USA – World Cop Wannabe

It seems America’s appetite to be world cop & dominator is unquenchable, yet a hypocrite in every sense of the word.

In the face of Armageddon, since nuclear war has no victor, common sense dictates that diplomacy & tolerance is preferential to confrontation. Unless USA is inciting war between NATO & Russia to deliberately lose since Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is certainly assured of USA & Russia & all humanity (without a shield). For if you start something without common sense (Ubuntu) then logically it will end without any such sense (restraint is common sense) → Ubuntu

They are picking a mutually destructive reckless war with an adversary that can match USA nuke for nuke at the cost of all humanity should we & the greater forces that back what we do not intervene to stop this apocalyptic standoff between Russia & Ukraine which has all the nostalgic hallmarks of the shameful & infamous “Danzig Polish Blank Cheque/Check”, a premise & excuse to start the completely unnecessary World War 2. Only this time the bait is Ukraine in lieu of historic Poland. Another false flag operation like World War 2, the invasion of Iraq, Edward Snowden & a string of endless shameful attempts at world domination by USA which brings me to the essence of this article i.e the SSL Certificate fraud & Evil Quantum Computer, the greatest threat to computer security in history


We have removed SSL or HTTPS so called security certificates from the majority of our sites because of the false sense of security they give to people who are still gullible & stupid enough to trust Visa/Mastercard/Amex etc credit/debit cards as well as conventional banks for online financial transactions. Hypocrisy from Google & so called SSL certificate issuers who in the case of Google, penalize search engine traffic for sites that don’t have them to scare unwitting online merchants & webmasters into the SSL certificate issuers clutches who are all proxy controlled by USA. This in a bid to force compliance on webmasters to USA to have a copy of every SSL certificate issued to every website with domains that don’t comply being denied a SSL certificate & subsequently being penalized by Google search engine ranking for such SSL absence, which is not necessary if it worked as credible security in the instance to begin with because not all websites like this one have plain text username & password areas nor need to take credit card details. This necessitates unnecessary web traffic encryption thereby inflating the data packet volume as well as server resources encrypting/decrypting data traffic to & fro your webserver, for simple public non private news or public service literature like this website, which is hardly efficient is it? Even with so called “sensitive” information like credit/debit cards, username & password etc secured with an SSL certificate against a quantum computer is rather a joke hiding behind a finger type security, which brings me to the latter essence of this piece;


While many may think this is science fiction today like the F-117 so called “Night Hawk” & equally now retired so called “Black Bird” in their era which USA denied possession of then as well. It would be plain naivety to assume otherwise considering that private sector Google has one which is public knowledge & as we all know USA Government Inc is never one to be undone. To cut to the chase, a regular super computer requires at least a million years to crack an SSL encrypted data block & this was the comfort behind SSL so called technology. However in contrast, a Quantum computer due to its “sub time” yes/no at the same time architecture, an SSL encrypted data block can be cracked in under 5 minutes & yes, without the “private key”, a matter addressed fully at Quantonium, our world record breaking one & only solution to the problem. Click on the link & read carefully including all of the “Frequently Asked Questions” section then take the advise to protect yourself & family before you wake up one day financially ruined like the gullible of the 2008 recession that followed USA blindly to their demise & uncompensated shame to this day

Remember what you condone or support & don’t reject, you are also a part of. This is your chance to reject UNITED (6) STATES (6) DOLLAR (6) “666”, given world events now, only a complicit gullible fool would think otherwise & if this is the case then truly you would deserve nuclear annihilation


…The Luftwaffe lost against the RAF in the battle for Britain, plans for a cross channel invasion where quietly shelved. Despite these setbacks, Hitler kidded himself that he had done enough…Hitler had finally made the momentous decision, a war on 2 fronts, the very thing he sought to avoid when he first made his pact with Stalin, but he deluded himself that on one front, Britain was already won. It simply required a knockout blow against Russia for the British to understand their defeat→ Summarized documentary extract (World War 2)

Some irony, art imitating life?

The arrogant never see it coming→ Thanos

While Putin may think he is bringing Ukraine to discipline like Hitler also thought he was bringing Poland to discipline for the atrocities against Germans in Poland yet the real agenda was to lower Germany into war for the purposes of weakening Germany. All in order to control & steal its technology, this is not slander nor hearsay e.g ME-262 (now jet engine in the west), V2 Rocket (now ICBM & NASA Rockets in the west) even U-235 (now nuclear bomb in the west), the list of stolen German technology re-branded & repackaged in the west is endless, as ex-KGB, I will also remind Putin about the sabotage by USA of USSR using this method. All this is done to maintain the western ideology of capitalist superiority & global repression which was the real reason why it was also necessary for Russia to intervene in Syria to kill the momentum of this evil that does not respect the sovereignty of sovereign nations. While Putin may “self-justify” intervention in Ukraine on the same rationale (fair & fine) but like Hitler he is making the catastrophic error of opening war on 2 fronts with Hitler also thinking like Syria that the war against Britain was won justifying operation Barbarosa against Russia also relying on military hardware superiority over Russia with catastrophic consequences for that arrogance. In the interest of tactical competence it would be wise for Putin to pursue a diplomatic solution in Ukraine then concentrate on keeping Syria stable because if God forbid, Assad is assassinated then the Muslims will lose all faith in foreign assistance & will declare a Caliphate triggering a full Middle East lockdown cutting all oil supply to the West with Russia following suit causing USA the coward to threaten Nuclear War then all our efforts including buying time to secure the world from Nuclear War with the election of Donald Trump comedy having been a waste of valuable time & resources setting us back on course to Armageddon. I trust as always this warning gets the serious attention it requires in the Kremlin since time is relative & thus arguing with an eyewitness over the inevitable outcome of arrogance is nothing short of ignorance;


Firstly, a little reminder from World War 2 about the price of Warlord arrogance, before uncontrolled arrogance brings demise to those indulgent of such folly;

Now taking the aforementioned it is clear that a nostalgic retrospective case of “deja-vu” is germinating here, outcome of which is common cause in todays history, not to mention a famous catastrophic remark from the USSR (as it then was);

Britain is threatening us with the Germans & threatening the Germans with the Soviet Union, they are playing us off against each other. What is the conclusion then? Apparently, when Churchill sent us his message he thought we would activate our military machine then Hitler would have direct & fair reason to launch an attack against the Soviet Union → Stalin (World War 2)

Fore-factors cumulative, it is clear taking into account the mathematical & scientific reality of the “chaos theory” that a logical pattern that parallels World War 2 is emerging here, mathematically meaning that the same destructive “divide & conquer” quantum forces that we & those that back what we do are & have been tracking for centuries are at work here trying to manifest total world destruction using gullible human beings to do their dirty work, a matter fully addressed in The Quantum Menace, click on the link to read more. Given Boris Johnson’s arrogant remarks to Putin’s threat to annihilate Britain with a SS Samat or TOPOL 1 nuclear tipped ICBM, it is evident that Boris Johnson is taking comfort in the over confident truth that the forces that back what we do will stop any kind of nuclear weapon (uranium armed that is) that tries to fire on this planet whether from USA or any other country for that matter including Russia as we have a right & obligation to protect the atmosphere, the worlds fresh water supply & the worlds main lungs i.e the Amazon & Congo basin respectively since uranium fission fallout respects no boarders. However, what Boris Johnsons foolishness fails to understand is that we are not here to tamper with history as the outcome is already cast in stone & inevitable, immortalized even in scripture;

The meek (humble), shall inherit the Earth (not the arrogant)

We are here rather to clean up the outcome inline with the above scripture for only human beings involved & affected by the destiny can change it meaning to say, that we cannot interfere in anyone’s war as long as it does not affect our destiny. Since the Nazi Germany scientists confirmed (without objection) that ALL the technology including the unfinished Uranium U-235 project that they developed & now copied in folly form by the west & Russia was not theirs to begin with but was given to them by the forces that back what we do thus since we have now corrected that folly in The Nimitz Encounters Explained – Doomsday Warning as well as DIY Nuclear Weapon and distributed this to the world, let Boris Johnson understand that as long as the warhead Putin fires at Britain does not contain Uranium U-235 like Desert Storm 2 we will not interfere as we are not arrogant, poking our noses in other peoples arguments or battles though we always encourage diplomacy since Hitler also lost a war on 2 fronts arrogantly relying like Putin on military hardware superiority. As for Putin, we also want to make clear with all due respect in advance that though the top speed of Russia’s missiles (ICBM’s) may be a claimed circa “Mach-35” (35,000 mph) using highly inefficient rocket after-burners, be reminded that on a counter tactical superiority basis, light speed is well over 10,000,000,000 mph which is the speed of our “anti-uranium nuclear weapons interceptors” meaning any uranium warhead fired from anywhere in the world will be destroyed before it even deploys as demonstrated countless times around the world including the “Vela Incident” which the world still thinks was a secret nuclear test & many other nuclear weapons deactivations around the world. Now for a direct message from the recon team intercepted by the Nimitz to any overzealous & I have to politely say “deluded” would be warlords out there that believe they have “unstoppable” nuclear weapons;

We are here to avoid contamination of our beautiful planet by uranium not sabre rattle or compare manhood sizes with inferior technology. We are simply trying to ease nuclear tensions globally for the peace of mind of the women & children worldwide we are trying to protect by discouraging chaos & the use of uranium thus if certain individuals with a Napoleon or warlord complex want to use psychology & propaganda to re-perpetuate the fear of nuclear weapons, we want to make it clear that any uranium armed weapon fired on this planet will be intercepted & vaporized before it even deploys even if manoeuvrability over speed/altitude is considered the advantage because time/speed of light moves faster than the time it takes for a rocket motor to ignite thus the missile will be destroyed before anyone can even say “unstoppable”

Let Putin & the world understand that this is not a threat or undermining any sovereign nations right to bear arms, settle sovereign disputes or defend themselves on the contrary we are actually exercising our sovereign rights & that of every living thing on this planet to survive without fear of being contaminated by novice World War 2 designed antique nuclear weapons that did not factor in fallout & collateral damage to innocent non-complicit to pertinent dispute sovereign nations, hence we have donated (free of charge) clean weapons designs plus a generous 1,000 times more power to achieve the true objective of war which is to destroy ones enemy not contaminate innocent sovereign nations or the planet. Thus we trust this warning not threat is understood by all parties before unnecessary loss of tactical ordnance, infrastructure & resources in our pursuit to block contamination by uranium of our beautiful planet & sovereign territories is misconstrued as acts of war or provocation. Thus we trust restraint is exercised to avoid the inevitable outcome of the arrogance of confronting a greater force than yourself, a courtesy deprived of Hiroshima & Nagasaki before the inhuman barbarism of that outcome, hence we extend that courtesy before the unnecessary becomes necessary;


In war the battle does not belong to the mighty or strong but to the wise tactician, a matter proven without a doubt in the Vietnam war, the disastrous Black Hawk “down” (Mogadishu), Nazi Panzer attack on Russia (Operation Barbarosa) where Hitler arrogantly assumed that ultimate force equals ultimate victory only to weaken Germany militarily. This stupidity resulted in Russia getting a military advantage over Germany, resulting in the subsequent fall of the Nazi military machine, a folly unfortunately being repeated by Putin over Ukraine. One would assume that Putin being Russian given the Panzer mistake would be wiser but it seems like Hitler, Putin is putting pride & ego above tact & sense unnecessarily depleting Russia’s military resources making Russia vulnerable to attacks orchestrated by the chaotic quantum forces driving USA & the allied block to a futile World War 3 which unfortunately has no victor neither in Eastern Europe nor the West. Diplomacy would be Putin’s best option & restraint as well as diplomacy on the part of Ukraine including the West would go a long way in easing tensions. The West should learn from the Danzig error & stop poking their nose in sovereign affairs of sovereign nations while Putin should desist from unnecessarily bankrupting Russia with an unnecessary war like the USA invasion of Iraq that has bankrupted USA over similar acts of tyranny & arrogance. We trust cool heads will prevail from all pertinent parties in the interest of world peace & international prosperity since we have access to an unlimited number of planets & resources as a united forward thinking humanity with the only barrier to releasing the necessary technology being this kind of juvenile immature shallow minded, short sighted behavior. Watch the video below, especially the end bit about the eventual loser