately & is maintained at a different pace (real-time) relative to the Quantum exterior, allowing the occupants to move around & interact normally. This is obviously a cognisant matter for those that have witnessed these craft in action. I hope we are all learning here & we will start getting some serious cooperation from the world regards fixing this planet, unless you insist on being that stereotype statistic stooge that believes that Majority = Right

You are not capable of comprehending or accepting the discoveries of my time → EBE (Roswell UFO crash victim 1947 before he was rescued)

Should humanity fail to take heed of this warning then that which you are taking for granted as “entanglement” will destroy you should you make bad choices. In other words the choice(s) you make determine the state of the outcome i.e dead cat (bad decision) or alive cat (good decision) & always remember it is indeed curiosity that killed the cat. If it is not broken then don’t fix it. Quantum Dynamics is something that human beings do not have the capacity to understand & thus should not tamper with it at any level because the approach you take determines the outcome of the entanglement. Approached with wrong intentions like these selfish scientific endeavours void of the collective objective as cited above will reap the dead cat if I may keep this as layman as possible

Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them → Albert Einstein

It is really sad to think that humanity is the architect of its own misery and it is clear in retrospect that I alone do not bare the same sentiment in solitude

It’s appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity → Albert Einstein

It is our further hope that you will make a meaningful contribution by joining the fight in whichever position you may be or by partnering with us directly or by simply investing in that future through Quantonium and being part of the march to a brave new world free of all the pitfalls of the current sphere of existence (Click on the highlighted text for more information).