Coronavirus – Second Wave Explained

The problem with Coronavirus is not the virus itself but human nature (at least that is what they call it) in simpler terms DOGMA. I am going to keep this one short & delve into the point for those that really care about themselves to save themselves. The only reason I bother now is because of the safety of the planet, women & the children who are all innocent in all this DOGMA or arrogance/ego in simpler terms, the very rot root of all these problems. Before we begin, here is a short documentary extract & a lesson from history. Watch & listen carefully then read on

Mine is bigger than yours → The rot root of all male ego

Firstly is the origins of the virus. We made clear that this was of USA in origin. China & Iran where the first to be hit. True justice knows no favoritism & I mean true justice not perception of justice but true justice as in no hypocrisy thus I advise the “lukewarm” that the end time battle requires either “cold” or “hot” (negative or positive, entanglement is “lukewarm” tantamount to negative not accounted for positive, benchmarking scientifically that is) & nothing in between thus let the world be warned that when this happens it happens quick. Thus those that are trying to hold onto arrogance are on their own. This is not just religious tact but Quantum fact & religiously simplified as;

Don’t say we have Abraham our father for the father can raise children out of those stones for Abraham → The son of God

Meaning in essence that all negative Quanta will devolve to destruction. China including Russia & many others joining the bandwagon as well as the United Nations (UN – more like United at Nothing is more apt) to a certain degree continue to exercise “futile diplomacy” with a cobra

Diplomacy is for diplomats not cobras → Common sense

We have made clear the origins of the Corona virus & yet the world is silent like lambs to a slaughter, oblivious. We exposed all of America’s arrogance & hypocrisy including the use of banned neutron (yes nuclear class weapons) on women & children in Iraq, yet the world is silent. USA assassinates a high ranking official of a sovereign nation on sovereign soil, USA defies the ICC even threatens them, the world is silent. US made weapons (at the USA’s “indirect” instruction) hit a school bus in Yemen killing infants, the world is silent. Our website has addressed many issues concerning USA yet the world is silent. I want you to take cognisance of the short video. The world was almost destroyed over ego/DOGMA more aptly in World War 2. We can only thank God that nuclear weapons arrived at the closure of the war with Japanese diplomacy no doubt saving the world given the blood thirsty savagery of the USA under Roosevelt at the time.


Hiroshima & Nagasaki nuclear weapons (according to American delusion) forced Japan to surrender which is not true. In essence Japan conceded not out of fear but rather “diplomacy” under good advise for the safety of the planet because “Pandora’s box” was now open. Diplomacy on the side of Albert Einstein as well as Japan saved the world from extinction. Albert Einstein not only “deliberately” downgraded the so called “bomb” from pure deadly U-235 to U-239 (lower yield) but also helped leak secrets “deliberately” to Russia (then USSR) through his Russian girlfriend at the time to help balance world power. He would later remark

Intellectuals solve problems, Geniuses prevent them → Albert Einstein

Given the fact that Japan still exists today I would say this was genius because had it been pure U-235 then Japan would have been completely obliterated by the American savagery of 1945. The point in relation to Coronavirus, you are thinking? Well the USA cannot fire nuclear weapons on this planet whether their B2 bomber(s), ICBM’s even their equally pathetic so called “space plane” which was “forced” to land (unexplained) even using Elon Musk (Tesla) to try & smuggle nuclear ordnances into space did not work as you saw all those rockets exploded on the launch pad “unexplained”. Nuclear weapons cannot & will not fire on this planet! That is taken care of, either you know or you don’t. Why? Well do a search with your favourite search engine using the term “UFO’s continuously disarm USA nuclear weapons” to understand. The next best thing after such humiliation is to maintain the ego (mine is bigger than yours). In simpler terms if you can’t use the weapon then use “propaganda” to infuse in people the fear of nuclear weapons while at the same time look like a hero. Hence just after World War 2, Hollywood the biggest propaganda machine in history was born as well as various so called “treaties” between USA & other so called “Nuclear Powers” where signed in public agreeing not to use nuclear weapons & cut down their numbers to look like they are doing a “good deed” by caring about the world’s future taking steps to avoid future nuclear conflicts. Whereas in “reality” USA was actually given a deadline to cut down all their nuclear weapons “or else”. Does it look like USA has any morals? It’s all propaganda to make USA look good while parading around as a world power yet in reality a “toothless” bulldog that looks vicious but in “reality” it has no bite. Hence all the propaganda fear-mongering “war on terror” & the rest of it to maintain the “propaganda” fear of USA. Even Hollywood is paid incentives by the Pentagon when it creates movies like “Independence Day or Armageddon” that make USA look like a space & nuclear champion that will save the world yet their arrogance is actually the very threat to the world

What the eyes see & the ears hear, the mind believes → Gabriel O’Shea (Swordfish aka USA propaganda)

With the rise of China which the west perceives as a “communist” state & a threat to their Western delusion of “democracy” (more like hypocrisy) that propaganda was now under threat. Hence something else was needed to maintain USA’s dominance as a “perceived” world power. Another Hiroshima or Nagasaki was out of the question though USA tried this before. You can read more HERE. The next best thing was Corona virus which was originally created as a Virus, Vaccine & Antidote combination with the hope of releasing the virus on China making China look like backward people that consume things like “bats” that cause multiple deaths worldwide thereby creating a propaganda stigma & hatred for both Chinese people & their products as well as paint communism as a dirty word. This was the idea but it all back fired on USA oblivious that world power had already shifted away from USA whether perceptive or in reality if it ever was. The virus which they thought they understood but clearly do not has mutated making their original antidote/vaccine useless against their creation.

Only a fool believes they can control chaos. Therefore the difference between power & chaos is control → Coronavirus

And some irony?

If you think you understand Quantum Physics then you don’t understand Quantum Physics → Richard Feynman


Only one thing frightens a coward i.e waking up to “Reality”. The reality of the situation is that USA is bankrupt owing over $50 Trillion if the USD can even be used as a benchmark of value of any sort since it is the equivalent of toilet paper created by a signature & a vote while backed by nothing at all but Hollywood & media propaganda (both worthless in reality). Corona virus has also killed more Americans than any other nation further highlighting the incompetence in USA but the ever gullible so called “International Community” groupies hold on to the Hollywood delusion of American supremacy, denial incarnate. Given the foregoing factors & our documentary above it is clear that just like World War 2 the perceived World Powers are now using Coronavirus as a DOGMA tool to cling onto power or shift power in their directions at the cost of humanity. The vaccines are actually the ones that are creating new strains of the virus in other words the virus is mutating that is why the original antidote created by USA was not effective & instead caused the deaths in USA to increase as the virus mutated. Russia claims to have a vaccine yet their Corona deaths are actually soaring. China on the other hand is playing a double gambit now partially accepting reality with hypocrisy implementing that reality yet acknowledging the vaccine madness in a bid to try & balance what they perceive as diplomacy (with futility) & business thus consequently their numbers are stable because they have accepted the reality of our findings on the virus while staying silent on the matter in the interest of ego which is rather childish (you can’t hide an elephant with a handkerchief). Here we are observing recklessness, ego & arrogance (DOGMA) at the cost of humanity. The refusal to accept the simple natural solution that we have developed and fully tested (you can’t beat living proof) i.e “A simple Cure & Vaccine” listed for free on our website especially read “THE CATASTROPHIC ERROR” emphasized likewise on that page. The propaganda arrogance continues with so called “celebrities” even taking the “alleged” vaccine in public to try & encourage its use. This is being used as a benchmark to see what influence & power they still hold over public trust & opinion. The word “Revolution” comes from the word “Revolve” meaning that everything revolves around a modus operandi. In other words it is the same story just different “actors”. In closing since I expressed my intents to keep this short watch the end of the documentary above to understand & save yourselves (we have made available all the tools you need) i.e

…with devastating consequences for hundreds of millions of people