Death Of Diplomacy – America’s Last Hand

A Cobra is a Cobra, no matter how many times you feed him, even over 20 years, he will never change. Put your hand in his tank & he will strike without hesitation, totally oblivious of who will feed him tomorrow, while he watches you writhe in pain to your death. And why is this the case? Because it is his nature, he is what he is. The ONLY thing standing between you & death from the fangs of that “pet” cobra is OPPORTUNITY

Firstly READ THIS before you proceed (yes as always with emphasis to express the mood of the writer, not to be mistaken for a shortcoming but rather more of a “non-conformist” wit of tact). Then think of a scenario keeping the cobra in mind. In terms of so called “Diplomatic” so called “Protocol” it is not permitted for ANY government (emphasis added) to search any USA Embassy’s in-bound cargo nor scan it for “Security reasons” of United States national security, that is the bellicose rhetoric anyway. This in essence means that USA can smuggle ANY amount of Enriched Uranium into ANY country UNDETECTED (yes emphasis added again). Remember, once you have the Enriched Uranium Core, the detonating/fissioning periphery more aptly, looks like standard electronics & thus no problem at all getting that into any country audaciously, even using your common FedEx, DHL even UPS if I may bring humour to potential global catastrophe. That said & given the paranoia of USA displayed in the article above would mean that USA simply needs to inform the gullible congress stooges & the rest of the world that USA is cutting down on the number of nuclear warheads then that together with all the fake media fanfare to international gullible applause even. That further backed by Hollywood propaganda distraction making everyone think, “oh America (the cobra) has changed” & that they are making efforts to make the world safer. All this making for an even better reason for foreign governments around the world to be slack at even suspecting USA of such treachery but unfortunately, Edward Snowden exposed the reality of USA & such treachery. This would technically mean that EVERY USA embassy in the world is a potential 50MT or more nuclear weapon depending on how many solo pods. Remember there is no ICBM in the world that can deliver a tactical payload of 50MT on one single re-entry vehicle/warhead from the continental USA, any naval vessel surface/sub nor any remote foreign base either but a ground floor detonation can be ANY size with the current world max for fission so called efficiency being just that i.e 50MT. Since every USA embassy is in the capital of EVERY city in the world, this tactically means USA “delusionally” believe they have EVERY president in the world possibly including Putin by the balls, as they would say. Would this not give you the kind of ego & arrogance to call other sitting Heads of State/Diplomats names like “little rocket man”, dictator, despot & the rest of that USA very UNDIPLOMATIC horse manure that comes out of the mouth of these so called American puppets they call USA presidents? Not to mention assassinating Iraqi Generals on sovereign soil or any of the arrogance displayed by USA of late. Remember

The arrogant never see it coming → Thanos

We have to keep a sense of humour about all this, however in this case & just by watching Jerry Springer, this is a very unfortunate case of life actually imitating art with USA delusionally believing that their so called “way of life” is the actual way for the world to live their lives as slaves to USA & their destructive indulgences not to mention the “666” coincidence as an eye opener i.e UNITED (6) STATES (6) DOLLAR (6). One word? Vigilance! That said, all it means is that when USA has a problem with any nation or the world (including China) then all they have to do is retreat into Cheyenne Mountain (which they “thought” is nuclear “uranium” fission proof but not fast neutron proof from heavy detonation fusion mega-bombs) because as you know with fission, most of the neutrons are slowed/absorbed by the chain reaction, meaning that in Cheyenne Mountain these “old school” vintage USA weapons they hilariously called “nuclear-bombs” would be relatively harmless against the Cheyenne occupants. However given the The Nimitz Encounters fusion class weapons that is more of a juvenile joke trying to hide behind a finger. Thus the ultimate deception possibly under Obama would be the perfect cover & shade for such treachery while the world thinks that America is a model of morality where even a so called black man can become a president then oops, reality check, George Floyd. One word? Hypocrisy!


Under such a charade, the world would be slack, laid back, relaxed even including international governments (even Merkel was suckered) by Obama while these things as Edward Snowden exposed where happening in the shadows. Everyone has to assume that this is the “check” waiting for the “mate”. The Uranium which congress & the rest of the USA stooges that are supposed to be the “checks & balance”, though I have to assume they are all in cahoots thought is being decommissioned from cutting down on the number of USA warheads is/was rather being re-diverted to these USA Embassy worldwide installations, no one would bother accounting for it assuming it has been converted to reactor grade fuel & fed into a nuclear reactor for the national power grid while everyone goes, aaaah, the world is getting safer. When the time is right, the usual, “it is not safe for USA personnel to be over there in country so & so, thus we advise all USA embassy staff/personnel to evacuate the country immediately” would come into effect worldwide. This is the premise to any attack by USA of any country, they first evacuate the USA Embassies. Once everyone is tucked into Cheyenne (those they think matter anyway) they start pressing nuclear buttons – the so called cynical “Nuclear Option”. This is why everyone was laughing at USA during the Obama era wondering why USA was not upgrading their so called nuclear arsenal while Russia had the TOPOL 1 & The SS mobile tactical nuclear ordnances in operation. It was a case of USA having the last laugh on Russia while Russia would obviously arrogantly be assuming that they are actually ahead of USA. With such tactical leverage why would you USA that is, bother with upgrading stupid minute man ICBM’s when you can just blow the embassies & wipe out any president in the world at will? Meet the (U)nited (S)nakes of (A)narchy. What a bombshell! I hope the world is learning now that a snake is a snake & hopefully take precautions to make sure their countries are safe & rid of these (U)nited (S)nakes of (A)narchy. If it acts like the Beast & behaves like the Beast then we will call it the Beast with his mark “666” UNITED (6) STATES (6) DOLLAR (6) corresponding to his name UNITED STATES as quoted. I leave this to the world as food for thought & freedom of expression as the hypocrites like to call other countries