Due to the revelations necessitated by the Coronavirus pandemic as well as escalating global tensions and hypocrisy, Blaze Advanced Technology™ has unanimously abandoned all confidence in the current global fiat money system which we have exposed as being biased and dishonest to say the least, based merely on speculation void of value or ethics. We have reached a shameful plateau where a congress by virtue of a vote and a signature from Donald Trump can create Trillions from “thin air” for the military to spend on more weapons, just as a 5 year old would do at the board game Monopoly and the world is silent? Fiat value has been reduced to collusive institutional speculation at national level, denial incarnate, yet proof that the recession is being artificially manipulated by collusion as gone yet prevalent thus evidently there is no real value in fiat.

Coronavirus has brought to the limelight the clear extent of the financial rot in global commerce. Money in commerce has always been the ledger of work done. However it seems now that the norm is whoever or whichever US/EU government body or international body that comes together with some concocted excuse that then automatically becomes money. Either the debt ceiling charade of Washington, dubious bonds backed by nothing but financial jargon or endless “self” loans that are backed by absolutely nothing at all. This meaning that money does not exist any more, because the balance of this excess so called liquidity is way in excess of any work done or that can be done meaning that it is the greatest global scam in history and thus cannot be trusted as a true measure of value of any sort. In essence money has turned into any BS that you can make anyone believe e.g Facebook, Google even Microsoft shares, the USA Stock Market etc i.e “make belief” backed by absolutely nothing

The strength of fiat currency was based on its respective administrators honesty, integrity and morals. These values have been betrayed beyond repair, just watch the news and thus if you value your future, for your sake switch to Bitcoin only as clearly other crypto currencies are crypto technically but fundamentally and ethically fiat thus switch to Bitcoin only and save what is left of your wealth. Better yet buy the wonder token backing Blaze Advanced Technology™ thus if you want unprecedented irrevocable growth of your wealth then you can buy the wonder token driving this endeavor through our groups subsidiary Quantonium™, the future of energy, the world and the only 100% proven effective defence against nuclear weapons. This is even a far better currency reserve than Bitcoin, any ICO, IPO or any other investment or hedge in the world. We sincerely regret this decision but we stand by what we do. Good morals do not have a price, what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. The money supply issue surrounding Bitcoin as we expressed way before the attempted Segwit fork will be corrected by the market as you can see the price increases thus availability will never be an issue. Even 1mBTC can be worth $1Trillion to satisfy the money supply, this is true market forces at work, we predicted this in the $600.00 per BTC days and now look. Thus contrary to popular belief Bitcoin by itself can replace the USD effectively, efficiently, transparently, seamlessly and above all else HONESTLY and ANONYMOUSLY. The only thing is that stakeholders of the network should not accept or agree to any forks because these are a premise for CIA Trojans and viruses that want to destroy Bitcoin


The strength of Bitcoin is in what many “fake experts” want the public to believe are its flaws. Remember their antique SWIFT bank transfer network takes 3-5 days to transfer money around the world and you have to go to them (very bad in the Coronavirus times we live in now) whereas with Bitcoin it is direct and open for business 24hrs a day, 7 days a week thus Bitcoin is awesome as compared to this without the fork or any other forks. What people need to appreciate is that Bitcoin IS NOT a credit card or credit card replacement platform but rather a replacement for the fraudulent SWIFT banking system which will necessitate the free movement of value from peer to peer without any hindrance, risk of fraud or any other kind of BS in the middle making sure a 2008 style recession & bank collapse will never happen. Because with Bitcoin it is 100% impossible to create value from thin air (either it is there or it is not, there is no BS way to create value by force or any other kind of BS of the Washington kind). It will also prevent inflation as well as remove the debt ceiling fraud of the Washington kind. This will bring authenticity & integrity back to international commerce, business & bring the curse of “666” UNITED (6) STATES (6) DOLLAR (6) to an end thereby freeing the world of the warmonger tendencies of American barbarism.


People may think,

Well hey Bitcoin is ok but I do not like this business of having to calculate numbers like 0.00001 BTC etc. I am more interested in traditional values like $10.00 when making purchases etc

The answer to that is simple. Many mobile wallets as well as internet hosted ones or even PC based wallets allow you to key in the fiat amount (e.g $10 as above) while automatically calculating the exchange rate in the background then sending the equivalent amount in Bitcoin automatically in the background thus apps can be designed in a similar way for customers convenience. This is also the same way SWIFT sends its transactions but this is converted to a GUI that you commonly understand as “internet banking” thus that is actually not a hindrance to versatility at all. This just eliminates the “private & prone to abuse” fraudulent SWIFT payment system as a means of transmitting value from peer to peer instead making it public, transparent, irrevocable & above all secure.


I know you may be thinking,

This guy is crazy, SWIFT handles more than $5Trillion a day in settlements, surely Bitcoin at 21,000,000 BTC total to ever exist is no comparison to SWIFT

Well the answer to that is pretty simple. Remember value is derived from “supply & demand” that in essence means that when something is desired then the price goes up. This means if the world migrates from SWIFT to Bitcoin then our $5Trillion per day in settlements would bring the value of 1Bitcoin to (using this simple equation)

$5,000,000,000,000.00 ÷ 21,000,000 BTC = $238,095.23 per BTC

Since bitcoin has more than 8 decimal places at that price then $1 would work out to $1 = 0.0000042 BTC which looks very average to anyone that deals in BTC thus the issue with money supply is completely groundless. This clearly demonstrates that Bitcoin can replace SWIFT easily and perform better than SWIFT


The following remarks have always been expressed regards the inherent issue

But with Visa or MasterCard I just swipe my card at a POS or I just key in my card details online, I do not need to wait for 3 confirmations for me to receive my service or goods

Well the answer to this one is pretty simple as well. What we have done is build a POS system that uses a wallet encoded onto the magnetic strip that uses a PIN number that corresponds to a Private Key. When you swipe the card it will check the balance of the wallet that is encoded on the card as well as the number of confirmations on the earliest transaction that covers the amount to be charged. It then instantly debits the wallet encoded on the card & automatically credits the merchants wallet programmed into the merchant POS making for a seamless transaction (including a network fee within the first 5 blocks making double spend traps impossible as this happens in real-time impossible for someone to send a duplicate transaction simultaneously. It will ALSO “ping” the blockchain for a similar duplicate transaction before printing “APPROVED”). The POS will also do an “aggregate” value check simultaneously of all pending transactions on the card encoded wallet to see if the total value of any pending transactions against that wallet is not greater than the cleared balance on the card wallet as well as calculate whether the card wallet balance aggregate value less those pending values plus the charge amount is less or equal to the card wallet cleared or available balance (what we call the “probability of clearance check list” – once the desired “satisfactory” percentage score is reached the POS will then print “APPROVED” or “DECLINED” in case of any irregularity). If the funds on the encoded wallet have less than the desired number of confirmations on the blockchain on aggregate or it fails the probability of clearance checklist then the transaction declines. This gives the customer the convenience of a credit card without the fuss of having to wait or the need to scan QR codes etc. The POS’s will be distributed by our group shortly including proper ATM machines that will be able to dispense actual cash notes from such a physical card but given Coronavirus I believe cash is on the same path as the dinosaur in any case making this more novelty than necessity either way the issue is addressed


All the technologies available on this website or to be in the near or distant moral future as may be applicable are available to purchase and are backing Bitcoin 100% meaning that Bitcoin is the backbone of the future of the Clean World and the only accepted medium of settlement in that world which is bigger than USA, Microsoft, Google, Facebook & any other BS fiat delusion you can think of backed by unlimited power that the world cannot start to even comprehend and that is priceless. Thus feel free to buy as much Bitcoin as you can for I guarantee the price is only going to go up, through the roof & given Coronavirus I think that argument is settled – Welcome to the future


The Chinese seem to have forgotten that

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Even USA after World War 2 made countless promises to the world that they would maintain the moral high ground but as you can see they are even worse than the Nazi’s with a 250,000 people dead in 5 minutes record that would terrify even the Nazi’s (Hiroshima/Nagasaki, this is not a smear this is REALITY of history). The irony of it all is that the Uranium used was stolen from the Nazi’s by USA. The Nazi’s had it as early as 1939 but NEVER USED IT (this says a lot, USA had it & SAME YEAR Hiroshima then Nagasaki where hit – so much for restraint, did someone say “Floyd”?). We are not fanatics of ANYTHING, let this be CLEAR! We just stand ONLY by the truth & integrity. This is why Bitcoin is ABSOLUTELY necessary to KEEP EVERYONE HONEST & not give ANYONE an UNFAIR advantage over another nation. This will avoid problems like our 6 million Bitcoins (BTC) worth of Liberty Reserve which where stolen by USA when they ILLEGALLY using no doubt ultra vires LONG ARM JURISDICTION to shut-down Liberty Reserve in the GREATEST SHAM OF LAW IN HISTORY. China is now trying to “reinvent the wheel” by claiming that they will launch a crypto currency of their own to replace Bitcoin which is rather stupid & defeats the whole point. Power CANNOT be allowed to be concentrated in a SOVEREIGN SPACE because POWER is not the PROBLEM but HUMAN NATURE is the problem. Thus it is absurd for China to even try to replace or rival Bitcoin which is IMPOSSIBLE in any case because Bitcoin is DECENTRALIZED & CANNOT be OWNED by ANYONE (emphasis added). And that is the point! If China wants to threaten Bitcoin with Hash Rate wars then you will appreciate that once we get to SWIFT levels of daily clearance, the amount of POWER needed for clearance or mining will be in EXCESS of 100 – 1000 GW (Giga Watts) of ELECTRICITY & frankly whether nuclear even pathetic limited hydro CANNOT compete. ONLY our FEAR Tech™ Reactors can reach these levels of POWER OUTPUT. Not to mention that ASIC will be antiquity at that level. Thus if China even thinks of coup de etat on the Blockchain then by virtue of power shortfall they will fall short. Thus let no one panic, the age of FINANCIAL DICTATORSHIP is OVER PERMANENTLY. We want to make it CLEAR, we have NO INCENTIVE to be dishonest because our technology is worth MORE THAN THE PLANET (Read Aliens Debunked from the menu under “Products”) for we can access UNLIMITED RESOURCES & Power thus our incentive is moral balance NOT power or wealth for he who can get to the resources on OTHER PLANETS & SPACE is WEALTHIER than ANYONE on Earth. This is the FACT, it is YOURS ONLY if you can get to it. Thus let NO-ONE worry, Bitcoin is the path to the future till our Bank is fully operational to take care of even the Quantum Computer threat that even China’s new currency is not equipped to handle but our Advanced Bitcoin wallet will also be able to handle this making sure that Bitcoin & our Bank will maintain HONESTY & INTEGRITY in INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE & TRANSACTIONS. Thus feel free to buy as much Bitcoin as possible for we guarantee 100% that you will ONLY get mega wealthy (emphasis as always added accordingly)


Everyone in the “old world” is making a fuss about “Gold” as the best “physical” safe haven. I want to clarify this myth from a scientific view point as well as security view point for the delusional persistent

Scientific view point

Firstly “Time is relative – Albert Einstein”. In essence for those that understand “Advanced Quantum Physics”, everything exists as past, present & future simultaneously. This means that you can “relatively” know what is going to happen in the “future” on a “linear scale” should all particles pertaining to the linear events remain static as from the point when the “glimpse” of said future was taken or viewed (this explains what you commonly understand as prophesy, crystal balls, Nostradamus & of course Quantum Physics as it is currently known). The ONLY barrier is how fast you can move between these transitions. This is what you would dub “Time Travel” (see Time Travel – Aliens Debunked). The point? Well Gold was an essential for certain future technologies that would guarantee “Quantum Supremacy”. Thus it was a “Relative Perception” of the future use of the metal that gave it its efficacy & thus its speculative value (yes kind of like the stock market i.e the “perception” determines the value not the actual commercial physical value in the context of today’s economics). How does that affect the current gold price you may ask? Well the answer to that is simple, ALL technologies of the quantum type have been scrapped PERMANENTLY thus gold has absolutely no technological value whatsoever in terms of Advanced Quantum physics which was the basis of its speculative value – Don’t mean to burst your bubble but did you think the REAL value of gold or diamonds was so called “bling bling”, seriously? Wake up to reality, the world is on a new course now, ego maniacs are a dying breed & thus that part of it’s appeal is going too. When was the last time you said, “I want a gold chain”? Settled then…

Security view point

Denial is persistent thus should you be one caught up in such a contagious dilemma then I will thus also address your delusion from a security or what you may deem a “practical” view point. Gold is bulky & thus hardly convenient for stored value in terms of portability or versatility for your day to day. And to make matters worse it is not universally liquid i.e you may need special licensing etc to trade at certain volumes physically then there is also the risk of theft in transit. You may be thinking custodial services? But that brings you back to the exposure of the 2008 banksters & fraudsters of the recession that plunged the world into chaos by misappropriating clients funds e.g Lehman Brothers, Chase, JP Morgan not to mention the Rothschild banking vermin. Value is NOT THE PROBLEM in the world now but MORAL & ETHICAL EROSION is the problem, the very rot root of the 2008 recession. Thus in essence gold is a matter of jumping out of the pot & into the fire, hardly genius is it? Bitcoin eliminates all these problems in the interim & our post quantum technologies will take care of the security threat posed by quantum. Timeless security renders Quantum Computers obsolete for it eliminates the time “wormhole” advantage loophole threat posed by the quantum “sub time” route meaning computers will then maintain the honest integrity of the common either 0 or 1 state always with the processors simply going “nano” instead of having to go the dangerous unpredictable quantum route

Let your YES mean YES and your NO mean NO. Anything else is from the EVIL one. – Jesus Christ

It is not difficult to see how dangerous a computer that says YES & NO at the SAME TIME can be (emphasis added accordingly as usual). This means Bitcoin is the best technological bridge & transition vehicle from the “old world” to the “new world” – Again welcome to the future


The best is to run a Bitcoin Core full node on a Windows 7 “Home Basic” machine (in this case less is more) that HAS NEVER been updated then disable “automatic updates” in control panel (all windows updates contain Trojans as also confirmed by Edward Snowden) thus NEVER install a Bitcoin node or wallet on a machine that has ANY Windows updates (that’s how they got Mt. Gox & Bitfinex i.e abuse of consumer/merchant trust) & try to stay away from hosted or mobile wallets with the “mother load” of your savings, you can use those mobile wallets for day-to-day small transactions if you are a smartphone junkie. In essence you can have 2 laptops or PC’s one with Windows 7 (format & install a fresh version of Windows 7 Home Basic is best & NEVER UPDATE it or install ANY OTHER SOFTWARE NOT EVEN ANTI-VIRUS which also are Trojans) & another laptop/PC can be a latest model PC that you use for anything else that a so called “modern” lifestyle requires e.g your internet, email, video streaming etc (whatever ticks your boxes). It will take long to update on the first run but it is worth it once it catches up. ONLY connect this PC to keep your node up to date or to send funds ONLY. Use it for NOTHING ELSE, consider it your “personal safe” that is “nuclear proof” even 2008 recession style bank collapses will not affect you (always backup your wallet OFFLINE on a SD card/flash or burn a CD is even better for the data CANNOT be corrupted as it will be READ ONLY)

We HIGHLY recommend Bitcoin Core V0.12.0 you can download the software by CLICKING HERE & just ignore the warning which was a premise to get you to upgrade to the latest core which is full of sabotage bugs to disable Bitcoin once everyone has upgraded & STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING SEGWIT (all you need to do is IGNORE any message that is sent to you, other than that it is a 100% SAFE VERSION)

Regards liquidity of said Bitcoin, well you can trade for conventional currencies when you need to buy physical world items (for now while merchants see the light & come on or back on board. Don’t worry about Bitcoin crashing IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN because it is backed by the FUTURE & TECHNOLOGY OF THE FUTURE, THE ONLY SUSTAINABLE FUTURE) – Super emphasis added to highlight severity of fact. We are also re-launching our “zero red-tape” P2P platform which will allow you to change Bitcoin to anything that you can imagine thus liquidity will never be an issue. Visit Blaze International Group our cyber holding umbrella entity to stay updated

Safeguard your future by yourself not via hype and speculators trying to protect their own interests. If you have found this information helpful then feel free to donate to our R & D foundation as a token of appreciation to keep us motivated to help others as well. We accept donations via Bitcoin & our Bitcoin wallet is as follows:


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